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The Universal Life Energy

Author : Jenny Lee
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These are the times of change, the times of transformation and insecure confusion, the result of the ever increasing new technologies replacing the olden moral and ethical concepts being replaced with Negative concepts which provide no foundation for enduring peace of mind and daily contentment. And the Fakers and deceivers are among us and none of their teachings are based upon truth knowledge. This small book is not based on any religious or spiritual belief systems. It presents The Universal Truth Knowledge and the many millions of people with this knowledge have not the ego to spread this knowledge worldwide to tell people how to live their life as religions and spiritual belief systems do. There is nothing in this book to request compliance with the knowledge herein, nothing that is in conflict with religious or spiritual beliefs. This book reveals who and what is the Creator (known as God), the Spiritual Realm in which God and spiritual entities (Angels) exist, and how they function. It also defines the physical realm, the why of it's creation, the how and why of human's creation and human's purpose in this physical realm. It defines the Universal life Energy (known as the soul) and how human in easy, simple, fun way can use the function and abilities within this energy to live a daily life of only the joy and happiness. Live a daily life in Joyous Harmony and Loving Harmony as defined in this small book. And the knowledge herein will answer any question human may ever have. Yes, this is new knowledge, written in short easy to understand words, easy to comprehend with no request for compliance, do as you please.

The Life Energy in Music

Author : John Diamond
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This classic series of papers reports findings in some of the many areas of Dr. Diamond’s research into the effects of music and sound on the Life Energy on the individual. 41 chapters, including “The Healing Power of Music”; “The Life Energy of Music and Performance”; “How to Choose a Recording”; “Listening with the Whole Brain”; “The Duty of the Music Teacher”; “Applause”; “Music as Therapy”; “The True Role of the Recording Engineer”; “Music and Dance”; “The Didjeridu” – and more. Dr. Diamond writes of this book: “This is my tribute to Music, my inadequate attempt to express gratitude to Her for all She has done for me. In particular, for all the years She has comforted and sustained me.” Reviews “A book which will elucidate and strengthen your relationship to music regardless of what frame of reference governs you…speaks about the basic planes of musical enjoyment in an eloquent: easily digested, and systematic manner.” – Neil Levernson, Fanfare Magazine “provides…a plethora of insights into music.” – Wes Blomster, Colorado Daily

The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide Life Energy Healing Modalities Flower Essences Crystal Elixirs Homeopathy and the Human Biofield

Author : Maya Cointreau
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An Amazon #1 Bestseller in Mental & Spiritual Healing, The Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide covers hundreds of holistic remedies that work with the body’s natural energetic rhythm to foster better emotional, spiritual and physical health. Maya Cointreau walks you through the layers of the body biofield, explaining vital concepts such as chakras, meridians, and elemental theory so that you can choose the remedies that will work best for you and your family. Quantum physics and rigorous scientific studies are explored, shedding light on how and why vibrational healing works so well in conjunction with modern allopathic medicine. “Vibrational remedies are energy medicine. Everything in this book is designed to balance or enhance the energy patterns in the body so that it can heal itself. All vibrational remedies shift our energy so that we can feel better. So that we can be better.” Learn how to effectively use mind-body techniques such as EFT, meditation and affirmations. Create and use your own flower essences and homeopathic remedies, or choose from hundreds of remedies that are on the market today, including essential oils and crystal elixirs. Understand the power of UV light, and how to harness its healing potential through the use of LED lights or colors. Hands-on healing therapies such as Reiki, Polarity, Therapeutic Touch and Qigong Healing are all explained, as well the basic tenets of Ayurveda, Won-Ki and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Harness modern technological breakthroughs from NASA and other respected scientists and take charge of your healing process. Powerful Holistic Healing Modalities from the Comprehensive Vibrational Healing Guide: * The Human Biofield, Chakras & Meridians * Reiki, Polarity Therapy & Therapeutic Touch * Ayurveda & Traditional Chinese Medicine * EFT, Meditation and Affirmations * Aromatherapy & Homeopathy * Brain Waves, Learning, and Sound Healing * UV Light & Color Therapy * Learn to Create and Use Your Own Remedies * Electro-Magnetic Quantum Healing Technologies * Biofeedback, BioResonance and Rife Machines “Maya Cointreau will take you on a journey towards a new way of living life. She makes it easy to relate to the material and her words will leave you feeling confident and self-empowered.” –Kathy Lalonde, RPP

The Energy of Life

Author :
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Relationship Between Quality of Life and Energy Usage

Author : Reza Nadimi
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This book utilizes statistical techniques to define a quality of life (QoL) indicator combining the three dimensions of economy, health, and education. In turn, it uses modeling to assess the impact of energy consumption on 112 countries’ QoL. What sets the proposed model apart from previous research is its ability to distinguish between pre-developing, developing, and developed countries. One important aspect of this distinction is their different global energy policies and their priorities with regard to achieving sustainable energy consumption. Accordingly, the book also discusses eco-sufficiency, eco-efficiency, and energy poverty reduction for the three different types of countries. In turn, the book provides general information on how to reconcile sustainable energy consumption with QoL and economic development. Optimization programming technique and simulation are applied to measure potential energy saving in each country, without sacrificing economic progress, and while maintaining QoL. Given its scope, the book is highly recommended to the following audiences: (1) readers seeking a state-of-the-art quantitative work on energy systems and QoL; (2) manufacturers and developers of renewable energy technologies who consider renewables as an option for mitigating energy poverty; and (3) international institutions such as the United Nations seeking a sustainable global energy strategy.

Energy the secrets behind the healthy life

Author : Irina Bjørnø
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This book is written to give you the answer to the most fundamental question in your life: How to build and maintain a high energy level all the life through. What is health? Absence of illness? Not really. From my own experience it is more the capacity of extra resources (energies) in the body systems. Good health – big capacity, which means tolerance and easy adaptation to changing external conditions, where bad health is low (sometimes zero) capacity for tolerance over changing external conditions. How to extend your capacity? The answer is in our book. Read it, think over it, and apply the parts which are appealing to you. Start with your nutrition – personal diet.

Smart Energy Technologies in Everyday Life

Author : Y. Strengers
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This book interrogates the global utopian vision for smart energy technologies and the new energy consumer intended to realise it. It enriches and extends the possibilities of four residential smart strategies: energy feedback, dynamic pricing, home automation and micro-generation, focusing on how they are being integrated into everyday practice.

The Dynamics of life

Author : Sir William Richard Gowers
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Touch Everybody with the Light of Your Heart

Author : Ivanna Spencer
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Ivanna Spencers book is an extraordinary account of the authors spiritual journey and the teaching she received from high-multidimensional beings during meditation and channelling. The book explains how we can all connect with the divine Source, its Angels, the teachers and the knowledge of the universe which is embedded in us. According to Ivanna, our existence is not limited to a third-density reality but we are spiritually connected to the whole creation and the cosmic consciousness. When we allow love and light to enter our life and make them our driving force, a world of great opportunity will open up to us. The book will teach you to collect your tools and recognize your special talents which can set you free from fragmentation and limitation.

Music In Video Games

Author : K.J. Donnelly
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From its earliest days as little more than a series of monophonic outbursts to its current-day scores that can rival major symphonic film scores, video game music has gone through its own particular set of stylistic and functional metamorphoses while both borrowing and recontextualizing the earlier models from which it borrows. With topics ranging from early classics like Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. to more recent hits like Plants vs. Zombies, the eleven essays in Music in Video Games draw on the scholarly fields of musicology and music theory, film theory, and game studies, to investigate the history, function, style, and conventions of video game music.