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Life in a Roman Legionary Fortress

Author : Tim Copeland
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This is a fascinating insight into life behind the walls of a Roman Legionary fortress.

The Construction of the Roman Legionary Fortress at Inchtuthil

Author : Elizabeth A. M. Shirley
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This volume presents a detailed examination of the resource implications of building a large fortress, focusing on evidence from the unique site of Inchtuthil, Scotland, which was constructed and demolished within a period of only three years (AD 83-86). Elizabeth Shirley creates a methodology for determining the quantities of material and labour input required and the factors which affected construction. She then assesses additional structural aspects: roof-framing, roof coverings, walkways, flooring, lighting and ventilation and internal finishes. The majority of the study calculates quantities of materials, working methods and rates and labour requirements for work on and off the construction site. This includes large amounts of detailed information about a wide variety of structures within a Roman fort. The results are contrasted with other sites, including Strageath and Fendoch. Shirley argues that a study of the practicalities of constructing such a large-scale military building provides valuable information about the military advance into Scotland, the everyday life of Roman legionaries and their organisational and practical skills.

The Legionary Fortress at Wroxeter

Author : Graham Webster
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The Roman legionary fortress at Wroxeter (Viroconium Cornoviorum) was built on a strategic crossing-point on the River Severn. Though the site of the Roman town had long been known through the presence of upstanding ruins, the major excavations reported here have shown how the town plan was dominated by the underlying fortress. This fortress had been established by Legio XIVc. AD 60 and had then been partially rebuilt c. AD 66 when the legion was replaced by Legio XX. The fortress was downgraded in the late 70s to become a depot for stores before final abandonment c. AD 90. The excavations produced extensive evidence for the laying out and construction of the legionary earth and timber defences and of an area within the fortress to the north of the via praetoria where mess halls, barrack blocks and a storehouse were found, as well as considerable quantities of coins, metalwork, pottery and glass.

The Roman Legionary Fortress At Caerleon Monmouthshire

Author : V.E. Nash-Williams, D. Litt., F.S.A.
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Life of a Roman Soldier

Author : Don Nardo
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Explains how the discipline, courage, and preparation of the Roman soldier combined with the strategies and tactics of his commander and the organization of the military establishment resulted in the conquest of many lands for the Roman Empire.

Garibaldi his life and times By F Young and W B B Stevens

Author : Francis Young (F.R.G.S.)
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The Life and Epistles of Saint Paul

Author : William John Conybeare
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The Life and Epistles of St Paul

Author : William John Conybeare
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Roman Rule and Civic Life

Author : Impact of Empire (Organization). Workshop
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Contents: I. INSTRUMENTS OF IMPERIAL RULE. ECK, W.: Lateinisch, Griechisch, Germanisch ...? Wie sprach Rom met seinen Untertanen? TALBERT, R.: Rome's provinces as framework for world-view. KOKKINIA, C.: Ruling, inducing, arguing: how to govern (and survive) a Greek province. SLOOTJES, D.: The governor as benefactor in Late Antiquity. LIGT, L. DE: Direct taxation in western Asia Minor under the early Empire. II. CONQUEST AND ITS EFFECTS BIRLEY, A.: Britain 71-105: advance and retrenchment. ROSSUM, J.A.. VAN: The end of the Batavian auxiliaries as 'national' units. COULSTON, J.C.N.: Military identity and personal self-identity in the Roman army. BRUUN, C.: The legend of Decebalus. III. ROMANIZATION AND ITS LIMITS LOMAS, K.: Funerary epigraphy and the impact of Rome in Italy. BINTLIFF, J.L.: Town and chôra of Thespiae in the imperial age. ELTON, H.: Romanization and some Cilician cults. HESBERG, H. VON: Grabmonumente als Zeichen des sozialen Aufstiegs der neuen Eliten in den germanischen Provinzen. HAAN, N. DE: Living like the Romans? Some remarks on domestic architecture in North Africa and Britain. IV. URBAN ELITES AND CIVIC LIFE VRIES, T. DE & W.J. ZWALVE: Roman actuarial science and Ulpian's life expectancy table. KRIECKHAUS, A.: Duae Patriae? C. Plinius Caecilius Secundus zwischen germana patria und urbs. STRUBBE, J.H.M.: Cultic honours for benefactors in Asia Minor. HORSTER, M.: Substitutes for emperors and members of the imperial families as local magistrates. DONDIN-PAYRE, M.: Notables et élites dans les Trois Gaules. BRANCO, M. DI: Entre Amphion et Achille: réalité et mythologie de la défense d'Athènes du IIIe au IVe siècle. NAVARRO CABALLERO, M.: L'élite, les femmes et l'argent dans les provinces hispaniques. HIRSCHMANN, V.: Methodische Überlegungen zu Frauen in antiken Vereinen. HEMELRIJK, E.: Patronage of cities: the role of women.

Exploring Museums

Author : J. Geraint Jenkins
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Looking at the museums of Wales and the Isle of Man, this book is part of a series of guides which aims to provide a well-illustrated reference source on selected museums of the British Isles, region by region. The books should appeal to teachers, tourists and local information centres.

The Legionary Fortress Baths at Caerleon

Author : J. David Zienkiewicz
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A Roman Soldier

Author : Giovanni Caselli
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Presents the story of a young auxiliary soldier at a fortress on Hadrian's Wall, depicting life in the Roman Army in the third century A.D.

Life of Frank Buckland

Author : George C. Bompas
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Roman Chester

Author : David J. P. Mason
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A history of Roman Chester

The Past All Around Us

Author :
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Capital Investment and Innovation in the Roman World

Author : Paul Erdkamp
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Investment in capital, both physical and financial, and innovation in its uses are often considered the linchpin of modern economic growth, while credit and credit markets now seem to determine the wealth - as well as the fate - of nations. Yet was it always thus? The Roman economy was large, complex, and sophisticated, but in terms of its structural properties did it look anything like the economies we know and are familiar with today? Through consideration of the allocation and uses of capital and credit and the role of innovation in the Roman world, the individual essays comprising this volume go straight to the heart of the matter, exploring such questions as how capital in its various forms was generated, allocated, and employed in the Roman economy; whether the Romans had markets for capital goods and credit; and whether investment in capital led to innovation and productivity growth. Their authors consider multiple aspects of capital use in agriculture, water management, trade, and urban production, and of credit provision, finance, and human capital, covering different periods of Roman history and ranging geographically across Italy and elsewhere in the Roman world. Utilizing many different types of written and archaeological evidence, and employing a range of modern theoretical perspectives and methodologies, the contributors, an expert international team of historians and archaeologists, have produced the first book-length contribution to focus exclusively on (physical and financial) capital in the Roman world; a volume that is aimed not only at specialists in the field, but also at economic historians and archaeologists specializing in other periods and places.

Life in Early Britain

Author : Bertram Coghill Alan Windle
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Life of the Average Roman

Author : Mary R. DeMaine
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The Roman Legionary Fortress at Caerleon in Monmouthshire

Author : Charles Francis Christopher Hawkes
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Life scenes from the Four Gospels

Author : George Jones
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