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Life in the Universe

Author : Dirk Schulze-Makuch
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Examines each of these parameters in crucial depth and makes the argument that life forms we would recognize may be more common in our solar system than many assume. Considers exotic forms of life that would not have to rely on carbon as the basic chemical element, solar energy as the main energy source, or water as the primary solvent and the question of detecting bio- and geosignatures of such life forms, ranging from earth environments to deep space. Seeks an operational definition of life and investigate the realm of possibilities that nature offers to realize this very special state of matter. Avoids scientific jargon wherever possible to make this intrinsically interdisciplinary subject understandable to a broad range of readers.

The Impact of Discovering Life Beyond Earth

Author : Steven J. Dick
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This book discusses the big questions about how the discovery of extraterrestrial life, whether intelligent or microbial, would impact society and humankind.

Young Sun Early Earth and the Origins of Life

Author : Muriel Gargaud
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- How did the Sun come into existence? - How was the Earth formed? - How long has Earth been the way it is now, with its combination of oceans and continents? - How do you define “life”? - How did the first life forms emerge? - What conditions made it possible for living things to evolve? All these questions are answered in this colourful textbook addressing undergraduate students in "Origins of Life" courses and the scientifically interested public. The authors take the reader on an amazing voyage through time, beginning five thousand million years ago in a cloud of interstellar dust and ending five hundred million years ago, when the living world that we see today was finally formed. A chapter on exoplanets provides an overview of the search for planets outside the solar system, especially for habitable ones. The appendix closes the book with a glossary, a bibliography of further readings and a summary of the Origins of the Earth and life in fourteen boxes.

Life in the Universe

Author : Lewis Dartnell
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What actually is "life"? Could it emerge on other planets or moons? Couldlien cells be based on silicon rather than carbon, or need ammonia insteadf water? The study of life and its existence in the universe, known asstrobiology, is now one of the hottest areas of scientific research. In thisasterful introduction, Lewis Dartnell tours its latest findings, andxplores some of the most fascinating questions in science today. Startingith some of the most extreme lifeforms on Earth - those thriving in boilingcid or huddled around deep-sea volcanoes - Dartnell takes us on a tour ofhe cosmos and helps to answer one of our most pressing questions: "Is therenything out there?".

The Evolutionary Imperative Why Change Happens Where It Leads and How We Might Survive

Author : Charles H. M. Beck
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The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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American Book Publishing Record

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Forthcoming Books

Author : Rose Arny
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Acta Societatis Medicorum Upsaliensis

Author : Upsala Medical Society
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Albrecht Von Graefes Arch Klin Exp Ophthalmol

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