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Life s Too Short to Date Men Like Me

Author : Willie Booker
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Every woman has either dated a jerk, or knows a friend that has dated one. But avoiding the jerks and attracting a decent man is actually a lot easier than you think. Forget watching reruns of Sex and the City or chatting with your girlfriends late at night. In this guidebook, a self-professed jerk comes straight out, speaks the truth, and systematically explains how to • spot, avoid, and say goodbye to jerks; • tell if a guy is wasting your time; • deal with players • hunt for good men (and where to hunt for them). You’ll also learn how to avoid common mistakes, such as overrating initial chemistry, inadvertently hurting a man’s ego, losing a good guy’s interest and much more. Full of witty satire and sarcasm. Get ready to laugh out loud with this hilarious anti-game. What people had to say about this book: “Hey Willie, this is so entertaining! Ha ha you have a great sense of humor, and your statements are so true!” - Denise “We all know no one likes a tattletale. Hate the game, not the player. Every girl Tiger slept with knew he was married. Who is worse?” - Steve the player “That was such an enjoyable and enlightening read. I mean it’s well written, witty, and one would think some of it is common sense, but sometimes people (i.e. me!) need common sense to slap them in the face!” - Cheryl “Willie whistle blower has a nice ring to it. You know someone’s going to kick your butt one day? Good work!” – A guy Willie no longer parties with “I don’t understand you. You go through university, build a promising career. Now you quit your job and write this book? Why would you tell the whole world you’re an asshole?” – Willie’s mom

Tea for Three

Author : Melissa Crosby
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Three women. Three cups of tea. Three new beginnings. Sarah Gardner's husband went to sleep one night in November and never woke up. At forty years old, the new widow is left to care for their three children, all of whom are under the age of five. Twenty-five-year-old Filipina, Kate Morgan, thought she had met the man of her dreams during what was a perfect summer vacation. Now married to the handsome American who had swept her off her feet, and over 8000 miles away from home, Kate soon realizes that her mother was right: vacations end, and people change. Louise Delaney couldn't ask for anything more. At fifty-nine, she had enjoyed almost four decades of blissful marriage to Warren—may his soul rest in peace. But Louise's seemingly perfect world is upended when she gets a visit from a sixteen-year-old who says she is Warren's daughter. Three exceptional women—each of whose hearts are broken into a million pieces—come together in this extraordinary tale of life, love, and true friendship. Read the full Mulberry Lane Series - Inspirational Women's Fiction: Book 1: Tea for Three Book 2: Three Wishes Book 3: In Three Years

New York Magazine

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New York magazine was born in 1968 after a run as an insert of the New York Herald Tribune and quickly made a place for itself as the trusted resource for readers across the country. With award-winning writing and photography covering everything from politics and food to theater and fashion, the magazine's consistent mission has been to reflect back to its audience the energy and excitement of the city itself, while celebrating New York as both a place and an idea.

Life Is Too Short

Author : Irene Vartanoff
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Lifelong friends facing the future after cancer, Kathy, Eileen, and Charlotte are each dealing with complex family relationships and emotional issues. Kathy’s husband is a serial cheater. Eileen’s mother keeps telling her she’s not wonderful like her sister. Charlotte still aches from losses of years ago. This is their second chance, the moment when they can make important life changes before it’s too late. As they take up the challenge of finding hidden treasures at a family beach house in Cape May and back home in the affluent Washington, DC, suburb of Bethesda, Maryland, these best friends discover shocking family secrets as well as new strengths in themselves. Their story entwines with those of Steve, an old friend with a mystery he’s trying to solve, and much younger Brian, whose army career has been his whole focus until he faces a life-changing dilemma. What must each of them do to take the next bold step to happiness?

Get Happy

Author : Gerald Clarke
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She lived at full throttle on stage, screen, and in real life, with highs that made history and lows that finally brought down the curtain at age forty-seven. Judy Garland died over thirty years ago, but no biography has so completely captured her spirit -- and demons -- until now. From her tumultuous early years as a child performer to her tragic last days, Gerald Clarke reveals the authentic Judy in a biography rich in new detail and unprecedented revelations. Based on hundreds of interviews and drawing on her own unfinished -- and unpublished -- autobiography, Get Happy presents the real Judy Garland in all her flawed glory. With the same skill, style, and storytelling flair that made his bestselling Capote a landmark literary biography, Gerald Clarke sorts through the secrets and the scandals, the legends and the lies, to create a portrait of Judy Garland as candid as it is compassionate. Here are her early years, during which her parents sowed the seeds of heartbreak and self-destruction that would plague her for decades ... the golden age of Hollywood, brought into sharp focus with cinematic urgency, from the hidden private lives of the movie world's biggest stars to the cold-eyed businessmen who controlled the machine ... and a parade of brilliant and gifted men -- lovers and artists, impresarios and crooks -- who helped her reach so many creative pinnacles yet left her hopeless and alone after each seemingly inevitable fall. Here, then, is Judy Garland in all her magic and despair: the woman, the star, the legend, in a riveting saga of tragedy, resurrection, and genius.

A Hard Woman

Author : Violet Hunt
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McClure s Magazine

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Best American Humor 1994

Author : Moshe Waldoks
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A collection of humorous essays, articles, short stories, excerpts, and miscellaneous writings. Includes contributions by Conan O'Brien, Douglas Coupland, and Wendy Wasserstein.

Poetical Translations

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