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Light Lifting

Author : Alexander MacLeod
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Light Lifting is a suite of darkly urban, unflinching elegies. The seven stories each encompass a keenly observed, immersive world, rooted firmly in the real life of work and family. They are elemental stories of work and its bonds, of tragedy and tragedy barely averted, but also of beauty and love and moments of pure transcendence.

Light Lift

Author : S.D. Wojciak
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This book of poems is meant to make the reader both laugh and think. Very human themes are explored in word play and invite the reader to view the common in an uncommon way. Spiritual values are both snuck in and also bluntly displayed. Most importantly, the author has fun while she writes and would like the reader to be able to laugh at some serious topics.

BFR Blood Flow Restriction Training

Author : Kusha Karvandi
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Learn the training method, known as Blood Flow Restriction training, that studies have shown can elicit 15-20% gains in muscle hypertrophy in as little as two weeks without lifting heavy weight. Research also suggests blood flow occlusion training to be just as safe as traditional strength training, since only light weight ( 20% of 1 Rep Max) is being used. This is especially useful for women who are opposed to lifting heavy weight, but still want to get lean & tone. Also included in this book is a full BFR workout program.

Non Surgical Skin Tightening and Lifting

Author : Murad Alam
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This new title presents up-to-the-minute guidance on the hottest non-surgical skin tightening and lifting techniques shaping today's practice. It focuses on procedural how-tos and offers step-by-step advice on proper techniques, pitfalls, and tricks of the trade.

Lifting the Veil of Light

Author : G. S. Cherney
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Lifting the Veil of Light is a high-concept suspense-thriller about love and forgiveness. It will appeal to mainstream readers interested in science fiction/fantasy. The book follows the book of Revelation in the Bible, with a twist. As the world is nearing the end of times, the main character, an ordinary young woman named Anna, learns she has been chosen to destroy the Antichristreferred to in the Bible as a terrifying being that appears as civilization-shattering events begin, leading to Armageddon.

Manual Lifting

Author : Daniela Colombini
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Commonly used throughout the world, manual lifting tasks—whether simple or complex—all involve variable loads, postures, and movements. This practical guide discusses how to analyze the intricate lifting function and prevent injury during its execution. Outlining revised NIOSH Lifting Equation (RNLE) methods, the book illustrates their use in assessing manual lifting tasks of varying degrees of difficulty. Using examples to reinforce presented concepts, it explains how RNLE methods can be applied to evaluate single, composite, variable, and sequential lifting tasks. It also explores how to interpret and apply the results according to international standards and guidelines.


Author :
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Vollst ndiges W rterbuch der Englischen Sprache f r die Deutschen

Author : Johann Ebers
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Ergonomics in Manufacturing

Author : Waldemar Karwowski
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Learn to organize and manage ergonomics efforts, and discover how to achieve profitable results using various corporations around the world as models for success. The foremost international experts from industry, government, and academia contribute their views. Includes a number of enlightening case studies and real-world examples supported by figures and tables that are essential to any effective ergonomics plan.

A Complete Dictionary of the English Language Both with Regard to Sound and Meaning

Author : Thomas Sheridan
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Format : PDF
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The Right Light

Author : Krista Smith
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The key to being a successful portrait photographer is choosing a style of photography you are passionate about. While many photographers work in multiple areas to fill the off season or offer a variety of options, most photographers focus on one style of photography. Oftentimes, the photographers’ location will dictate their style. For author Krista Smith, the sunny beaches of Florida are her inspiration to shoot primarily natural light portraits, and she applies that to capturing authentic and joyful family portraits. Whether photographing entire families, kids, babies or all of the above, Smith brings an ease and comfort to the shoots that is immediately evident in her pictures. And shows you how to create the same look in your environment or clients’ homes. While passion plays a key role in creating memorable portraits, employing the right techniques is essential for consistently getting those perfect shots. Smith begins by detailing what equipment you’ll need to get started and gives some insight on how and what to use. She emphasizes taking the time to figure out and hone a personal style of shooting. The book lists a number of tips for finding a style that fits, including taking inspiration from other photographers you admire, and deciding what kind of feeling you want to present. Once you start to find your style it’s important to build your portfolio. Organizing shoots with friends and family and offering free shoots to aspiring models is a great place to start. Outdoor shoots are the most ideal settings when using natural light as your primary light source. The author lays out the shoot requirements and gives tips for scouting the best locations. To create a photo that stands out, it’s important to be versatile. While a sweeping vista covered in flowers or grand mansion may be preferred as backdrops, these are often not an option for many. A city street with multiple building textures or a small field can be used from a variety of angles to create the feel of something grander. From there the author moves onto the basics of lighting in an outdoor setting. By explaining the fundamentals of the direction and quality of light and the use of reflectors, it allows the reader to prepare for any outdoor scenario. An entire chapter of the book dedicated to shooting strategies over the course of twelve hours. There are different requirements for shooting at different times of the day. The reader will learn how to make the most of the “golden hour” and adjust for problematic midday lighting. Adapting your approach for morning, evening and sunset sessions is also covered. Sometimes weather does not cooperate for an outdoor shoot. Luckily, there are plenty of options for using natural and available light indoors. Shooting in a client’s house provides a comfortable setting for the family and this ease can come across in the photos. Window light is a powerful tool to have an understanding of for these shoots. It is possible to get a variety of shots from one window. Being able to see beautiful light in all kinds of locations opens up countless shooting opportunities. While lighting is essential, thoughtful posing plays many important roles. In a well-done family portrait, the models look relaxed and natural. Some people look this way naturally, others need assistance. And posing isn't always a static thing; it can be more like orchestrating, grouping people together and getting them to move around in just the right way. It can also be used to help distract from physical problem areas, and bring added style to a photo. In addition, pointers are given on how to relax anxious children, organize families for group shots and encourage spontaneous moments. Finally, Smith discusses the business side of portrait photography. As she states in the closing chapter, there is more to the business than taking amazing photos. Without a stable financial and marketing plan it is difficult to stay competitive and possibly, stay in business. Realistic pricing packages are key. Pricing competitively is good, but it’s important to consider all of your expenses when deciding how much to charge. Marketing is imperative to the success of any business and social media can play a large role in that. Tips for using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blogging are given to help keep a business current and their clientele updated. An equally important part of marketing is branding. Establishing a brand helps you stand out from all of the other portrait photographers out there. Putting your style and passion out front helps clients know who to choose for their portrait needs. And pointers are given for customer interaction both over the phone and in person. This book provides a comprehensive overview of each aspect of professional family portrait photography. Smith takes the passion she has for creating beautiful, natural light portraits and lays out the steps for the reader to capture memorable shots on their own. Readers are also guided through what is involved with establishing a successful and vibrant portrait business. Drawing from her own experiences starting a portrait business from the ground up and providing indispensable tips for almost any shooting scenario, Smith has created an essential guide for natural light portraiture.

An American Dictionary of the English Language

Author : Noah Webster
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Lifting the Veil of Duality

Author : Andreas Moritz
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In Lifting the Veil of Duality, best-selling author Andreas Moritz poignantly exposes the illusion of duality - good and evil, right and wrong, light and dark. He outlines a simple way to remove every limitation that you have imposed upon yourself in the course of living duality. You will be prompted to see yourself and the world through a new lens - the lens of clarity, discernment and non-judgment. And you are about to find out why mistakes, deception, dishonesty, pain, diseases, accidents, injustice, wars, crime and terrorism all have a deeper purpose and meaning in the larger scheme of things. Lifting the Veil of Duality shows you how you create or subdue the ability to materialize your desires. Other topics include the mystery of time, the truth and illusion of reincarnation, the misleading value of prayer, what makes relationships work and why so often they don't. Find out why injustice is an illusion that has managed to haunt us throughout the ages, and what you can do free yourself from its hold on you. Learn about the Great Separation, the angels amongst us, our light-bodies, why God lives within us and you are God also, and how you can heal yourself at a moment's notice. Read about the "New Medicine" and the destiny of the old medicine, the old economy, the old religion and the old world. Andreas Moritz is a Medical Intuitive and practitioner of Ayurveda, Iridology, Shiatsu and Vibrational Medicine. Author of The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, Lifting the Veil of Duality and It's Time to Come Alive. Founder of the innovative healing systems, Ener-Chi Art and Sacred Santèmony - Divine Chanting for Every Occasion.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation E Book

Author : Randall L. Braddom
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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation presents today’s best physiatry knowledge and techniques, ideal for the whole rehabilitation team. This trusted reference delivers the proven science and comprehensive guidance you need to offer every patient maximum pain relief and optimal return to function. In this new edition, Dr. Randall L. Braddom covers current developments in interventional injection procedures, the management of chronic pain, integrative medicine, recent changes in the focus of stroke and brain injury rehabilitation, and much more. Access the complete contents online along with 1000 self-assessment questions at Gain a clear visual understanding of important concepts thanks to 1400 detailed illustrations—1000 in full color. Find and apply the information you need easily with each chapter carefully edited by Dr. Braddom and his associates for consistency, succinctness, and readability. Access the fully searchable text online at Expert Consult, as well as 1000 self-assessment questions. Master axial and peripheral joint injections through in-depth coverage of the indications for and limitations of these therapies. Make optimal use of ultrasound in diagnosis and treatment. Get a broader perspective on your field from a new chapter on PM&R in the international community.

NASA Thesaurus Access vocabulary

Author : United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Scientific and Technical Information Branch
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An English and Danish Dictionary

Author : Andreas Berthelson
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Royal Dictionary French and English and English and French

Author : Abel Boyer
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A Dictionarie of the French and English Tongves

Author :
File Size : 83.52 MB
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A new complete English Dictionary etc by J Marchant and Gordon To which is prefixed a Grammar of the English language by D Bellamy Mr Gordon and others

Author : John MARCHANT (Gent.)
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Dictionarium Minus a Compendious Dictionary English Latin and Latin English by Christopher Wase

Author : Christopher Wase
File Size : 70.18 MB
Format : PDF
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