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Listening Thinking Being

Author : Lisbeth Lipari
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Although listening is central to human interaction, its importance is often ignored. In the rush to speak and be heard, it is easy to neglect listening and disregard its significance as a way of being with others and the world. Drawing upon insights from phenomenology, linguistics, philosophy of communication, and ethics, Listening, Thinking, Being is both an invitation and an intervention meant to turn much of what readers know, or think they know, about language, communication, and listening inside out. It is not about how to be a good listener or the numerous pitfalls that stem from the failure to listen. Rather, the purpose of the book is, first, to make readers aware of the value and importance of listening as a fundamental human ability inextricably connected with language and thought; second, to alert readers to the complexity of listening from personal, cultural, and philosophical perspectives; and third, to offer readers a way to think of listening as a mode of communicative action by which humans create and abide in the world. Lisbeth Lipari brings together historical, literary, intercultural, scientific, musical, and philosophical perspectives, as well as a range of her own personal experiences, to produce this highly readable analysis of how “the human experience of being as an ethical relation with others . . . is enacted by means of listening.”

Pathways Listening Speaking and Critical Thinking 4

Author : Rebecca Tarver Chase
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Pathways, Second Edition, is a global, five-level academic English program. Carefully-guided lessons develop the language skills, critical thinking, and learning strategies required for academic success. Using authentic and relevant content from National Geographic, including video, charts, and other infographics, Pathways prepares students to work effectively and confidently in an academic environment. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Pathways Listening Speaking and Critical Thinking 3

Author : Rebecca Tarver Chase
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Pathways, Second Edition, is a global, five-level academic English program. Carefully-guided lessons develop the language skills, critical thinking, and learning strategies required for academic success. Using authentic and relevant content from National Geographic, including video, charts, and other infographics, Pathways prepares students to work effectively and confidently in an academic environment. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Finding Grace with God

Author : Rose Ellen Dunn
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Finding Grace with God: A Phenomenological Reading of the Annunciation engages in an interweaving of phenomenology, mystical theology, and feminist philosophy to unfold a theopoetic interpretation of the narrative of the Annunciation in the Gospel of Luke. It begins with a discussion of the foundational phenomenologies of Edmund Husserl and Martin Heidegger and then moves to the more recent work of several French phenomenologists, including Paul Ricoeur, Jean-Louis Chretien, and Michel Henry. The interpretation is then expanded through the philosophies of Luce Irigaray, Jean-Luc Marion, and Jacques Derrida. Finally, the phenomenologies of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and Martin Heidegger provide a means to interpret the Annunciation through theopoetics, as a text that is infused with possibility. Mary, filled with grace, is beckoned by the divine into possibility; responding in grace, she in turn beckons the divine into possibility. Transgressing the limits of language, this possibility slips into apophasis--into a moment of Gelassenheit, a mutual "letting-be" or releasement of Mary and the divine into a mystical union of love, a love that becomes manifest through a gift of life.

From Phenomenology to Thought Errancy and Desire

Author : B.E. Babich
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For both continental and analytic styles of philosophy, the thought of Martin Heidegger must be counted as one of the most important influences in contemporary philosophy. In this book, essays by internationally noted scholars, ranging from David B. Allison to Slavoj Zizek, honour the interpretive contributions of William J. Richardson's pathbreaking Heidegger: Through Phenomenology to Thought. The essays move from traditional phenomenology to the idea of essential (another) thinking, the questions of translation and existential expressions of the turn of Heidegger's thought, the intersection of politics and language, the philosophic significance of Jacques Lacan, and several essays on science and technology. All show the influence of Richardson's first study. A valuable emphasis appears in Richardson's interpretation of Heidegger's conception of die Irre, interpreted as Errancy, set in its current locus in a discussion of Heidegger's debacle with the political in his involvement with National Socialism.

The Oxford Handbook of the Physiology of Interpersonal Communication

Author : Lindsey Aloia
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Communication scholars have long recognized the importance of understanding associations between our bodies and communication messages and processes. In the past decade, there has been an increased focus on the role of physiology in interpersonal interactions, resulting in a surge of research exploring topics related to communication in close relationships. This growing line of research explores topics such as affectionate communication, forgiveness, communication apprehension, and social support. Contributing to the increase in physiological research on communication processes is a greater recognition of the bi-directional nature of the associations between communication and the body. Researchers study both the physiological outcomes of communication episodes (e.g., stress responses to conflict conversations), as well as the effects of physiology on communication process (e.g., the influence of hormones on post-sex communication). The Oxford Handbook of the Physiology of Interpersonal Communication offers a comprehensive review of the most prolific areas of research investigating both the physiological outcomes of interpersonal communication and the effects of physiology on interpersonal interactions. This volume brings together thirty-three leading scholars in the field and draws on research from communication studies, physiology, psychology, and neuroscience. Based on quantitative research methods, the Handbook serves as a resource for both researchers and students interested in investigating the mutual influence of physiology and communication in close relationships.

Theology as Improvisation

Author : Nathan Crawford
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In Theology as Improvisation, Nathan Crawford reimagines the possibilities for how theology thinks God within a postmodern world. By engaging a number of thinkers in conversation, he navigates the nature of thinking God in a postmodern world.

The Yale Edition of the Unpublished Writings of Gertrude Stein

Author : Gertrude Stein
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Your Children Are Listening

Author : Jim Taylor
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In a world full of negativity, a psychologist reveals how to send your kids healthy, positive messages—both verbally and nonverbally. As a parent, you constantly send your children messages with your words, attitudes, and actions, creating their earliest ideas about themselves, others, and the world around them. This guide describes the vital opportunity you have to shape your children—even when they may not appear to be listening—and shows how you can instill healthy beliefs that will strengthen them against peer pressure, manipulative media, and other negative influences. Your Children Are Listening offers: Nine essential messages all children need to hear—on love, competence, security, compassion, gratitude, nature, respect, responsibility, and emotion Why these messages are so important The different “conduits” through which children receive your messages “Message blockers” that can prevent them from getting through Fun catchphrases and activities you can use to send these messages every day

Earth and Gods

Author : V. Vycinas
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Earth and Gods is an attempt to introduce the reader to Heidegger's fully developed philosophy. The title Earth and Gods gives an im pression of not being a general study of Heidegger's philosophy. However, this is not true - the earth and the gods are fundamental ontological symbols of his fully developed philosophy, namely, his third and final phase of thought. This phase repeats the problems of both preceding phases in a fuller and more developed manner; hence, it implies them. The two preceding phases are the phase of Dasein and the phase of Being. These two phases are a natural flow of fundamental problems which reach their final formation and development in the phase of earth and gods. Dasein (the first phase) leads to Being, and Being (the second phase) bursts into fundamental ontological powers of Being (Seinsmiichte) which are earth and sky, gods and mortals (the third phase). Since earth is unthinkable without sky and since gods are gods in the world of mortals - of men, the title Earth and Gods is an abbreviation of these four fundamental powers of Being. Hence, an investigation of earth and gods is an attempt to present Heidegger's philosophy as a whole. Such a presentation provides the reader with the background necessary for a more adequate and efficient understanding of the writings of Heidegger himself. Thus, Earth and Gods may rightly be considered an introduction to Hei degger's philosophy.

Men s Book of Knowledge A Simple Guide on Being a Man Approaching Women and Building Attraction

Author : Anthony Davis
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Thinking and Learning About Mathematics in the Early Years

Author : Linda Pound
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How can early years practitioners help young children to become not only numerate but aspiring mathematicians who love numbers, shapes and mathematical comparisons? The introduction of the Foundation Stage has led to practitioners seeking ways to teach maths which are more in line with the creative and playful ways young children learn other subjects. Linda Pound draws on current thinking about children's mathematical development to show how you can encourage and enhance the numeracy skills of any child in the early years by linking maths to every-day life situations and making it a playful and enjoyable cross-curricular activity. This highly practical and engaging text includes chapters on: why maths is often seen as 'hard' and what practitioners can do to help young children be more successful exploring shapes, space, measures and patterns how to make maths more fun and playful, using games, humour, stories and rhymes using music and dance to enhance mathematical understanding encouraging children to see the connection between maths and everyday experiences through, for example sorting, matching and guessing creating an environment for mathematical development, indoors and out Concluding with a chapter on how practitioners and parents can become more confident in their use of maths, this user-friendly text, packed full of ideas, is essential reading for practitioners in any early years setting. Students on Early Education courses will also find much here to inspire them.

Practicing the Sacred Art of Listening

Author : Kay Lindahl
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This practical, spiritual guide expands on Lindahl's popular first book, "The Sacred Art of Listening," explaining what it means to really be a good listener, offering exercises to help improve listening skills, and exploring the nature of silence, reflection, and presence as foundational qualities of listening.

Hostage at the Table

Author : George Kohlrieser
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George Kohlrieser—an international leadership professor, consultant, and veteran hostage negotiator—explains that it is only by openly facing conflict that we can truly progress through the most difficult business challenges. In this provocative book, he reveals how the proven techniques and psychological insights used in hostage negotiation can be applied successfully to any personal or business relationship. Step by step, he outlines the seven key factors that anyone can use to remove the blocks that stand in the way of resolving tough problems and shows how business leaders, in particular, can develop and access the skills they need to create trust and a positive mind-set in their companies.

Listening to Children

Author : Bronwyn Davies
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Through a series of exquisite encounters with children, and through a lucid opening up of new aspects of poststructuralist theorizing, Bronwyn Davies opens up new ways of thinking about, and intra-acting with, children. This book carefully guides the reader through a wave of thought that turns the known into the unknown, and then slowly, carefully, makes new forms of thought comprehensible, opening, through all the senses, a deep understanding of our embeddedness in encounters with each other and with the material world. This book takes us into Reggio-Emilia-inspired Swedish preschools in Sweden, into the author’s own community in Australia, into poignant memories of childhood, and offers the reader insights into: new ways of thinking about children and their communities; the act of listening as emergent and alive; ourselves as mobile and multiple subjects; the importance of remaining open to the not-yet-known. Defining research as diffractive, and as experimental, Davies’ relationship to the teachers and pedagogues she worked with is one of co-experimentation. Her relationship with the children is one in which she explores the ways in which her own new thinking and being might emerge, even as old ways of thinking and being assert themselves and interfere with the unfolding of the new. She draws us into her ongoing experimentation, asking that we think hard, all the while delighting our senses with the poetry of her writing, and the stories of her encounters with children.

Listening to Ourselves

Author : Chike Jeffers
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Contemporary African philosophy in indigenous African languages and English translation. A groundbreaking contribution to the discipline of philosophy, this volume presents a collection of philosophical essays written in indigenous African languages by professional African philosophers with English translations on the facing pages—demonstrating the linguistic and conceptual resources of African languages for a distinctly African philosophy. Hailing from five different countries and writing in six different languages, the seven authors featured include some of the most prominent African philosophers of our time. They address a range of topics, including the nature of truth, different ways of conceiving time, the linguistic status of proverbs, how naming practices work, gender equality and inequality in traditional society, the relationship between language and thought, and the extent to which morality is universal or culturally variable.

Proleptic Pedagogy

Author : Sondra H. Matthaei
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Could we have imagined how much theological education would change in the new millennium? Shifting needs of students, classrooms, and churches have demanded constant revisions of the curriculum, course design, classroom technology, and pedagogical strategies. Saint Paul School of Theology felt the tide of change within our own walls and designed a project called "Proleptic Pedagogy" to address three distinct pedagogical challenges for the future of theological education. First, instead of fitting new technologies into old pedagogies, how are teaching and learning transformed by shifting needs of students who are "digital natives," "digital immigrants," or distance learners? Second, instead of reactive strategies, what pedagogy proactively eliminates "accommodations" because courses are designed with flexibility and openness to diverse learning styles, disabilities, and needs? Third, instead of engaging student diversity with the tools of the 1960s, what new teaching and learning strategies anticipate future student racial and ethnic demographics and interracial educational experiences? This volume of essays narrates our classroom stories, teases out pedagogical issues, examines pedagogical literature, reflects on theology of pedagogy, and constructs pedagogical proposals--with an open invitation for other theological educators to join our conversation about the future of theological education.

Listening to the Land

Author : Derrick Jensen
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In this far-ranging and heartening collection, Derrick Jensen gathers conversations with environmentalists, theologians, Native Americans, psychologists, and feminists, engaging some of our best minds in an exploration of more peaceful ways to live on Earth. Included here is Dave Foreman on biodiversity, Matthew Fox on Christianity and nature, Jerry Mander on technology, and Terry Tempest Williams on an erotic connection to the land. With intelligence and compassion, Listening to the Land moves from a look at the condition of the environment and the health of our spirit to a beautiful evocation of eros and a life based on love.

Improve Your People Skills

Author : Peter Honey
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People skills are the key to success, yet they all depend on one fundamental insight: nobody knows for sure what you are thinking or feeling - they can respond only to your behaviour. Getting the best from others, therefore, means monitoring and modifying how you behave. This key principle should boost your effectiveness in the boardroom. From acting assertively and asking questions to brainstorming, coaching and fostering diversity, this text seeks to offer the tools for readers to transform their relationships with colleagues and get what they want at work. It now includes a diagnostic People Skills quiz to focus readers' thinking on the best places to start.


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