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Weave Little Stars Into My Sleep

Author : Neil Philip
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Offers a collection of lullabies from a variety of Native American peoples, including the Ojibwa, Hopi, and Yuma.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Author : Brooke Harris
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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An adaptation of a nusery rhyme

Alicia and Little Star

Author :
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The Little Star

Author : Toby J. Carr
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Will The Little Star rise to the occasion?

Acel the Brave Little Star

Author : Emily Barrett
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This book has a profound message for everyone, especially for children who have been bullied or criticized. By reading it, they can realize that we all come from the same place of love. Once you know who you truly are, no words can touch you.

Cindy and the Little Star

Author : Dr Dragon
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Once upon a time five proud sisters and their brother lived together. The sisters didnt play with their little brother. So he ran away hoping to make friends and meet little children in a great big city. But he couldnt find any. Feeling sorry, a passing cloud offered to be his friend. Cheering up at once, he jumped, reaching out to the cloud. The cloud carried him on its back. Blown away by a strong wind they soon reached the countryside. Sudden cold changed the cloud into tiny drifting snow-flakes. Feeling happy, he drifted down slowly with them as everything was soon covered under a thick blanket of snow. Down below in a farm cooperative, he found a lonely fir-tree in a pot placed near a large house owned by a rich farmer. A warm mellow light woke up fairies in the meadow and many other tiny creatures sleeping in the orchard. The light also woke up little Cindy, a child fast asleep in her bedroom, inside the farmers house. Thinking that an UFO had landed, she went out to investigate. Out in the meadow by the orchard that night Cindy made the most astonishing discovery ever. This event turned into a most unusual Christmas.

The Little Star That Nobody Wanted

Author : Sue Anne Mitchell
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The Little Star That Nobody Wanted Years have passed, and Little Lite, a tiny orphaned star finally gets a chance to be noticed when he is chosen in a special contest to become the most famous star ever created in history! Just when all of his dreams seem about to come true, something completely unforeseen happens, and Little Lite is faced with the most difficult choice of his life. How can he possibly be expected to choose, when his decision may affect the very thing he has always wanted......... Sue Anne Mitchell started the first draft of this book 48 years ago! Since then it has been reworked on numerous occasions, though never to the authors satisfaction. In the summer of 2009, God impressed upon her that it was time to Get It Done! She lives in Ft. Collins, Colorado surrounded indoors and outdoors by a variety of four-footed furry companions, and a beautiful view of the mountains! She encourages everyone to be faithful, obedient, and to make wise choices. May God and His Angels watch over you one and all!

Little Fallen Star

Author : Sincheze Williams
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This book was written for my son Sinsa who is an adult now but you can see his picture alongside mine how he looked when he was little. I hope you enjoy reading this book and many more that I have written as much as I enjoyed writing them. Your Author Sincheze Williams.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Author : Megan Borgert-Spaniol
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An illustrated retelling of the traditional song.

Valerius the little star

Author : Stephanie Angerer
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Diese mit Liebe zum Detail gestaltete Geschichte von Valerius, dem kleinen Stern handelt von den Begegnungen eines unbedarften Wesens mit den menschlichen Eigenschaften Eitelkeit, Gier, Neid und Liebe. In der in Reimform verfassten Erzählung erlebt ein kleiner Stern das große Abenteuer, als Mensch auf der Erde zu sein. Beinahe lässt er sich von seinen schlimmen Erlebnissen entmutigen. Am Ende erfährt er jedoch, wie das Vertrauen in die Liebe auf wundersame Weise neue Hoffnung und Mut gibt.