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To Live and Die in the West

Author : Jason Hook
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First Published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Live by the West Die by the West

Author : William W. Johnstone
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Johnstone Country. Where others fear to tread. With his bestselling Smoke Jensen series, William W. Johnstone has created a hero whose mountain-man roots, trail-driving grit, and gun-blazing sense of justice embody the frontier spirit of America. Here, in one volume, are two of the Western legend’s most powerful adventures . . . TRIUMPH OF THE MOUNTAIN MAN In a land of opportunity, there will be opportunists. But few are as vicious, cruel—or flat-out evil—as Clifton Satterly. This power-hungry robber baron has set his sights on Tua Pueblo, a quiet town in the New Mexico Territory. He plans to seize the timber-rich land through brute force and strip it clean with slave labor. But there’s one thing he didn’t plan on: a one-man wall of resistance named Smoke Jensen . . . JOURNEY OF THE MOUNTAIN MAN When it comes to outbursts of violence in the Old West, there’s nothing worse than a range war. They’re fueled by greed, fanned by gunfire, and fated to end in bloodshed, Which is why Smoke Jensen would just as soon keep his distance. But when his cousin Fae is involved, he’s got no choice but to strap on his Colts, team up with four old friends—and get ready for a hundred-gun showdown. This is going to be one hell of a fight . . . Live Free. Read Hard.

Dangerous Sea Life of the West Atlantic Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico

Author : Edwin S. Iversen
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How to recognize and avoid running afoul of the creatures that bite or sting, are poisonous when eaten, or are otherwise potentially harmful. A handy reference for swimmers, boaters, divers, anglers, and water-lovers.

The Folk who Live in the West

Author : Kathleen M. MacPhee
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The Great Indian Chief of the West

Author : Benjamin Drake
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Life in the West Or The Moreton Family

Author :
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Life in the West

Author : Nathan Cook Meeker
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Muslims in the West after 9 11

Author : Jocelyne Cesari
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This book is the first systematic attempt to study the situation of European and American Muslims after 9/11, and to present a comprehensive analysis of their religious, political, and legal situations. Since 9/11, and particularly since the Madrid and London bombings of 2004 and 2005, the Muslim presence in Europe and the United States has become a major political concern. Many have raised questions regarding potential links between Western Muslims, radical Islam, and terrorism. Whatever the justification of such concerns, it is insufficient to address the subject of Muslims in the West from an exclusively counter-terrorist perspective. Based on empirical studies of Muslims in the US and Western Europe, this edited volume posits the situation of Muslim minorities in a broader reflection on the status of liberalism in Western foreign policies. It also explores the changes in immigration policies, multiculturalism and secularism that have been shaped by the new international context of the ‘war on terror’. This book will be of great interest to students of Critical Security Studies, Islamic Studies, Sociology and Political Science in general. Jocelyne Cesari is an Associate at Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies and the Center for European Studies, teaching at Harvard Divinity School and the Government Department, specializing in Islam and the Middle East.

The star of the West memoirs of the life of R Darracott To which are added extracts from his correspondence and mr Darracott s Scripture marks

Author : James Bennett
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The Sentinel and Star in the West

Author :
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The Tree that Fell to the West

Author : M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
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Why the West was Wild

Author : Nyle H. Miller
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"... collection of material" from "newspapers, legal records, letters, and diaries, contemporary" sources. Includes material on "Wild Bill Hickok, Bat Masterson, and Doc Holliday, and such locales as Abilene, Wichita, Caldwell, and Dodge City"--Back cover.

The Future of Islam and the West

Author : Shireen Hunter
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Examines the relations between Islam and the West, paying particular attention to the various schools of Islamic political thought and the Islamic world view.

West Indian in the West

Author : Percy Hintzen
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In dealing with the complex issues surrounding labor law, this volume analyzes the rapid, profound, and all - encompassing nature of change in the work place. The essays examine the politics of the modern working world and its relationship with the law. By taking an interdisciplinary approach, including articles from feminist and social justice theorists, this volume is a significant contribution to the worlds of law and industrial relations.

The Star of the West

Author : James Bennett
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The New Muslim Brotherhood in the West

Author : Lorenzo Vidino
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In Europe and North America, networks tracing their origins back to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist movements have rapidly evolved into multifunctional and richly funded organizations competing to become the major representatives of Western Muslim communities and government interlocutors. Some analysts and policy makers see these organizations as positive forces encouraging integration. Others cast them as modern-day Trojan horses, feigning moderation while radicalizing Western Muslims. Lorenzo Vidino brokers a third, more informed view. Drawing on more than a decade of research on political Islam in the West, he keenly analyzes a controversial movement that still remains relatively unknown. Conducting in-depth interviews on four continents and sourcing documents in ten languages, Vidino shares the history, methods, attitudes, and goals of the Western Brothers, as well as their phenomenal growth. He then flips the perspective, examining the response to these groups by Western governments, specifically those of Great Britain, Germany, and the United States. Highly informed and thoughtfully presented, Vidino's research sheds light on a critical juncture in Muslim-Western relations.

The Light from the West

Author : Selig Schachnowitz
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Life in the West

Author : Morleigh
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Mifflinburg and the West End

Author : Marion Lois Huffines
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Mifflinburg and the towns of the West End have a story to tell. The hard work of making a life in early America demanded courage and determination of its settlers. There were good times when the towns thrived and tough times when efforts failed. Fires and accidents destroyed dreams, and financial distress halted progress, but the towns survived, and those that did celebrated their successes with fairs, parades, bands, and church dinners. Mifflinburg's buggy factories shipped buggies and sleighs across the young nation. The timber industry of the West End produced thousands of board feet, which built towns and propped up mines. Images of America: Mifflinburg and the West End tells the unfolding stories of Mifflinburg and the West End towns of Swengel, Millmont, Laurel Park, Pardee, Glen Iron, Weikert, Hartleton, and Laurelton. It is a history full of surprises and wonderful spirit.

Islam in the West

Author : Max Farrar
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This book contributes to understanding of the contemporary relationship between Muslims and the Western societies in which they live, focusing particularly on the UK. Chapters reflect on the nature of multiculturalism, as well as a wide range of specific aspects of daily life, including religious dialogue, gender, freedom of speech and politics.