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Our Living Heritage

Author : Michael Joslin
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Presents an inside look at the vitality of the Southern Appalachian culture that has persisted throughout the turbulent twentieth century.

Biodiversity of Vegetable Crops A Living Heritage

Author : Massimiliano Renna
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Intensive agriculture has generally resulted in higher productivity, but also in a trend towards decreasing levels of agro-biodiversity, which represents a key point in ensuring the adaptability and resilience of agro-ecosystems in the global challenge to produce more and better food in a sustainable way. The biodiversity of vegetable crops includes genetic diversity—both as species diversity (interspecific diversity) and as a diversity of genes within a species (intraspecific diversity) with regard to the vegetable varieties grown—and the diversity of agro-ecosystems (agro-biodiversity). The purpose of this Special Issue is to publish high-quality research papers addressing recent progress and perspectives on different aspects related to the biodiversity of vegetable crops. Original, high-quality contributions that have not yet been published, or that are not currently under review by other journals have been sought. The papers in this Special Issue cover a broad range of aspects and report recent research results regarding agro-biodiversity, which continues to be of significant relevance for both genetic and agricultural applications. All contributions are of significant relevance and could stimulate further research in this area.

Living Heritage

Author :
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A Living Heritage 1871 1971

Author : Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church
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Folklife Our Living Heritage

Author : Australia. Committee of Inquiry into Folklife in Australia
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Brief mention and reference to Aboriginal dance; summary of activities of Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies , Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) and Imparja; call for Aboriginal Folklore Act to protect Aboriginal folklore (copyright)

Alchi the Living Heritage of Ladakh

Author : Nawang Tsering
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Exhibition catalog.

The Living Heritage of the High Holy Days

Author : Solomon S. Bernards
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Revisiting Kathmandu safeguarding living urban heritage

Author : UNESCO Office Kathmandu
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Citizens Civil Society and Heritage Making in Asia

Author : Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao
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This volume is based on papers from the second in a series of three conferences that deal with the multi-scalar processes of heritage-making, ranging from the local to the national and international levels, involving different players with different degrees of agency and interests. These players include citizens and civil society, the state, and international organizations and actors. The current volume focuses on the role of citizens and civil society in the politics of heritage-making, looking at how these players at the grass-roots level make sense of the past in the present. Who are these local players that seek to define the meaning of heritage in their everyday lives? How do they negotiate with the state, or contest the influence of the state, in determining what their heritage is? These and other questions will be taken up in various Asian contexts in this volume to foreground the local dynamics of heritage politics.

Living with Heritage in Cairo

Author : Ahmed Sedky
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A new assessment of the preservation of historic areas of Middle Eastern cities, with Cairo as a case study

Tell Me about Living Heritage

Author : Marie Renault
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Many people do not derive their sense of identity from historic monuments or sites. Instead, they find it in what UNESCO calls 'living heritage' or 'intangible heritage'. This heritage includes languages, tales, stories, music, dance, the performing arts, ceremonies, traditional medicine, weaving, pottery, etc. - in short, all the skills that are handed down from generation to generation. These traditions and practices reflect the spirit of peoples and communities, yet this intangible heritage is often at greater risk than natural and tangible heritage. This book explores the diversity of living heritage.--Publisher's description.

Living in a World Heritage Site

Author : Manon Istasse
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Through a thick ethnography of the Fez medina in Morocco, a World Heritage site since 1981, Manon Istasse interrogates how human beings come to define houses as heritage. Istasse interrogates how heritage appears (or not) when inhabitants undertake construction and restoration projects in their homes, furnish and decorate their spaces, talk about their affective and sensual relations with houses, face conflicts in and about their houses, and more. Shedding light on the continuum between houses-as-dwellings and houses-as-heritage, the author establishes heritage as a trajectory: heritage as a quality results from a ‘surplus of attention’ and relates to nostalgia or to a feeling of threat, loss, and disappearance; to values related to purity, materiality, and time; and to actions of preservation and transmission. Living in a World Heritage site provides a grammar of heritage that will allow scholars to question key notions of temporality and nostalgia, the idea of culture, the importance of experts, and moral principles in relation to heritage sites around the globe.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Under National and International Law

Author : Marie Cornu
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This illuminating book offers an authoritative analysis of the legal issues relating to safeguarding intangible cultural heritage. Taking a critical approach, it provides a unique insight into the impact of international and national law on the present and future safeguarding processes of intangible cultural heritage. Expert contributors draw on the results of an international study conducted in 26 countries to illustrate how domestic laws comprehend the notion of intangible cultural heritage. The book explores the relationship that these states maintain with the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage and highlight challenging concepts.

Heritage Conservation and Communities

Author : Gill Chitty
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Public participation and local community involvement have taken centre stage in heritage practice in recent decades. In contrast with this established position in wider heritage work, public engagement with conservation practice is less well developed. The focus here is on conservation as the practical care of material cultural heritage, with all its associated significance for local people. How can we be more successful in building capacity for local ownership and leadership of heritage conservation projects, as well as improving participative involvement in decisions and in practice? This book presents current research and practice in community-led conservation. It illustrates that outcomes of locally-led, active participation show demonstrable social, educational and personal benefits for participants. Bringing together UK and international case studies, the book combines analysis of theoretical and applied approaches, exploring the lived experiences of conservation projects in and with different communities. Responding to the need for deeper understanding of the outcomes of heritage conservation, it examines the engagement of local people and communities beyond the expert and specialist domain. Highlighting the advances in this important aspect of contemporary heritage practice, this book is a key resource for practitioners in heritage studies, conservation and heritage management. It is also relevant for the practising professional, student or university researcher in an emerging field that overarches professional and academic practice.

Heritage Studies

Author : Meghan Bowe
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In recent years, heritage has grown by leaps and bounds, beyond the reach of the conservation of monuments and into the realms of economic growth, community development and human rights. But how have shifts in the meaning of “heritage” changed its study? And how will heritage continue to evolve in the future? Heritage Studies: Stories in the Making, an edited collection developed from a conference at the McDonald Institute of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, attempts to respond to these questions by charting developing trends over decades of heritage scholarship. This volume presents a snapshot of the field today, addressing the influence of new thinking on heritage, and its current and future trajectories. Should heritage be viewed as a “resource” to be cashed in on, or a “tool” for political engagement and representation? Or should heritage be seen as it first was, as the significant remains of the past? At a turning point in the study of heritage, this volume explores the complex ways in which we use the past to construct meaning in the present. Above all, Heritage Studies: Stories in the Making aims to arm readers—theoretically and methodologically—to participate in the much needed debates facing the heritage world today.

Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage

Author : Michelle L. Stefano
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Wide-ranging essays on intangible cultural heritage, with a focus on its negotiation, its value, and how to protect it.

The Past in the Present

Author : Ioannis Poulios
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The Past in the Present deals with the complexities in the operation and management of living heritage sites. It presents a new interpretation of such sites based on the concept of continuity, and its evolution to the present. It is demonstrated that the current theoretical framework and practice of conservation, as best epitomised in a values-based approach and the World Heritage concept, is based on discontinuity created between the monuments (considered to belong to the past) and the people of the present, thus seemingly unable to embrace living heritage sites. From this position, the study suggests an innovative approach that views communities and sites as an inseparable entity: a Living Heritage Approach. This approach brings a new insight into key concepts such as authenticity and sustainable development. Through the use of the monastic site of Meteora, Greece, as a case study, the discussion generated aims to shift the focus of conservation from ‘preservation’ towards a continual process of ‘creation’ in an ongoing present, attempting to change the way heritage is perceived, protected and, more importantly, further created. “The Past in the Present is an important and much-needed contribution to the debate about living heritage – and it is particularly significant in the context of the heritage of the past in the modern world. Anyone concerned with how the past is, or should be, integrated within modern lives and identities will need to read this book.” – Leslie Brubaker, Director, Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham, UK. “This interesting and thoroughly researched book by Ioannis Poulios is a useful tool in promoting the Living Heritage Approach, and provides a sound theoretical basis for future work. Living Heritage Approach is a paradigm shift that suggests a new way of addressing conservation for our heritage. ICCROM is proud to have introduced this approach, also with the contribution of Ioannis.” – Gamini Wijesuriya, Project Manager, ICCROM.

Sacred Heritage

Author : Roberta Gilchrist
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Forges innovative connections between monastic archaeology and heritage studies, revealing new perspectives on sacred heritage, identity, medieval healing, magic and memory. This title is available as Open Access.

World Heritage Sites and Tourism

Author : Laurent Bourdeau
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Not all World Heritage Sites have people living within or close by their boundaries, but many do. The designation of World Heritage status brings a new dimension to the functioning of local communities and particularly through tourism. Too many tourists accentuated by the World Heritage label, or in some cases not enough tourists, despite anticipation of increased numbers, can act to disrupt and disturb relations within a community and between communities. Either way, tourism can be seen as a form of activity that can generate interest and concern as it is played out within World Heritage Sites. But the relationships that World Heritage Sites and their consequent tourism share with communities are not just a function of the number of tourists. The relationships are complex and ever changing as the communities themselves change and are built upon long-standing and wider contextual factors that stretch beyond tourism. This volume, drawing upon a wide range of international cases relating to some 33 World Heritage Sites, reveals the multiple dimensions of the relations that exist between the sites and local communities. The designation of the sites can create, obscure and heighten the power relations between different parts of a community, between different communities and between the tourism and the heritage sector. Increasingly, the management of World Heritage is not only about the management of buildings and landscapes but about managing the communities that live and work in or near them.

Strategic Innovative Marketing and Tourism

Author : Androniki Kavoura
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This book covers a very broad range of topics in marketing, communication, and tourism, focusing especially on new perspectives and technologies that promise to influence the future direction of marketing research and practice in a digital and innovational era. Among the areas covered are product and brand management, strategic marketing, B2B marketing and sales management, international marketing, business communication and advertising, digital and social marketing, tourism and hospitality marketing and management, destination branding and cultural management, and event marketing. The book comprises the proceedings of the International Conference on Strategic Innovative Marketing and Tourism (ICSIMAT) 2018, where researchers, academics, and government and industry practitioners from around the world came together to discuss best practices, the latest research, new paradigms, and advances in theory. It will be of interest to a wide audience, including members of the academic community, MSc and PhD students, and marketing and tourism professionals.