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Local Education Order

Author : Stephen Hester
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The studies in this book take an ethnomethodological approach to educational phenomena. Ethnomethodology's concern is with the locally accomplished and situated character of social order. With reference to educational phenomena, this means that ethnomethodology investigates how the 'natural facts' of educational life, such as daily activities in school classrooms, are produced as such in the first place, rather than taking for granted the recognisability of these facts and then theorising their explanation. In this sense, ethnomethodological studies contrast markedly with other approaches to the study of education. Each of the chapters in the book consists of a new and original study. Collectively, they exhibit the continuing vitality of this tradition and demonstrate ethnomethodology's special commitment to the analysis of educational phenomena as locally ordered and accomplished.

Local Education

Author : Smith, Mark
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Drawing upon the experiences of adult and community educators, youth and community workers, Mark Smith examines the practice of educators who build up ways of working with local networks and cultures. Shops, launderettes, streets, bars, cafes and people's houses are the settings for much of their work, and when they do appear in schools and colleges, they are most likely to be found in corridors, eating areas and student common-rooms. Their work is not organized by subject, syllabi or lessons; it is about conversation and community, a commitment to local democracy and self-organization, and is often unpredictable and risky. Mark Smith offers an analysis of the subtle and difficult activity of intervening in other peoples' lives, of conversing with purpose, and of engaging with people to broaden opportunity and to effect change in their lives and communities.

Local Education Policies

Author : C. Hudson
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In the Western world, education policy has increasingly become a local matter. Localities and schools adjust education to meet specific local needs, fragmentation and diversity. Globalization and the greater emphasis on knowledge in society however, also embody strong streamlining tendencies. This edited volume examines and compares the way in which local education systems in Britain and Sweden are created in the interplay between common tendencies of change and particular local conditions.

To Authorize Funds for Assistance to Local Educational Agencies for the Education of Cambodian and Vietnamese Refugees and for Other Purposes

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor. Subcommittee on Elementary, Secondary, and Vocational Education
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Globalization International Education Policy and Local Policy Formation

Author : Carolyn A. Brown
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This edited volume focuses on how international education policy, set by international policymakers and donors, influences local education policy in developing countries. The book’s primary purpose is to give voice to scholars from developing countries and regions around the world by inviting them to explore how the international policy, invariably linked to international aid, influences education policy formation and implementation in their country or region and how this influence does or does not meet the local cultural, social, economic, and political needs. A relatively recent and small body of research and commentary supports a discourse that questions how well international education policy mandates such as Education For All serve the needs of developing countries. The intent of this book is to advance this discourse by giving voice to local scholars who observe and study the donor process. The book will be divided into two sections: the first section will set the stage for the discussions in the second section by providing theoretical and historical context for international education policy. As a framework for understanding, the book adopts the position that international policy does not have either the ability or the intent to serve the widely diverse needs of development around the world. International education policy has been formed, historically, by wealthy nations and agencies dominated by Western theoretical paradigms. In recent years, donor countries have made an effort to collaborate with developing countries in developing international education policy goals; however, this collaboration has been limited. Following establishment of the context of international education policy, section II of the book provides a forum for scholars from around the world to openly discuss and critique the impact of international policy on education in their country or region.

Goals 2000 flexible funding supports state and local education reform report to congressional committees

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To Authorize Funds for Assistance to Local Educational Agencies for the Education of Cambodian and Vietnamese Refugees and for Other Purposes Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Elementary Secondary and Vocational Education Of 94 1 November 5 1975

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and Labor
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Local Special Education Planning Model

Author : Peggy L. Hartman
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Building Global Education with a Local Perspective

Author : Emmanuel Jean Francois
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"Glocal" education melds the economic advantages of globalizing higher education with the benefits of incorporating local perspectives. This book explores glocal education's rationale; social, cultural, and economic foundations; key concepts; and implementation.

Balancing Local Control and State Responsibility for K 12 Education

Author : Neil D. Theobald
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This book examines the impact of state activism on local school autonomy in terms of both financial resources and policy initiatives.

Toward More Local Control Financial Reform for Public Education

Author : United States. Department of Education. Advisory Panel on Financing Elementary and Secondary Education
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Special Education Finance at the Federal State and Local Levels

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and the Workforce. Subcommittee on Education Reform
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Local Studies and the History of Education

Author : History of Education Society,
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Originally published in 1972, this book is concerned with education as part of a larger social history. Chapters include: The roots of Anglican supremacy in English education The Board schools of London The use of ecclesiastical records for the history of education Topographical resources: private and secondary education from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.

Data reporting Requirements for State and Local Educational Agencies Education Division Department of Health Education and Welfare

Author : United States. General Accounting Office
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Education Block Grant Alters State Role and Provides Greater Local Discretion

Author : United States. General Accounting Office
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Recent Education from Local Sources

Author : Malcolm Seaborne
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Originally published in 1967, this book was intended to be of value to students of Education in two ways. Firstly, all such students were expected to know in broad outline the story of the development of our national education system in the previous 150 years. This book shows how these national events affected a number of schools in a particular locality. Their history was preserved in their physical structure, all too solid and long-lasting in many cases to be easily adapted to changing needs of the time; it was preserved also in minutes and log-books and other records that happen to survive. The second value of this book was that quite often students were asked to use these local records to re-create the story of a history of a school or group of schools. It was felt that we needed many more of these local investigations as a basis for a fuller and more vivid representation of this national development, and students’ accounts, if done with proper care, could make a useful contribution. Mr Seaborne’s book is a model and example of how this may have been done.

New Directions of Local Higher Education Policy

Author : Jian Li
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This book examines the directions of local higher education policy in contemporary China since reform and opening up. It involves investigating rationales and conceptualizing analytical framework of shaping multiple type-based local higher education system, including the local undergraduate universities, skill-based local colleges, and technical-oriented local higher education institutions. This book offers an in-depth understanding of problems and strategies in regard to addressing complicated development of local higher education institutions in recent decades in China. In addition, this book also involves exploring local undergraduate universities in China, the current mechanism of local universities from the perspective of organizational transformation, the emergence of application and skill-based local colleges and universities in China, the vocational education development in China as one major type of local universities, the local technical universities’ development in China from multiple perspectives, and the professional groups in local vocational colleges.

State and Local Level Special Education Programs that Work and Federal Barriers to Innovation

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Education and the Workforce. Subcommittee on Education Reform
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Special Education Finance At The Federal State And Local Levels Hearing Serial No 107 59 Committee On Education The Workforce House Of Representatives 107th Congress 2nd Session

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Planning Techniques for Local Programs of Vocational Education

Author : Joseph F. Malinski
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