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Drugs in American Society

Author : Erich Goode
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"The most recent story of 'drugs in American society' is divisible into two parts pointing in opposite directions. We can caption the first of these two stories, 'the mainstreaming of marijuana'--which Time magazine referred to in its 2017 stand-alone publication, Marijuana Goes Main Street. The legalization and decriminalization of cannabis, its commercialization, its legal use as medicine in more than half the states of the United States, all express the conventionalization, normalization, and de-stigmatization of the use and sale of cannabis. The most recent high school survey released a preliminary media statement that revealed a remarkable, newsworthy, and almost astounding development that expresses this tendency: More seniors smoked marijuana during the month prior to the survey (22.9%) than had smoked tobacco cigarettes (9.7%). In 1991, 40.6 percent of seniors saw 'great risk' in using marijuana; in 2017, only 14.1 percent did. The fact is, commented the reporter who covered the story for The New York Times, we are living in an era in which marijuana is 'quietly condoned' or 'tacitly approved,' even though a majority may not use it regularly (Hoffman, 2017). The second of these stories is gloomier, nastier, indeed, catastrophic, and that is the huge rise in overdose deaths as a result of taking one or more of the opiates. Between 1999 and 2016, fatal drug overdoses in the United States nearly quadrupled, from about 16,800 to about 64,000, and more than two-thirds of these deaths were induced by prescription opioids, heroin, and fentanyl. This is an astonishing development, and completely unprecedented in the history of American drug-taking"--

Looseleaf for Drugs in American Society

Author : Erich Goode
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Drugs in American Society is a sociological introduction to the use of psychoactive substances in the United States that takes a big-picture look at patterns of drug consumption in America while also focusing on the effects that drugs have on the lives of users. Significantly streamlined and reorganized, this tenth edition presents the most current research, data, and statistics on drug use and discusses the latest trends involving drugs, from the decriminalization and mainstreaming of marijuana to the opiate epidemic that has led to a startling rise in overdose deaths. Personal accounts of Americans that have taken drugs are provided to show the reality of drug use and provide insights that go beyond the portrayal of drugs in society and the news media.

Drugs in American Society

Author : Erich Goode
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"The first edition of this Drugs in American Society was published a half-century ago, when systematic, reliable, nationally-representative data on drug use were not available; the information that social scientists used back then to draw conclusions about the consumption of mood-altering drugs was patchy, incomplete, and in all likelihood, skewed. Today, if anything, there is virtually a churning sea of informative data about the subject of this book, and the task is sifting through it all. (In fact, fairly frequently, different sources promulgate slightly different statistics, a glitch no acute observer of the drug scene should be distressed by.) Much of this information is produced by ongoing data-gathering enterprises, mainly government sponsored, that conduct surveys, often regularly, so that it is possible for the interested student, scholar, researcher, and nonprofessional to produce an up-to-date picture of the drug situation in the United States. It seems almost redundant to mention this and, when relevant, I shall make the point more forcefully: The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted on virtually all aspects of our lives, beginning, in the United States, early in 2020"--

Drug Information Literature Review of Needs Resources and Services

Author : Mary Jo Reilly
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Introduction to Reference Sources in the Health Sciences

Author : Fred Wilburn Roper
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Pharmacology and Therapeutics for Dentistry E Book

Author : Frank J. Dowd
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Gain a complete understanding of drugs affecting patient care! Pharmacology and Therapeutics for Dentistry, 7th Edition describes how to evaluate a patient’s health and optimize dental treatment by factoring in the drugs they take. It explores the basic principles of pharmacology, the ways that drugs affect the body, and the potential for adverse drug interactions. Developed by Frank Dowd, Barton Johnson, and Angelo Mariotti, with chapters from a team of expert contributors, this is the only book written by dental pharmacologists for the dental market. Whether you’re concerned about the drugs a patient is already taking or the drugs you prescribe for treatment, this book helps you reduce risk and provide effective dental care. Concise, comprehensive coverage helps you provide safe and effective dental care, exploring the fundamentals of pharmacology and clearly explaining actions of specific drug groups on systems in the human body in addition to covering special topics such as pain control, fear and anxiety, and oral complications of cancer therapy. An emphasis on the dental applications of pharmacology shows how to evaluate a patient’s health and optimize dental treatment by factoring in any medications the patient may be taking. Practical appendices provide easy access to essential information, summarizing topics such as drug interactions in clinical dentistry, antiseptics and disinfectants, herbs, controlled substances, protein biopharmaceuticals, drugs used to treat glaucoma, and abbreviations. Clinical Rationale for and Significance of Prescription Writing chapter and two appendices on drug prescribing cover both the medications that a patient may already be taking and drugs that a dentist may prescribe for treatment. Nearly 50 expert contributors represent a diverse, authoritative panel of authors from many of the major dental schools. NEW! Reorganized content is more concise, more relevant, and more visual, with a stronger focus on what you need to know for clinical practice. NEW! Case studies at the beginning of chapters and case discussions at the end help you connect pharmacologic concepts and principles with clinical practice. NEW summary tables and boxes provide quick reference to vital information, and include all-new tables on drug indications and mechanisms. NEW! Full-color design and illustrations are added to this edition, enhancing realism and visual learning. NEW companion website provides references linked to PubMed. NEW! Bullet points list key information at the beginning of each chapter, highlighting need-to-know concepts.

Drugs in American Society with Connect Access Card

Author : Erich Goode
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Drugs in American Society is a sociological introduction to the use of psychoactive substances in the United States that takes the focus out of the lab and onto the street. Throughout the book, personal accounts tell the stories of drug use and the impact that it has on the lives of users. The book also contrasts the image of drugs in society, particularly in the news media, and the reality of drug use itself. McGraw-Hill Connect® is a subscription-based learning service accessible online through your personal computer or tablet. Choose this option if your instructor will require Connect to be used in the course. Your subscription to Connect includes the following: • SmartBook® - an adaptive digital version of the course textbook that personalizes your reading experience based on how well you are learning the content. • Access to your instructor’s homework assignments, quizzes, syllabus, notes, reminders, and other important files for the course. • Progress dashboards that quickly show how you are performing on your assignments and tips for improvement. • The option to purchase (for a small fee) a print version of the book. This binder-ready, loose-leaf version includes free shipping. Complete system requirements to use Connect can be found here:

Current Catalog

Author : National Library of Medicine (U.S.)
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First multi-year cumulation covers six years: 1965-70.

Mosby s Pharmacy Technician E Book

Author : Elsevier
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Get everything you need to prepare for a successful career as a pharmacy technician in one easy-to-read textbook! Useful from day one through graduation, Mosby's Pharmacy Technician: Principles and Practice, 6th Edition includes comprehensive information on pharmacy practice, anatomy and physiology, math calculation, and pharmacology. Built from the ground up to map directly to American Society for Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) accreditation competencies and to the accepted certification exams, this approachable text covers everything from processing and handling of medications and medication orders to patient safety, quality assurance, and regulation and compliance. It also features a rich art program with equipment close-ups, clinical procedures and processes, and body system illustrations that bring the content to life and visually reinforce your understanding of key concepts. With its clear writing, expert insight, and engaging study tools, this text will help you develop a solid foundation in the pharmacy content you need to pass the board examination and launch a successful and rewarding career. Comprehensive coverage of pharmacy practice, A&P, and pharmacology supports classroom success and board exam preparation. Step-by-step, illustrated procedures provide rationales for key skills and competencies. Study practice includes review questions at the end of each chapter, an exam-review appendix with sample questions, and online review questions. Scenario boxes help you develop real-world problem-solving skills. Mini drug monographs provide drug information summaries and photos for commonly prescribed medications. Tech Notes and Tech Alerts offer practical tips for on-the-job accuracy and efficiency. NEW! Additional content ensures thorough coverage of all entry-level and many advanced ASHP accreditation competencies, including: Wellness, disease prevention, and immunizations Medication compliance and point-of-care testing Professional and regulatory standards Medication requiring special handling and documentation Nonsterile and sterile compounding Advanced Pharmacy Technician duties

Drug Liability

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