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Lopsided Conversations

Author : John O'Loughlin
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LOPSIDED CONVERSATIONS is volume one of a projected two-volume 'collected dialogues' by John O'Loughlin which moves from a relatively dramatic - even play-like - beginning towards a more systematically philosophical approach to the genre which, fittingly, culminates with an aphoristic appendix that both summarizes and crowns this immense literary project.

Flopsided Conversations

Author : John O'Loughlin
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FLOPSIDED CONVERSATIONS is volume two of John O'Loughlin's 'collected dialogues', with material culled from four prior collections dating from 1982-4 and continuing in the vein of its predecessor, 'Lopsided Conversations', if with a more determined ideological emphasis which takes this volume to an entirely new region of the mind.

Lopsided Conversations

Author : John O'Loughlin
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John O'Loughlin began writing dialogues in a play-like vein some time in 1976, two of which are included at the beginning of this collection, and soon progressed, via a study of Diderot and other French philosophers, to a more philosophical approach to the genre, which is amply documented in this first volume of a projected two volume 'collected dialogues'. The nineteen or so dialogues included here date from 1976-82 and become increasingly philosophical, in the sense of concerned with metaphysical and kindred issues, including ontology. Indeed, so much so that we have not hesitated to include, as with volume one of the author's 'collected essays', an aphoristic appendix, which properly follows the last seven dialogues, all of which were originally included in a collection entitled 'The Importance of Technology to the Transcendental Future; (1981-2). The title of this volume would seem to acknowledge the one-sided nature of many of the 'conversations' which take place in these dialogues, as though in deference to a teacher/pupil relationship biased towards didactic polemic and religious instruction. This is so as early as with 'A Dualistic Integrity' in which the participants, the characters, if you will, are simply described as 'professor' and 'student', and, the basic template once established, it was inevitable that Mr O'Loughlin should simply embellish and refine upon it in due course, even when there is a greater concern with characterization. The results, though fairly predictable, speak eloquently for themselves, insofar as it was on this basis that he gradually evolved towards the aphoristic purism characteristic of his mature philosophy, and accordingly became less relativistic and much more absolutely committed to the quest for metaphysical perfection. Such perfection may not be all that evident here, in this first volume of dialogues, but it was eventually to spring from them, as to some extent evidenced by the appendix.

Embodying Integration

Author : Megan Anna Neff
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Representing two generations of counselor education and practice, Megan Anna Neff and Mark McMinn provide practitioners with a fresh look at integration in a postmodern world. Modeling how to engage hard questions, they consider how different theological views, gendered perspectives, and cultures integrate with psychology and counseling.

The Motivated Job Search 2nd Edition

Author : Brian E. Howard
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Book one in the Motivated Series by Brian E. Howard./b?brbriIf you're conducting a job search for a professional position or considering such a job search, you should read this book. Brian Howard provides a thorough, approachable guide to each of the components of a job search that will help you be the selected candidate."/b/ibrbriThe Motivated Job Search - Second Edition This book provides the informational steps to conduct a job search, but more importantly strategic insight from someone who is actively engaged in front line recruiting. These strategic insights include: •using the "psychology of persuasion;" •understanding the mind and motivations of an employer; •maximizing the use of accomplishments/ •optimizing your LinkedIn profile; •and six unique tactics that will create differentiation from other job seekers.

The Motivated Networker

Author : Brian E Howard
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The Motivated Networker is a practical, non-nonsense guide for networking during a job search. When 60-80% of all jobs are filled through some form of networking, mastering the skill of networking is imperative to success in landing a new job in the shortest time possible! Brian Howard provides a proven and systematic approach for helping thousands of job seekers find hidden job market openings leading to job offers. This book gives you a distinctive competitive edge by teaching networking techniques that will create job leads, interviews, and a fulfilling career position! The Motivated Networker is part of The Motivated Series, which is based off of The Motivated Job Search, the most comprehensive job search guide currently on the market. The Motivated Networker provides networking techniques and insight not otherwise written about, while thoroughly covering typical networking topics. It is a comprehensive approach for today's job seeker who needs quick and direct guidance for effective networking during a job search.

The Motivated College Graduate

Author : Brian E. Howard
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Book Six in Motivated Series by Brian E. Howard. There are over 120 pieces of sage advice quoted throughout the book on how to effectively conduct a job search, write a powerful resume and LinkedIn profile,cover letters, and other communications. The Motivated College Graduate is the most comprehensive job search book written for the recent college graduate. It discusses real life job search issues facing today's college graduate. The book provides unprecedented insight and advice from some of the most credentialed and experienced career coaches and resume writers in the industry. These coaches and resume writers have specialized practices and work with recent college graduates. You will learn how to conduct an effective job search, stand out among your competition, get interviews, and job offers! Go inside the minds of these coaches and resume writers. Learn how they've coached other college graduates to land fulfilling career-level positions. Understand how the resume writers think about keywords, titling, branding, accomplishments, color, design, and a plethora of other resume writing considerations as they create winning resumes. Based on his extensive experience in the job search industry and by tapping into the collective knowledge of career coaches and resume writers who work specifically with college graduates, Brian Howard has written a comprehensive job search book that surpasses all other job search books written for the recent college graduate.

Written Also for Our Sake

Author : James W. Aageson
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Describes the interpretation of scripture in Paul's letters in terms of a conversation, focusing on his views of Abraham, Israel, Adam, and Christ

Socially ADDept

Author : Janet Z. Giler
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Decodes the often confusing rules of social behavior for all children Socially ADDept helps educators and parents teach the hidden rules of social behavior to children with limited social skills, notably those with special needs like ADHD, learning disabilities, Asperger's and high-functioning autism, Tourette Syndrome, and nonverbal learning disabilities. The author provides all the information parents and professionals need to know to help kids learn social skills in simple, concise explanations. The book is divided into eight sections that educators can use as teaching units or parents can work through one week (or month) at a time. Includes a way for children to see themselves and how their behavior looks to others Deciphers the complex rules of nonverbal language into friendly, bite-sized morsels that kids can understand Offers a field-tested collection of suggestions and strategies for parents and professionals who want to enhance a child's social competence Socially ADDept is presented in a hands-on workbook format, complete with reproducible student worksheets that are also available for free download from the publisher web site.

Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Life

Author : Martin S. Remland
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Nonverbal Communication in Everyday Life, Fourth Edition, is the most comprehensive, thoroughly researched, and up-to-date introduction to the subject of nonverbal communication available today. Renowned author Martin S. Remland introduces nonverbal communication in a concise and engaging format that connects foundational concepts, current theory, and new research findings to familiar everyday interactions. Presented in three parts, the text offers full and balanced coverage of the functions, channels, and applications of nonverbal communication. This approach not only gives students a strong foundation, but also allows them to fully appreciate the importance of nonverbal communication in their personal and professional lives.

Stained Glass Hearts

Author : Patsy Clairmont
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Stained Glass Hearts reminds us just how brightly the light of God can shine even amidst our darkest moments, uncovering the promise and possibility of redemption and transformation. Comparing people to stained glass windows, Patsy Clairmont explains the power of God to restore and redeem that which seems devastated beyond repair, and she does so with the quick wit and deep insight of someone who has been there. And back. Themes of art and creativity are woven together with stories from Patsy’s own life. And special features include quotes, suggested scripture readings, sample prayers, and recommended music. With candor tempered by wind-whipped wisdom, Patsy provides a new lens through which to view our lives. Stained Glass Hearts is a perspective that gives us the chance to see our potential for color, sparkle, and great purpose through the grace of God.

The Five Minute Devotional

Author : Jan Silvious
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A five-minute-a-day, five-days-a-week devotional book with contemporary topics for people in a hurry. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Rocky Point Boxed Set Books 4 6

Author : Barbara McMahon
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Rocky Point Hero: Dare Allie look for a special relationship when she begins her save-a-soldier campaign? Rocky Point Inn: A young girl’s future hangs in the balance. Can the two adults put aside their differences long enough to provide the family she needs? Rocky Point Dawn: Callie thought she had the love of a good man only to find out it was all false. When his twin shows up, can she truly trust a second chance?

Rocky Point Inn

Author : Barbara McMahon
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Tragedy When her best friend is killed in a tragic home fire, Shannon takes on her daughter until family can be found. The ten-year old knows her and likes staying in the Inn that Shannon owns. If things had been different, Shannon would even try to keep Kayla until she grows up, but knows being with family is better. The Unknown Uncle When Shane Remington learns his sister and husband have died and he's the closest relative to his ten-year old niece, he immediately heads for Rocky Point, Maine, to assess the situation. He knows nothing about children nor traditional family life and had never even met his niece. As soon as possible he'll have her in a boarding school and resume his carefree bachelor life. God's Plan When Shannon learns of Shane's plans, she's horrified. The only other choice Shane gives is for Kayla to remain with Shannon. Until Kayla's grandfather shows up. Now Shane is looking at different alternatives. Are Shannon's prayers answered when Shane comes up with an outlandish idea?

Poststructural and Narrative Thinking in Family Therapy

Author : Victoria Dickerson
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This brief applies variations in poststructural thinking and practice to the field of family therapy. Poststructural thinking pervades the world of therapeutic practice in ways that are often invisible to both the theoretician as well as the practitioner. In this brief, the authors focus on what poststructuralism has brought to our understanding. What follows are chapters that speak to training and teaching principles as well as to practices that draw on ideas about “becoming,” “relationality,” and “the aesthetics of engagement." Each chapter builds on the other with the last one reprising a key component of narrative understanding. From a teaching institution in Auckland, NZ to an online training program in Minneapolis, from new thinking about “auto-ethnography” to a “de-centered” practice to “poetic” resistance, the chapters in this brief offer exciting ideas and practice possibilities.

Becoming a Doctor From Student to Specialist Doctor Writers Share Their Experiences

Author : Lee Gutkind
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“As wise as it is well written. . . . A sustaining work of art.” —Linda Elisabeth Beattie, Courier-Journal In this inspired anthology, doctors relate true stories from their professional lives, capturing disillusionments and triumphs encountered along the way. Essays by such distinguished writers as Peter D. Kramer, Kay Redfield Jamison, Danielle Ofri, Robert Coles, Lauren Slater, Sandeep Jauhar, and Perri Klass create a vivid mural of the medical world, from a student’s uneasy first encounter with a cadaver to a veteran doctor’s memories of the emotionally charged days and nights of residency.

Expel Celestra Series 6

Author : Addison Moore
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From the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Addison Moore... Praise for the Celestra Series... "This series has been incredible from book 1! There is non-stop action throughout and its got tension-filled romance as well. Usually when there is a love triangle, I choose a side and stay there, but with this series I can't decide whose team I'm on. One book, it's hands down team Gage. Then in the next book I'm feeling bad for Logan. Now, even Marshall is growing on me!! Not to mention the suspense, which is KILLING me!" --Wendyirp "This is a must read series... WOW this whole entire series is amazing. Lots of twists and turns. I am ADDICTED!" -C. Shelton-Lopata "Definite must read, and another new series I cant wait to read more of." – YA lit lovers "Addison Moore is fastly becoming one of my favorite authors. I love the Celestra Series books." Daniele5088 ******* Product Description: A death. A war. Regret. Heartbreak. An old enemy. A new enemy. A well-placed boyfriend. An ending you won’t believe. Seventeen year-old Skyla Messenger discovers love is stronger than death and deception. In an effort to rectify those horrible truths Skyla’s life changes forever. Love and heartbreak become obstacles that overshadow the faction war and in the end may cost her everything.

Fyth Kael Jai Book Three

Author : E.J. Deen
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Hardcore Fan Version. Includes Trinooran Language. In this third installment of the Kael Jai series, the unknown enemy Kael faced in book two has been unmasked. Now Kael Jai knows the name of his enemy, but that doesn’t make his battle any easier. In this action-packed book, Kael struggles to keep his newly formed government together while protecting the people of his planet. Two of his best warriors are still stuck on Earth, and the virus that has crippled their technology has cut off all communication with them. Kael has no idea if they are even still alive. He sends two warriors to Earth to find them and, if they are still alive, to bring them home. When Aniya finally returns with Eva and Sam, she does not bring good news. Kael learns that he is not fighting just one enemy but many, and worst of all, Sylph has vanished. Kael must now fight to save his loyal Keeper, and his planet, from one of the most deadly assassins Trinoor has ever known.

The Delivered Prey

Author : Barry Moore
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Oh to Grace

Author : Abby Rosser
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Life is Filled with Decisions. Some significant. Some insigificant. Some momentous. Who to marry? Which job to take? Cream & sugar with your coffee, or drink it black? But is it possible that there are no insignificant decisions? Matt heaved a forkful of hay down just as the barn door opened, and a shadowed figure entered. He heard an unfamiliar cry of bewildered irritation that did not belong to one of his seven younger brothers or sisters. This was a woman's voice—young, and most definitely annoyed. In an instant, Matt was brushing hay off a young woman's shoulders. She wore a pale yellow dress dotted with yellow and green flowers with stylish puffed sleeves and a nipped-in waist that flattered her petite figure. Her red hair spilled out of its hair pins, leaving unruly curls all about her forehead. Matt was struck by the force of her beauty. The young woman blushed, then extended her hand. "I'm Anna, your brother Ernest's wife."