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Lost Knowledge and Forbidden Secrets in Ancient Egypt

Author : Ezra Ivanov
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We are not including in our history the stories of Herodotus and certain other writers who deliberately chose fables over facts and spun yarns for amusement only. We will, however, outline what the priests of Egypt wrote in their sacred records, which we have examined minutely and thoroughly. The author describes an arcane doctrine believed lost to time. It may be based on events that occurred more than 3,000 years ago, but Khaemwas still evokes the mystic heritage of Egypt. Traditional spiritual practices have always given people insight into their environments and allowed them to live harmoniously with them despite hardships that can only be imagined. Despite advancements in science and technology, we do not seem to be as equipped in the modern age. Undoubtedly, this is why we look to pass cultures such as Egypt for the elusive insights and powers we miss. We are like Khaemwas in many ways. We want to comprehend the mysteries of daily life and discover the source of all wisdom. Egypt's mystic heritage continues to attract our attention for these reasons. So many ancients spoke of a legacy. What is it? Egyptian legends freely circulated among travelers, as noted by the Greek historian Diodorus Siculus (60 B.C.E. ). Furthermore, the temples and tombs were regularly documented with similar stories. Some legends spoke of their gods, royal figures, sages, and adventurers who embodied the natural and supernatural forces of the world around them. A great deal of the information was gleaned from ancient texts. Yet they differed from myths of other cultures, including Greek myths, which viewed it as a symbol of natural phenomena or metaphor for the universe rather than a factual narrative. Ancient Egyptians were not so rigid in their philosophical thinking; they made no distinction between myth and legend. Chronicles they inherited from Antiquity were believed to be actual events, either during a historical time when their gods inhabited the Earth or in a dimension they called "timeless time," when human beings had direct access to divine powers. Because legends gave meaning and purpose to the past, present, and future, they were vital and practical.

Ancient Egypt History

Author : Alysa Turcotte
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This is an anthology containing detailed descriptions of the ancient knowledge that made such abilities possible. It is designed to illuminate the knowledge and secrets preserved in the very ancient Egyptian, and then to explore the possible origins and uses of that knowledge. It presents a coherent and interesting, narrative regarding ancient wisdom, mistaken mainstream archeology, and lost knowledge that is understandable and enjoyable to read. The evidence presented that casts doubt on the mainstream science notion that the earliest civilizations emerged in Sumer and Egypt in 3000 BCE. It seems clear that sophisticated human civilization at least 10,000-15,000 years ago, or even much older, and that there is a forgotten chapter in human history. This book reveals and fully explores the forbidden secrets and profound lost knowledge of a magnificent civilization, long concealed in myth and legend. An important read for anyone seeking greater personal knowledge and power.

What The Prophet Ether Couldn t Tell Us Book 2 of 3

Author : Jim Hendleman
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BACK COVER The sequel to the Jaredite's Civilization (What the Prophet Ether couldn't Tell Us) is finally out. Book III to shortly follow. Book II tells of the life and times of the Jaredites, the greatest civilization to have ever lived on Planet Earth. It details their earliest beginnings, and enumerates some of their many achievements and accomplishments. It is first mentioned within the Book of Mormon, in Ether 1:42-44. Ether was later directed by God to remove everything about them save for their earliest beginnings at the Tower of Babel, in Iraq, and a few brief tales of their spiritual trials and wars, up to their final Civil War. Mainstream Archaeology refuses to address this civilization because it would reveal Archaeology's canards about evolution and their false narrative about the Origin of Man. The Jaredites settled and colonized South and North America, Lemuria, Antarctica, The British Isles and most of western Europe, plus the lands of China and India. For nearly 2,530-years, they maintained a world-wide civilization. My research has uncovered many details of Jaredite life and their physical characteristics that the prophet Ether was not allowed to tell us. They built all of Egypt. Their Hindu colony fought at least two internal nuclear wars. They colonized throughout our entire Solar System; most moons and all the planets have their cities, mainly covered by 7-mile high glass domes, except Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets each have possible Star War-size "moons" that could be artificial space stations. Mars used to be a moon to its now exploded primary, which is now the Asteroid Belt. Their Martian cities are so immense that New York City and Shanghai combined wouldn't be considered a nickel in a handful of change in comparison to them. Jaredite leftovers are all over Earth if one knows when to look for them. Book III details a few of their many wars, as well as their final Civil War, the first year or two which were nuclear. Through their longevity, they were able to develop their physics to the point to where they could control the weather, as well as to weaponize its component parts. And their final, long prophesied death.

The FORBIDDEN GLYPHS Egypt Adventure Thriller Series

Author : Roy Lester Pond
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Egypt's Lost Library of secrets and technology.Trigger for a dangerous new age.Imagine a cache of writings of unthinkable power.Renegade Egyptologist Anson Hunter does. In fact he has a controversial theory that somewhere in Egypt lies the lost library of Thoth, guarded by his consort the goddess Seshat.In legend, this library contained all the forbidden knowledge of ancient Egypt, both human and divine, including secrets of lost technology that built the pyramids.Anson's theory throws him into conflict with international seekers who have dangerous agendas for the world.To save a loved one, Anson Hunter must seek the forbidden glyphs in an ingenious lost sanctuary guarded by traps set by the calculating goddess Seshat.

Secret Chamber Revisited

Author : Robert Bauval
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A firsthand, behind-the-scene account of the controversies surrounding modern explorations at Giza • Investigates the recent scandals at Giza and claims of secret excavations and tunneling inside the Great Pyramid • Reveals the historical evidence in support of secret chambers in the Great Pyramid and beneath the Great Sphinx • Exposes the secret agendas behind the latest explorations on the Giza plateau Since 1993 Robert Bauval has been embroiled in the many controversies involving the search for the lost treasures of the pyramid builders and the quest for the legendary Hall of Records of Atlantis. The strange but true story that he unfolds implicates American business moguls, the prestigious National Geographic Society, several Ivy League universities, the Edgar Cayce Foundation, the Freemasons, Christian fundamentalists, Zionists, and the Egyptian government. In this fully updated edition of Secret Chamber, including new color photographs, Robert Bauval pursues his in-depth investigation of clandestine events at Giza and the role played by the controversial ex-Minister of Antiquities Dr. Zahi Hawass. What lies behind the mysterious doors at the end of the star shafts in the Great Pyramid? What do the mysterious inscriptions found behind the Gantenbrink door mean? What is the real purpose of the Relief Chambers and the red ochre “graffiti” in them? Who is behind the secretly tunneling and excavating in these chambers, and why? Is there really a hidden Hall of Records from Atlantis beneath the Great Sphinx? Is the Great Pyramid just a tomb or does it serve a higher purpose involving a lost science of immortality? Why do the ancient texts ascribe the Pyramid’s design to the supreme god of wisdom Thoth, the writer of the fabled Books of Hermes? Will the Great Pyramid prove to be the “missing link” to our true origins or a “metaphysical machine” to access the world beyond? Providing a firsthand account of the strange events that have taken place at the Giza plateau in the last three decades, Bauval reveals the hidden agendas behind these events and raises important questions about the meaning of Egypt’s ancient structures and the very origins of civilization.

The Vatican Heresy

Author : Robert Bauval
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Reveals how the largest Sun Temple in the world, built according to Hermetic principles, is located at one of Christianity’s holiest sites: the Vatican • Shows how famous Renaissance philosophers and scientists called for a Hermetic reformation of Christianity by building a magical Temple of the Sun in Rome • Explains how the Vatican architect Bernini designed St. Peter’s Square to reflect heliocentric and Hermetic principles • Reveals how the design was masterminded by Bernini, Jesuit scholars, the mystical Queen Christine of Sweden, and several popes In 16th century Italy, in the midst of the Renaissance, two powerful movements took hold. The first, the Hermetic Movement, was inspired by an ancient set of books housed in the library of Cosimo de’ Medici and written by the Egyptian sage Hermes Trismegistus. The movement expounded the return of the “true religion of the world” based on a form of natural magic that could draw down the powers of the heavens and incorporate them into statues and physical structures. The other movement, the Heliocentric Movement launched by Copernicus, was a direct challenge to the Vatican’s biblical interpretation of a geocentric world system. Declared a heresy by the Pope, those who promoted it risked the full force of the Inquisition. Exploring the meeting point of these two movements, authors Robert Bauval and Chiara Hohenzollern reveal how the most outspoken and famous philosophers, alchemists, and scientists of the Renaissance, such as Giordano Bruno and Marsilio Ficino, called for a Hermetic reformation of the Christian religion by building a magical utopic city, an architectural version of the heliocentric system. Using contemporary documents and the latest cutting-edge theses, the authors show that this Temple of the Sun was built in Rome, directly in front of the Vatican’s Basilica of St. Peter. They explain how the Vatican architect Bernini designed St. Peter’s Square to reflect the esoteric principles of the Hermetica and how the square is a detailed representation of the heliocentric system. Revealing the magical architectural plan masterminded by the Renaissance’s greatest minds, including Bernini, Jesuit scholars, Queen Christine of Sweden, and several popes, the authors expose the ultimate heresy of all time blessed by the Vatican itself.

The Ancient Alien Theory Part Five

Author : C.R. Hale
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The Ancient Alien Theory: Part Five and is both a written and online resource. The written guide serves as an opportunity to log out, shut down, and unplug from the online world. The online guide serves as a gateway to the Ancient Alien Theory, with links to online sources, books, and authors. Just as Bill BirnesÕ created The UFO Magazine Encyclopedia to provide a comprehensive guide to UFOs and extraterrestrial contact, AncientAlienPedia is providing a database to the Ancient Alien Theory. This all-inclusive guidebook saves readers countless of hours of searching for this information which is scattered in hundreds of websites and books. The AncientAlienPedia will prove to be an essential reference for the highly controversial Ancient Alien Theory.

The Keeper s Companion

Author : Keith Herber
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[CALL OF CTHULHU ROLEPLAYING] "The Keeper's Companion" is an invaluable resource for gamemasters. The material includes advice for new keepers, a lengthy study of Mythos artifacts, a learned discussion of many occult books, an up-to-the-moment description of every facet of forensic medicine, a thorough revision and expansion of the game skills (including nearly two dozen new ones), and the entire text of "The Keeper's Compendium," somewhat updated -- forbidden books, secret cults, alien races, and mysterious places. Additional short essays and features round out this book -- more than 100,000 words!

The Giza Prophecy

Author : Scott Creighton
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A detailed study of the proportions of the Giza pyramids and how they reveal shifts in the Earth’s axis in the remote past—and near future • Debunks the “pyramids as tombs” theory and shows how they are “recovery vaults” to ensure the rebirth of civilization after a global disaster • Explains in detail how the angles and geometry of the Great Pyramid record a shift of the world’s axis in 3980 BCE and predict more to come • Uncovers the location of an additional as-yet-undiscovered “recovery vault” on the Giza plateau, as revealed in the myth of Osiris Offering a radical new perspective on the Great Pyramid of Giza and all the structures surrounding it, including the Sphinx, Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn show how the designers of Giza intentionally arranged these massive structures to create an astronomical timeline recording catastrophic events in the past as well as warning later generations of the precise times of future catastrophes. They reveal how the Old Kingdom pyramids of Giza were created, not as tombs for the pharaohs and their queens, but as “recovery vaults” to ensure the rebirth of the Kingdom of Egypt after a global disaster by acting as storehouses for ancient Egyptian culture--its tools, seeds, art, and sacred texts. Through the use of photos, maps, and diagrams of the Giza plateau, the authors explain in detail how the angles and geometry of the Great Pyramid align with the stars of Orion’s Belt to encode an important message: that changes in the tilt of the world’s axis have occurred in the remote past, most recently in 3980 BCE, and will occur again in the near future. Highlighting the ubiquitous appearance of 23.5-degree angles--the most important of the precessional angles encoded in the Giza pyramids--in classic works of art, including the work of Leonardo da Vinci and portraits of John the Baptist and George Washington, the authors reveal how this angle, the Great Pyramid, and its fateful message are tied to Freemasonry and other secret societies. Concluding with the remarkable revelation triggered by the myth of Osiris that there may be an as-yet-undiscovered 14th “recovery vault” on the Giza plateau, Creighton and Osborn show that the prophecy of Giza is a message of first importance to our own civilization.

Forgotten Civilization

Author : Robert M. Schoch
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Scientific confirmation of advanced civilization at the end of the last ice age, the solar catastrophe that destroyed it, and what the evidence means for our future • Demonstrates, based on the 12,000-year-old megalithic complex of Göbekli Tepe, that advanced civilization extends thousands of years further back than generally acknowledged • Examines the catastrophic solar outbursts that ended the last ice age, wiping out antediluvian civilization and incinerating much of the evidence of that period • Reveals data that show solar outbursts powerful enough to devastate modern society could return in the future Building upon his revolutionary theory that the Sphinx dates back much further than 2500 BCE, geologist Robert Schoch reveals scientific evidence of advanced civilization predating ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Greece, as well as the catastrophe that destroyed it nearly 12,000 years ago and what its legacy can teach us about our own future. Combining evidence from multiple scientific disciplines, Schoch shows how the last ice age ended abruptly in 9700 BCE due to coronal mass ejections from the Sun. These solar outbursts unleashed electrical/plasma discharges upon Earth and triggered volcanic activity, earthquakes, fires, and massive floods as glaciers melted and lightning strikes released torrential rains from the oceans. He explains how these events eradicated the civilization of the time and set humanity back thousands of years, only to reemerge around 3500 BCE with scattered memories and nascent abilities. He explores within this framework, how many megalithic monuments, underground cities, and ancient legends fall logically into place, as well as the reinterpreted Easter Island rongorongo texts and the intentional burial, 10,000 years ago, of the Göbekli Tepe complex in Turkey. Schoch reveals scientific evidence that shows how history could repeat itself with a coronal mass ejection powerful enough to devastate modern society. Weaving together a new view of the origins of civilization, the truths behind ancient wisdom, and the dynamics of the planet we live on, Schoch maintains we must heed the megalithic warning of the past and collectively prepare for future events.