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Lost Languages

Author : Andrew Robinson
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Investigates famous examples of unsolved scripts and codes, in an account that recalls the stories of three forefront decipherments including the Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Maya glyphs, and the Minoan Linear B clay tablets before sharing the stories of such uncracked codes as the Indus script, the Etruscan language, and the Rongorongo script. Reprint.

Lost Languages from the Mediterranean

Author : Jan G. P. Best
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Author : Katja Hannss
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This book is the first comprehensive grammatical description of Uchumataqu, the language of the Uru of Lake Titicaca in north-western Bolivia. Uchumataqu forms part of the isolated language family Uru-Chipaya but has been influenced to differing degrees by Aymara, Quechua, and Spanish. The Uchumataqu language became extinct around 1950. Although several researchers had documented the language during the first half of the twentieth century, much of the material remained unstudied. This book is the first to take into consideration every previous study of the Uchumataqu language. The grammatical description is based on former publications and archive material and seeks to describe Uchumataqu as comprehensively as possible. It includes a description of the phonological system of Uchumataqu as well as a presentation of its morphological processes. The nominal and verbal systems are discussed in detail. Particular attention is paid to the complex person-marking system of Uchumataqu, of which person-marking clitics are a vital part that distinguishes Uchumataqu from the neighbouring Aymara and Quechua language. Another important issue are nominalisation and subordination strategies as well as adjectives which form a word class of its own. The relationship of Uchumataqu with the surrounding Aymara and Quechua language, and particularly the way in which influence on Uchumataqu was exerted, are described in detail. The appendices contain a transcription of the afore unpublished manuscripts of Max Uhle and Walter Lehmann on Uchumataqu as well as a comparative and diachronic dictionary. This book is aimed at linguists from all disciplines but is of equal interest to anthropologists, Americanists, historical linguists, typologists, and linguists with a special interest in Andean studies. It is not only an important contribution to the study of Andean languages and their interrelationship, but also an account for the descendants of the last Uchumataqu speakers of their lost language.

The Lost Language of Cranes

Author : David Leavitt
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Owen and Rose are facing serious challenges to their married life of routine and monotony as New York City grows and changes around them. They spend most Sundays apart; while Rose buries herself in crosswords and newspapers, Owen visits gay porn theaters. But when they discover they may lose their apartment and their son, prompted by his new relationship, reveals his homosexuality, their lives cannot continue as they were. Owen and Rose are forced to confront not only their son's revelation but also Owen's latent homosexuality. Poignant and lingering, this is a tale of love and relationships, secrets and unspoken desires.

The Lost Language of Symbolism

Author : Harold Bayley
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Subtitled: An Inquiry into the Origin of Certain Letters, Words, Names, Fairy-Tales, Folklore and Mythologies. Symbols tell a story but we must first know how to read them. Otherwise, one just sees a picture without the intended message. This book produces the key to understanding many important symbols. For centuries emblems and symbols have been used for trademarks, watermarks, and decorative purposes. These were covered well in Volume One. Volume Two moves into many sacred and mystical areas, covering such things as the heavenly twins, the white horse, the sign of the cross, fire and fire cults, standing stones and dolmens, gardens, fruits & flowers, the tree of life, Via Dolorosa and Jesus, and ends with a conclusion that brings both volumes together. There is a wealth of information to be found in this book because Bayley was a true master in etymology and the origins of words. The drawings are quite simple since they're either the earliest known version of the symbol or the artist was not that elaborate, but the information contained herein is unsurpassed. This book stands well on its own and Volume One does not have to be read first in order to understand it.

Polari The Lost Language of Gay Men

Author : Paul Baker
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Polari is a secret form of language mainly used by homosexual men in London and other cities during the twentieth century. Derived in part from the slang lexicons of numerous stigmatised and itinerant groups, Polari was also a means of socialising, acting out camp performances and reconstructing a shared gay identity and worldview among its speakers. This book examines the ways in which Polari was used in order to construct 'gay identities', linking its evolution to the changing status of gay men and lesbians in the UK over the past fifty years.

One Thousand Languages

Author : Peter Austin
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Presents an overview of the living, endangered, and extinct languages of the world, providing the total number of speakers of the language, its history, and maps of the geographic areas where it is presently spoken or where it was spoken in the past.

The Lost Language of Plants

Author : Stephen Harrod Buhner
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"Enraged, Energized, Exultant. You won't know how to feel after reading Stephen Harrod Buhner's The Lost Language of Plants. This is a devastating expose about how we are polluting our environment with the pharmaceuticals that Western medicine has developed to heal us. We are ingesting Prozac, Premarin, and antibiotics whether we want to or not." "Yet, as we foul air and water with toxic residues, we overlook the power of the planet's natural healers, stabilizers, and chemists - plants. Buhner sees plants as fully sentient beings, adjusting and fine-tuning to the environment just as they have done for the past 500 million years. Until recently, humans shared the language of plants, but increasingly we have lost our ability to communicate with the natural world. Buhner shows us a path back to our shamanic roots."--BOOK JACKET.

And the Whole Earth was of One Language

Author : Selahi Diker
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Phonart The Lost Languages of Europe

Author : Zahra Mani
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Vanishing Voices

Author : Daniel Nettle
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Few people know that nearly one hundred native languages once spoken in what is now California are near extinction, or that most of Australia's 250 aboriginal languages have vanished. In fact, at least half of the world's languages may die out in the next century. Daniel Nettle and Suzanne Romaine assert that this trend is far more than simply disturbing. Making explicit the link between language survival and environmental issues, they argue that the extinction of languages is part of the larger picture of near-total collapse of the worldwide ecosystem. Indeed, the authors contend that the struggle to preserve precious environmental resources-such as the rainforest-cannot be separated from the struggle to maintain diverse cultures, and that the causes of language death, like that of ecological destruction, lie at the intersection of ecology and politics. In addition to defending the world's endangered languages, the authors also pay homage to the last speakers of dying tongues, such as Red Thundercloud, a Native American in South Carolina; Ned Mandrell, with whom the Manx language passed away in 1974; and Arthur Bennett, an Australian who was the last person to know more than a few words of Mbabaram. In our languages lies the accumulated knowledge of humanity. Indeed, each language is a unique window on experience. Vanishing Voices is a call to preserve this resource, before it is too late.

Lost Languages

Author : Philip Ellaby Cleator
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Saving Languages

Author : Lenore A. Grenoble
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Language endangerment has been the focus of much attention and as a result, a wide range of people are working to revitalize and maintain local languages. This book serves as a general reference guide to language revitalization, written not only for linguists and anthropologists, but also for language activists and community members who believe they should ensure the future use of their languages, despite their predicted loss. Drawing extensively on case studies, it sets out the necessary background and highlights central issues such as literacy, policy decisions, and allocation of resources. Its primary goal is to provide the essential tools for a successful language revitalization program, such as setting and achieving realistic goals, and anticipating and resolving common obstacles. Clearly written and informative, Saving Languages will be an invaluable resource for all those interested in the fate of small language communities around the globe.

Language Attrition

Author : Barbara Köpke
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This collection of articles provides theoretical foundations and perspectives for language attrition research. Its purpose is to enable investigations of L1 attrition to avail themselves more fully and more fundamentally of the theoretical frameworks that have been formulated with respect to SLA and bilingualism. In the thirteen papers collected here, experts in particular disciplines of bilingualism, such as neurolinguistics, formal linguistics, contact linguistics and language and identity, provide an in-depth perspective on L1 attrition which will make the translation of theory to hypothesis easier for future research.

The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai

Author : Ruiyan Xu
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A moving and atmospheric debut about love and language set in modern-day Shanghai

Endangered Languages

Author : Whaly Lidsay J
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This book provides an overview of the issues surrounding language loss. It brings together work by theoretical linguists, field linguists, and non-linguist members of minority communities to provide an integrated view of how language is lost, from sociological and economic as well as from linguistic perspectives. The contributions to the volume fall into four categories. The chapters by Dorian and Grenoble and Whaley provide an overview of language endangerment. Grinevald, England, Jacobs, and Nora and Richard Dauenhauer describe the situation confronting threatened languages from both a linguistic and sociological perspective. The understudied issue of what (beyond a linguistic system) can be lost as a language ceases to be spoken is addressed by Mithun, Hale, Jocks, and Woodbury. In the last section, Kapanga, Myers-Scotton, and Vakhtin consider the linguistic processes which underlie language attrition.

Social Interaction Social Context and Language

Author : Dan Isaac Slobin
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This collection of essays is a representative sample of the current research and researchers in the fields of language and social interactions and social context. The opening chapter, entitled "Context in Language," is written by Susan Ervin-Tripp, whose diverse and innovative research inspired the editors to dedicate this book to her honor. Ervin-Tripp is known for her work in the fields of linguistics, psychology, child development, sociology, anthropology, rhetoric, and women's studies. She has played a central role in the definition and establishment of psycholinguistics, child language development, and sociolinguistics, and has been an innovator in terms of approaches and methods of study. This book covers a wide range of research interests in the field, from linguistically oriented approaches to social and ethnography oriented approaches. The issue of the relationships between forms and structures of language and social interactions is examined in studies of both adult and child speech. It is a useful anthology for graduate students studying language and social interaction, as well as for researchers in this field.

Canada s Best Features

Author : Eugene P. Walz
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Long recognized for outstanding National Film Board documentaries and innovative animated movies, Canada has recently emerged from the considerable shadow of the Hollywood elephant with a series of feature films that have captured the attention of audiences around the world. This is the first anthology to focus on Canada's feature films - those acknowledged as its very best. With essays by senior academics and leading scholars from across the country as well as some fresh new voices, Canada's Best Features offers penetrating analyses of fifteen award-winning films. Internationally acclaimed directors David Cronenberg, Atom Egoyan, Denys Arcand, and Claude Jutra are represented here. Noteworthy films include Mon oncle Antoine, often cited as Canada's number one film of all time, such Cannes Festival favourites as Le déclin de l'empire américain and Exotica, and cult films Careful by Guy Maddin and Masala by Srinivas Krishna. The essays offer the latest word on these films and filmmakers, done from a variety of perspectives. Some of the films have never been examined in-depth before. Complete filmographies and bibliographies accompany each essay. A contextualizing introduction by Professor Gene Walz provides the necessary overview. An annotated bibliography of books on the Canadian film industry completes this impressive package.

Historical Linguistics and Language Change

Author : Roger Lass
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Roger Lass offers a critical survey of the foundations of the art of historical linguistics.

Lost Languages of the Peruvian North Coast

Author : Matthias Urban
File Size : 71.32 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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