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The First Two Stuarts and the Puritan Revolution 1603 1660

Author : Samuel Rawson Gardiner
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Light from Old Paths An Anthology of Puritan Quotations Volume 1

Author : C. Matthew McMahon
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This book is a masterful selection of almost 1000 quotations drawn from a wide range of Puritan works. These quotes have been chosen with great care, and arranged under topical headings from "belief" to "worship". This work forms an ideal introduction to the writings of the godly men of the 17th century, and will prove to be rich devotional reading of the highest caliber. For those being introduced to the writings of the Puritans, or those who are already familiar with them, this devotional work will be a treasure to read again and again. The reading of Puritan works has brought great benefit to the people of God across barriers of culture and time. Christians owe a great debt of gratitude to those faithful theologians, pastors and preachers who continue to speak through their writings even though they have long since entered into their heavenly rest in Christ. In these pages, the reader will find that the Puritans knew how to teach and apply God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit, and for the glorification of Jesus Christ, while maintaining a solid biblical orthodoxy needed in our day and age. The purpose of this book is to open a door to the vast stores of biblical treasure and wisdom to be found in the writings of the Puritans and that it will stimulate further reading from our Reformed and spiritual heritage. Authors cited include: Nathaniel Vincent, George Walker, Francis Whiddon, William Perkins, Christopher Love, Thomas Hooker, Jeremiah Burroughs, Thomas Case, Jonathan Edwards, Matthew Mead, John Owen, Richard Sibbes, Samuel Ward, Thomas Watson, Thomas Mocket, Ephraim Pagitt, Edmund Calamy, John Arrowsmith, Cuthbert Sydenham, John Beart, Richard Rawlin, Nicholas Byfield, and dozens more. This work is not a scan or facsimile, has been carefully transcribed by hand being made easy to read in modern English, and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

Puritan Conquistadors

Author : Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra
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The book demonstrates that a wider Pan-American perspective can upset the most cherished national narratives of the United States, for it maintains that the Puritan colonization of New England was as much a chivalric, crusading act of Reconquista (against the Devil) as was the Spanish conquest.

The Puritan Experience

Author : Owen C. Watkins
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Originally published in 1972 and based on extensive research and use of source materials including manuscripts, this book examines Puritan spiritual autobiographies written before 1725 and sets them in the context of the literary tradition out of which they grew. As well as Bunyan, Baxter and Fox, this book also discusses important works which have received less attention, notably the Confessions of Richard Norwood, the Bermudan settler. The book identifies 3 strands in the tradition: the work of the ‘orthodox’ Puritans; the prophets of the Commonwealth, and the confessions and journals of the early Quakers. The social, religious and literary factors which contributed to their development are discussed and it is shown how the self-analysis popularized by the Puritan preachers and writers contributed to the development of the novel. The book will be of particular value to those interested in 17th Century literature or religion.

The Reception of English Puritan Literature in Germany

Author : Peter Damrau
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This is the first study to demonstrate the impact of Puritan literature on the development of German language and literature in the seventeenth century and beyond. It crosses the boundaries of theology, literature, and the English and German traditions to show that eighteenth-century secular thinking on introspection, psychology and subjectivity has its roots in vocabulary used in Germany as early as 1665 through the translation of figures such as Daniel Dyke and Richard Baxter. The book concludes with insights on John Bunyan, whose works inspired writers of the Geniegeneration such as Lenz, Wieland, Moritz and Jung Stilling.

The Chief Actors in the Puritan Revolution

Author : Peter Bayne
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Trump And The Puritans

Author : James Roberts
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The year 2020 is a hugely significant one for the United States of America, marking as it does the 400th anniversary of the arrival of the Mayflower Pilgrims to the New World and their establishment of a ‘godly’ colony in (what was for them) the ‘American wilderness’. But it is also the year of the next Presidential election, one where the current occupant is expected to stand for re-election. Many millions of Americans will not see this as a random juxtaposition of events, since for them the unlikely person of Donald Trump is the one chosen by God to implement a twenty-first-century programme of godly rule and the restoration of American spiritual exceptionalism that is directly rooted in those far-off times when Puritan settlers (who followed in 1630) first established a semi-theocratic ‘New Jerusalem’ in the ‘New World’. The USA is the home of more Christians than any other nation on earth. In 2014 research revealed that 70.6 per cent of Americans identified as Christians of some form with 25.4% identifying as ‘Evangelicals’. Eighty-one per cent of them, around 33.7 million people, voted Trump in 2016. How can it be that self-described Christians of the ‘Evangelical Religious Right’ see, of all people, Donald Trump as their political representative and thus defender of their cause? Trump and the Puritans argues that while Donald Trump is no Puritan, the long-term influence of these 17th century radicals makes the USA different from any other Western democracy, and that this influence motivates and energizes a key element of his base to an astonishing degree and has played a major part in delivering political power to Trump.

The Elizabethan Puritan Movement

Author : Patrick Collinson
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Originally published in 1967, this book is a history of church puritanism as a movement and as a political and ecclesiastical organism; of its membership structure and internal contradictions; of the quest for ‘a further reformation’. It tells the fascinating story of the rise of a revolutionary moment and its ultimate destruction.

The First Two Stuarts and the Puritan Revolution 1603 1660

Author : Samuel Rawson Gardiner
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Puritan Smile The

Author : Robert C. Neville
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This book develops a contemporary metaphysics of morals. Currently the liberal tradition defines the field of moral and political theory. It contains the popular utilitarian, the deontological, and the virtue-ethics approaches to normative theory; and by a broad dialectical negation, it also defines the historical materialism of Marx. The Puritan Smile circumvents the Liberalism-Marxism dialectic with the Puritan emphasis on responsibility and their social definition of individuality. To this core of classical puritanism is added the deeply rooted sense of culture and the vast historical experience of Confucianism with which it resonates strongly. The need for tolerance and the celebration of liberty is asserted by Neville in order to offset the tendencies toward dogmatism and totalitarianism inherent within the Puritan and Confucian views. The book integrates a Puritan sense of participation with a Confucian sense of moral obligation and a liberal appreciation of freedom and tolerance.