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Lotus of the Heart

Author : Tracey Narayani Glover
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Interweaving sacred traditions with modern nutritional and environmental science, LOTUS OF THE HEART is a guidebook for living well in today's challenging world. Tracey Glover shows us how to release ourselves from the illusion of separation and see how we're truly connected to our neighbors, our families, nonhuman animals, and the environment.

The Heart of the Lotus Sutra

Author : Daisaku Ikeda
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The Lotus Sutra has been regarded for centuries as one of the most important teachings in Mahayana Buddhism. This book goes beyond theory to show how to bring these teachings into practice in daily life. Containing profound truths for all people from every culture, it reveals the secret for attaining happiness for both oneself and others through the process of self-reformation. Based on the teachings of Nichiren, a 13th-century Buddhist teacher and reformer, the scriptures of the Lotus Sutra show how every person can attain Buddhahood.

The Heart of the Lotus

Author : Sylvia Wetzel
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Why do present day women take an interest in a “middle age” religion? Buddhism like Christianity was founded by a male teacher and was organised, transmitted and interpreted by men. This book is “a protocol of an encounter”. A contemporary woman has read the teachings of the Buddha “against the grain” and has found some first answers and many more questions. In order for a religion to stay “alive” it has to be rediscovered by every generation anew. Just to follow tradition is not enough. Whenever women take interest in a traditional religion – be it Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism or Islam – they are given a double task: We are looking for a contemporary expression of an old teaching. Many contemporary male Buddhists from the West and some from Asia are working on this task. Women have to read patriarchal teachings critically “with the eyes of a woman”. The Heart of the Lotus presents central teachings of Buddhism and describes traps we fall into, if we don not consider our cultural background and our biological sex and social gender. It takes up typical questions women are asking and presents first results: concepts and exercices which can support contemporary women (and men) on their path to inner and outer freedom.

The Lotus of the Heart

Author : Subramuniya (Master.)
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The Space in the Heart of the Lotus

Author : Bertram Salzman
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Captures the heart of the Indian spirit and its sacred traditions. Against beautiful scenes of Indian life in a Christian Hermitage, these personal interviews with Father Bede reveal his deep love, spiritual insight, and reflections on Christian contemplative practice.

Opening the Heart of the Cosmos

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
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Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh uses the Lotus Sutra, one of Mahayana Buddhism’s most revered texts, to illustrate the Buddha nature inherent in everyone. With great passion and clarity, he demonstrates how each human being has the capacity to transform their own individual suffering, develop compassion, and help create more peace in the world. Nhat Hanh’s insights invoke a wide range of contemporary topics and concerns, from war and the threat of terrorism to individual anxiety and the degradation of our environment. He proposes a radical new solution to current conflicts, encouraging each of us to work on our own mindfulness practice to create greater peace and harmony. His accessible analysis of the sacred text demonstrates its practical and direct applicability to today’s concerns.

From the Heart of the Lotus

Author : Swami Kripalu
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These never before published teaching stories of the yoga master Swami Kripalu are at once down-to-earth and transcendent. The Swami was fond of telling stories as a way of making his often subtle and surprising points. For example, in a parable about mind control, “The Demanding Daughter,” we learn of a young spoiled woman who will only marry on the condition that she can find a husband who will allow her to strike him on the head seven times a day with her shoe. Each story is set off by a particular yoga principle that the Swami illustrates through the story.

A Lotus Of Emptiness Sufis The People Of The Path Vol 1 Ch 9 16

Author : Osho
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Heart of the Lotus

Author : Lina Espina Moore
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Quiet Lotus Heart Seeds Softcover

Author : Anna Zieo
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Also available in hardcover: book of contemplative writings, Quiet Lotus Heart Seeds is a collection of poetry and short prose, regularly published online through the meditation teaching site Quiet Lotus, written by its founder and author Anna Zieo to inspire and nurture others on their own inner journey of contemplation and meditation.Universal in their themes, the Heart Seeds centre on peace, love, and joy, reminding us to stay present in each moment, to embrace life wholly with gentle acceptance and mindful grace while unfolding in our truth.Each piece of writing is printed single-sided, the facing pages printed with a simple lotus pattern to allow the reader space for their own contemplation, meditation, and inspiration.A warm hand to hold on a sometimes solitary path, Quiet Lotus Heart Seeds is a companion to keep near on the road less traveled, on the journey to ourselves.

The Lotus Path

Author : Elizabeth Delvine King
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THE LOTUS PATH, a text-book for Truth seekers, brings a message of unmeasured worth that will appeal to all minds. It opens a path; it reveals a hope; it shows a way; and when practically applied will set divine law in action for the attainment of Illumination, God-consciousness and Freedom Divine. Beautiful in concept, practical in its purpose, it is of untold and eternal value to the searcher after Truth, regardless of church, sect, creed or cult, whether one be Christian, Jew, Roman, Metaphysician, New Thoughtist or Materialist, for conflicting doctrines and prevailing materialism are but honest outgrowths of erroneous views and limited conceptions.

Esoteric Astrology

Author : Alice A. Bailey
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The science of esoteric astrology is said to be the basic occult science of the future. Astrology is described in this book as "the science of relationships", a science which deals with those conditioning energies and forces which play through and upon the whole field of space and all that is found within it.

A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms

Author : William Edward Soothill
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This invaluable interpretive tool, first published in 1937, is now available for the first time in a paperback edition specially aimed at students of Chinese Buddhism. Those who have endeavoured to read Chinese texts apart from the apprehension of a Sanskrit background have generally made a fallacious interpretation, for the Buddhist canon is basically translation, or analogous to translation. In consequence, a large number of terms existing are employed approximately to connote imported ideas, as the various Chinese translators understood those ideas. Various translators invented different terms; and, even when the same term was finally adopted, its connotation varied, sometimes widely, from the Chinese term of phrase as normally used by the Chinese. For instance, klésa undoubtedly has a meaning in Sanskrit similar to that of, i.e. affliction, distress, trouble. In Buddhism affliction (or, as it may be understood from Chinese, the afflicters, distressers, troublers) means passions and illusions; and consequently fan-nao in Buddhist phraseology has acquired this technical connotation of the passions and illusions. Many terms of a similar character are noted in the body of this work. Consequent partly on this use of ordinary terms, even a well-educated Chinese without a knowledge of the technical equivalents finds himself unable to understand their implications.

The Lotus

Author :
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The Grammar of the Lotus

Author : William Henry Goodyear
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The Book of the Heart

Author : Louisa Young
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Traces the role of the human heart in history, from its natural anatomy and symbolism in various religious cultures, to its depiction in art, music, and literature.

Heart of the Lotus

Author : Pablito Dadivas
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A Sanskrit English Dictionary Being a Practical Handbook with Transliteration Accentuation and Etymological Analysis Throughout

Author : Arthur Anthony Macdonell
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Author : Mary L. Cort
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Author : Theosophical Society, N.Y. American Section. Oriental Department
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