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Lotus Sutra Practice Guide

Author : Ryusho Jeffus
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35-Day Practice Outline; Introduction to the Lotus Sutra and beginning practice. This 35-Day guide presents an organized introduction to the study of the Lotus Sutra, the sutra revered by Nichiren Buddhists all over the world. Using this book along with a translation of the sutra the practitioner will gain an overview of the entire Lotus Sutra as well as a systematic approach to beginning to practice Nichiren Buddhism. This guide is not intended as an in depth study of the Lotus Sutra, but as a way to begin to establish a greater relationship with one of the most highly respected of the Buddha's teachings. It is recommended that this serve as a companion book to your own Lotus Sutra translation book.

Waking the Lion

Author : Marge Kirkpatrick
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Me?Ow! haven't we said something similar to ourselves (even the censored), as we explore our world? Me?Ow! is a reminder to continue our examination of all aspects of our daily lives and if we can find one little chuckle bubbling-up from deep inside us, then we can be a little bit happier than the moment before. The book Me?Ow! attempts to both entertain and explore a whole range of subjects both animals and humans. The poems in this tiny little book of fifty poems are also segmented portions of personal biography that strive to help reexamine our everyday lives. The whole idea about the Me?Ow! book is to always continue our exploratory explorations and exert our own creativity even if we have to read the whole library and one stop along-the-way could be the little book Me?Ow! to help get us all energized . . . and isn't that the way it's supposed to be? as we try to give expression in our grateful fashion by means of poetry.

Incarcerated Lotus

Author : Mary Hughes
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I have been inspired to write this book by a group of men I had the wonderful opportunity to meet during the summer of 2014 at two Texas state prisons. I am still humbled and in awe of the spirit with which these men practiced and sought out the Wonderful Dharma of the Lotus Flower Sutra, frequently referred to as simply the Lotus Sutra. Why is this book necessary? The state and federal prison population has skyrocketed over the past several years. While the number of inmates has grown, there has been only small contributions from Nichiren Shu to help prisoners face the challenge of practicing according to Nichiren's doctrines in that unique environment. I don't feel I have the luxury of ignoring the need, especially after what I experienced in Texas. What has emerged through the process of writing this book is not something to replace the Lotus Sutra Practice Guide but a book to be used perhaps in support of the program the Practice Guide outlined. This book I hope will be of the most benefit to the many inmates who may be desiring to practice Buddhism, any brand of Buddhism, and find themselves without a teacher to help them. This book is a guide to daily life as a Buddhist in a hostile and unsupportive as well as uneducated environment. This book is not intended to inform the general public about prison life. It is written solely for inmates. However, non-incarcerated individuals may enjoy and benefit from reading this book.

A Guide to the Threefold Lotus Sutra

Author : Nikkyo Niwano
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This concise, readily understandable book is designed as a guide to one of the supreme scriptures of Mahayana Buddhism: the Threefold Lotus Sutra. With careful consideration of the relationships among the 32 chapters, the author outlines the contents and explains the major points.

Tao Sheng s Commentary on the Lotus Sutra

Author : Young-ho Kim
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(Chu) Tao-sheng stands out in history as a unique and preeminent thinker whose paradigmatic, original ideas paved the way for the advent of Chinese Buddhism. The universality of Buddha-nature, which Tao-sheng championed at the cost of excommunication, was to become a cornerstone of the Chinese Buddhist ideology. This book presents a comprehensive study of the only complete document by Tao-sheng still in existence.

Opening the Heart of the Cosmos

Author : Thich Nhat Hanh
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Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh uses the Lotus Sutra, one of Mahayana Buddhism’s most revered texts, to illustrate the Buddha nature inherent in everyone. With great passion and clarity, he demonstrates how each human being has the capacity to transform their own individual suffering, develop compassion, and help create more peace in the world. Nhat Hanh’s insights invoke a wide range of contemporary topics and concerns, from war and the threat of terrorism to individual anxiety and the degradation of our environment. He proposes a radical new solution to current conflicts, encouraging each of us to work on our own mindfulness practice to create greater peace and harmony. His accessible analysis of the sacred text demonstrates its practical and direct applicability to today’s concerns.

The Lotus Sutra

Author :
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Since it first appeared in China in the third century, this Mahayana Buddhist Scripture has been regarded as one of the most illustrious in the canon. Depicting events in a cosmic world that transcends ordinary concepts of time and space, The Lotus Sutra presents abstract religious ideas in concrete terms and affirms that there is a single path to enlightenment.

Buddha Nature Now

Author : Henry Landry, LSC, BGT
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From the 1950's onward the Buddhist philosophy has grown in our Western world. This philosophy underlies one of the oldest spiritual practices on earth, the faith of compassion and peaceful means. The reason for its existence is to enable all people to Realize a Personal Way to end suffering. It is complex, yet simple and profound. It offers important principles to the higher Worlds of wisdom and the meaning of enlightenment. While scholars differ on his birth date, it is suggested the historical Buddha of India, Shakyamuni, was an “awakened” One, almost 3,000 years ago. His time on earth is known as the Former Day of the Law. In the Middle ages the Great Scholar, Teacher and Chinese Priest, Tien Tai Chi’I [538 - 597 c.e.] of China, brought together all the various Buddha’s Sutra or wisdom teachings and brought them into a encyclopaedic and academic whole. Going beyond the theory and doctrine, he declared the Buddha’s highest teachings were to be found in the Scripture of the Lotus Blossom of the Fine Dharma. This greatly affected the Mahayana Tradition. He then went on to explain how the universe works, in the concept of NOW, Ichinen Sanzen. This time is known as the “Middle Day of the Law.” In 1222 c.e. [common era ], a fisherman’s son was born. His name was Zennichi-maro. Like many first sons of his day, at the age of 12 he was sent off to learn and be the spiritual guide for the family. After attaining status as a Priest he spent many years studying the suffering and plague that was ravishing Japan in his time. He studied all the various Buddhist doctrine and theology realizing that Shakyamuni of India, Tien Tai of China and Dengyo Daishi [767-822 c.e.] of his own country were correct in their predictions that a time would arrive when the Buddha-way would be open to all Beings regardless of their lifestyle, culture or country. The time was and is our current “Latter Day of the Law.” Within the pages of this offering you will find the tools and actual proof needed for widening the doors of your Spiritual Health. At the very least you will be One with the Wheel of Knowledge of the Buddha-way enabling. You to have an informed opinion. Enjoy, Learn, Realize, as You Discover Your Buddha Nature!

Two Buddhas Seated Side by Side

Author : Donald S. Lopez Jr.
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An essential companion to a timeless spiritual classic The Lotus Sūtra is among the most venerated scriptures of Buddhism. Composed in India some two millennia ago, it affirms the potential for all beings to attain supreme enlightenment. Donald Lopez and Jacqueline Stone provide an essential reading companion to this inspiring yet enigmatic masterpiece, explaining how it was understood by its compilers in India and, centuries later in medieval Japan, by one of its most influential proponents. In this illuminating chapter-by-chapter guide, Lopez and Stone show how the sūtra's anonymous authors skillfully reframed the mainstream Buddhist tradition in light of a new vision of the path and the person of the Buddha himself, and examine how the sūtra's metaphors, parables, and other literary devices worked to legitimate that vision. They go on to explore how the Lotus was interpreted by the Japanese Buddhist master Nichiren (1222–1282), whose inspired reading of the book helped to redefine modern Buddhism. In doing so, Lopez and Stone demonstrate how readers of sacred works continually reinterpret them in light of their own unique circumstances. An invaluable guide to an incomparable spiritual classic, this book unlocks the teachings of the Lotus for modern readers while providing insights into the central importance of commentary as the vehicle by which ancient writings are given contemporary meaning.

Readings of the Lotus Sutra

Author : Stephen F. Teiser
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The Lotus Sutra proclaims that a unitary intent underlies the diversity of Buddhist teachings and promises that all people without exception can achieve supreme awakening. Establishing the definitive guide to this profound text, specialists in Buddhist philosophy, art, and history of religion address the major ideas and controversies surrounding the Lotus Sutra and its manifestations in ritual performance, ascetic practice, visual representations, and social action across history. Essays survey the Indian context in which the sutra was produced, its compilation and translation history, and its influence across China and Japan, among many other issues. The volume also includes a Chinese and Japanese character glossary, notes on Western translations of the text, and a synoptic bibliography.

The Profound Meaning of the Lotus Sutra

Author : Haiyan Shen
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Study of Miao fa lian hua jing xuan yi, Chinese commentary on Saddharmapuṇḍarīkasūtra by Zhiyi, 538-597, on Tiantai Buddhism.

Seikyo Times

Author :
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Living Buddhism

Author :
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The Great Calming and Contemplation

Author : Chi-i
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Chih-i (538-597) was the principal founder of the T'ien-t'ai (Tendai) school, one of the most influential and enduring traditions of East Asian Buddhism. In the Mo-ho chih-kuan (Great calming, contemplation), an extraordinarily comprehensive treatise on the theory and practice of meditation, the revered master sets forth the "perfect and sudden" approach to Buddhahood, a distinctively East Asian conception of the Buddhist path regarded by Chih-i and his contemporaries as the epitome of the Buddha's teaching. In many ways Chih-i's systematization of Chinese Buddhist meditation practice led the way to the development of Ch'an (Zen) and Pure Land. Such an illustrious history and catholicity of appeal secure it a place alongside Buddhagosa's Visuddhimagga and Tsong-kha-pa's Lam-rim chen-mo as one of the great classics of Buddhist spirituality. The original text of the Mo-ho chih-kuan consists of ten main chapters distributed over ten fascicles - the equivalent of four or five volumes in English. The translation of the first chapter is offered here together with the influential preface composed by Chih-i's disciple Kuan-ting (561-632), the man responsible for recording and editing the work. Known as the Synopsis, this chapter rehearses in condensed form the basic structure and thematic content of the Mo-ho chih-kuan as a whole. Because of the self-contained character of this chapter, T'ien-t'ai exegetes have treated it almost as a work unto itself; it contains an important and influential exposition of the Four Forms of Samadhi (not contained in the body of the text). The annotation provided in this volume draws from the authoritative commentary by Chan-jan (711-782). Scholars of Buddhism, most especially the T'ien-t'ai tradition, will appreciate the availability in English of this important work.

Essential Buddhism

Author : Diane Morgan
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An engaging, clear-sighted book that covers all aspects of this rich, peaceful, and insightful tradition. * A brief survey of the impact of Buddhism around the world today * Numerous stories and examples illuminate Buddhism's history and practice * A glossary * A bibliography for those interested in learning more

Study Guide to Accompany World Religions Warren Matthews

Author : David C. Preisnar
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Buddhism for Today

Author : Nikkyō Niwano
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Study Guide to Accompany PBS Adult Learning Service Television Course Joseph Campbell Transformations of Myth Through Time

Author : Deorge Deforest Lord
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Dharma World

Author :
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Author : Donald William Mitchell
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Buddhism: Introducing the Buddhist Experience, Second Edition, focuses on the depth of Buddhist experience as expressed in the teachings and practices of its religious and philosophical traditions. Taking a broad and inclusive approach, this unique work spans over 2,500 years, offering chapters on Buddhism's origins in India; Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism; and Buddhism in Southeast Asia, Tibet, China, Korea, and Japan. It also includes an extensive discussion of modern, socially engaged Buddhism and a concluding chapter on the spread of Buddhism to the West. Author Donald W. Mitchell provides substantial selections of primary text material throughout that illustrate a great variety of moral, cultural, psychological, meditative, and spiritual Buddhist experiences. Buddhism features twenty-two boxed personal narratives by respected Buddhist leaders and scholars, including His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dharma Master Sheng Yen, Dharma Master Cheng Yen, Jeffrey Hopkins, Sulak Sivaraksa, Rita M. Gross, Chatsumarn Kabilsingh, and Robert Aitken. The text also includes photographs, maps, a pronunciation guide, and a glossary of technical terms. Integrating more information about how Buddhism is actually practiced around the world today, the second edition adds six brief end-of-chapter essays by scholars and practitioners on cultural experiences of Buddhism in Thailand, Tibet, China, Korea, Japan, and America. Ideal for courses in Buddhism, Asian religions, and Asian philosophy, this edition also offers additional photographs, new sections on topics like Buddhist cosmology, expanded coverage of Buddhism and globalization, and updated suggestions for further reading.