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Just Soul Food Ii The Cycle of Love in the Spirit Chrst s Cross Its Just Meat Sweet Potatoes Collard Greens Corn Bread

Author : Ron Carter
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Just Soul Food II is the second book in the Just Soul Food Bible Study series. It's designed to present a collective perspective, laying out plainly on a plate of soul food the concepts, elements and cyclical pattern of love. The Collard Greens were developed as a means to simply illustrate, both graphically and literally, the deeper understanding of God's love that Christ fulfilled and delivered to mankind through his lifetime and cycles on earth recorded in the New Testament.

Love and Spirit

Author : Thomas R. Martin
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Who is God? What must we come to know in order to know God? What is the kingdom of Heaven? What sums up God’s law that all the prophets spoke to? What is the source of the universe and all that exists? What binds us to God and to one another? Why did He come into our world? What gives us eternal life? What is the great beginning and the ultimate end? Is there something truly universal that we can come to know, answering all of these questions? Love and Spirit says there is, presenting one word that could explain everything. It lives in the hearts of all people, waiting to be discovered, nurtured, and understood: love.

Love s Spirit

Author : Elizabeth Meyette
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Emily Brentwood’s ultimatum to return to England led to her husband’s capture by British troops, but she learns he has escaped and is still alive. She is overjoyed to be unexpectedly reunited with her husband, but Emily is appalled by Jonathon’s injuries at the hands of the British, and she blames herself for his imprisonment and torture. Separated again when he is forced into hiding, Emily clings to his promise to be with her for the birth of their baby. Boldly, she confronts the British officer who attempted to rape her, and she defies the woman who wants her dead. Still suffering from his wounds, Jonathon risks his life to reunite with Emily, but their time together is cut short by threats from the British and the scandalous demands of his former lover. Jonathon’s physical pain pales in comparison to the torment he feels when he betrays Emily. Standing in the way of their happiness is a British officer with a personal vendetta, and a woman whose vicious intentions threaten Emily’s life. Torn between anguish over his betrayal of Emily and his need to ensure her safety, Jonathon risks recapture and certain death when he returns to Brentwood Manor knowing that British soldiers scour the countryside for him. Both Jonathon and Emily must overcome their guilt and trust that love’s spirit will triumph over the obstacles that threaten to keep them apart. Swirling around them is a war in which a new country is born from a demand for liberty and a new love is sparked in the midst of rebellion. Sensuality Level: Sensual

Shining toward Spirit The book of Divine Love and beginnings Volume II

Author : Zara Borthwick
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Shining toward Spirit The book of Divine Love and beginnings Volume III

Author : Zara Borthwick
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Spirit of Love

Author : Ramanlal Morarjee
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The story is set in the Gujarat State of India and S. W. London. The predominant bright colours of Gujarat are reflected by the people's dresses and the cultural activities.There is a mixture of spicy and sweet smells on one hand and dusty and unpleasant smells on the other in the air.This is a story about the harrowing and tension-filled life events of my heroine 'RAKHI', based on real life experiences.

The Spirit of Unconditional Love

Author : Jeanne M. Sanner
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What is Unconditional Love? Can we actually live it? Have you ever struggled to forgive someone or yourself, or have you ever wondered if forgiveness is even possible? What is spiritual truth? How do we know? Who are we really? What is our spiritual purpose in life? The Spirit of Unconditional Love: A Handbook is a thought provoking, inspirational guide that explores these questions and more. With the use of practical steps, parables, anecdotes, examples, personal experiences, and a truly unique activity, the Handbook enhances the readers’ personal spiritual journeys no matter where they are on their spiritual paths.

Choice and Select Sermons

Author : Joseph Beaumont
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Spirit Of Love

Author : Selena Millman
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Wake Up Live the Life You Love in Spirit

Author : Steven E.
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Three dozen of the world's contemporary leaders in "Spirit" explain the power of accepting your role in the Universe with new thinking and exciting viewpoints. From church leaders to business experts, the message is clear: with the right guidance you can clear your life of needless worries and concerns that seem stunning now, but can disappear in an instant. Dr. David Laughray, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Barbara King, Terry Cole-Whittaker, and Rev. Jim Chandler join the leading new thinkers "In spirit."