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Retold Stories Untold Histories

Author : Joanna Ziarkowska
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Retold Stories, Untold Histories concentrates on how challenging questions concerning the nature of historical representation, the formation of national/ethnic identities, and creative agendas are addressed in the diverse and inspiring writings of Maxine Hong Kingston and Leslie Marmon Silko. The rationale behind juxtaposing two writers coming from diverse cultural contexts originates in the fact that both Kingston and Silko share the experience of historical and cultural marginalization and, more importantly, devise similar methods of rendering it in creative writing. Writing from the perspective of two distinct marginalized groups, Kingston and Silko share the view that the official version of national history may be seen as a narrative of misrepresentation and the exclusion of people who either greatly contributed to the building of the country or occupied the territory of the present United States long before its creation. In their texts, both writers engage in a polemic against a history that, using its legitimizing power as a scientific discipline, produces and perpetuates stereotypical images of Chinese and Native Americans, and, more importantly, eliminates the two groups from the process of constructing the national narratives of origins that monitor and control the borders of what constitutes American identity. Despite apparent differences in cultural and historical contexts, Kingston and Silko share an enthusiasm for employing unconventional tools and sources for offering creative reconstructions of a past which had been silenced or repressed.

Stories Untold College Preparation Through the Experiences of High Achieving Students

Author : Stacey Price Brown, Ph.D.
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The challenges that face African American students seeking a higher education are well documented, but high-performing and gifted students continue to succeed in going to college and thriving once they arrive there. In this study, author Stacey Price Brown, PhD, looks at the educational experience through the eyes of a selection of these students. For them, the college planning process begins in early childhood, and it does not end until high school graduation. Through these students' stories, Brown offers practical recommendations on how to create a culture that promotes the value of higher education. Learn how to help students develop competitive college applications; gain admittance to the college of their choice; set high expectations for themselves; and leverage supportive environments. Designed to help students, parents, and educators, Stories Untold presents the journeys of talented students who have navigated the curves in the long road that leads to college.

The Story Untold

Author : Michele
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This is a true story of one young womans bravery as she faced making one of the most difficult decisions any woman will ever have to make.


Author : Deborah Brooks Langford
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Writing is what I do Let me introduce myself. I am Deborah Brooks-Langford. I am an author and poetess. This is my forty-seventh book, you can find me on, Amazon and Barnes and Nobel. My hopes are that you will like this book and my others . . . I do hope you enjoy my poetry, stories, and articles.

Five Lotuses and the Morass

Author :
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Five Lotuses and the Morass talks about the five different dimensions of our life. In each of the Lotus you will come face to face with the belief system we grew up with. The poet challenges these concepts through every single piece of poetry and vignette. Dangerous situations never cease from occurring and to wade through them, one has to be as soft, innocent and believing as the lotuses. Living every single day is a challenge and she was told since my birth that living is harder, that’s why one must scale it every day and not run to his or her own death. While she is still figuring out why is it so essential to live and not die until the time is ripe? Why is it so important to focus on the brighter side? What is there on the darker side? Is it really impossibly vast to manage or is darkness really as dark as people fear it is? Brushing aside confusion she still is figuring out answers to these questions. The book is a part of her journey and giving it a place is like giving life another chance. Women must find inspiration every day and so should children. Celebrating life and death both through the verses as well as the all permeating love that is the only way to live beyond these walls of manmade dilemma. When you read through the verses or the vignettes, you will read through your superficial as well as your deeper self.

Love Stories Untold

Author : Cafe Pamplemousse
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This book is a strange creature on its own, starting at a calm pace while leaving the reader under the impression that every story will be calm, reserved, perhaps even sad. As it is with driving on a freeway, the more one presses down the petrol pedal, the more insane, witty, and limit-pushing these stories get. Grab your seat belt and prepare for a ride you've never seen before. Marvelous book behind which lies a marvelous mind, a true form of entertainment.


Author : Carole Bergman
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History tells us a story of an unwanted child born legally blind to an affluent family. The middle of three sisters and rejected by each of them. My mother gave me to a governess for the first three years, and after that, I was raised by housekeepers. My mother always reminded me that I was an accident and didnt want to take care of me. And she was also extremely ashamed of my disability. She was too embarrassed to let me wear glasses even though the doctor advised that I wear them at the age of two. I was indoctrinated into life with limited vision until the age of 6 when the school insisted I wear glasses. I learned to cope with my poor vision by feel and inadvertently I learned to see with my soul.

Thoughts of an Imprisoned Mind

Author : Trenton E. Brown Bey
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Book Delisted

A Treasured Collection of Literary Works

Author : Marlene E. Purvis
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This book is a joy to read, whether you like to sit curled up on your favorite chair, or like to read a little at a time on a road trip this book is the one for you. It will make you smile, laugh and even cry a little it's all about life and it's ups downs and inbetweens. Great book of lifes treasured moments. --Susan McCormick Based on the readings. they kept me very captivated and interested. It was nice to sit down and read and also learn more about the writer. I hope in the very near future the author will come up with more poetry. All in all, enjoyed it very much --Sandie Burkland


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