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Author : Georg A. Radtke
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A book written for beginners who want to know how to select and care for lovebirds.


Author : Nikki Moustaki
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Filled with fascinating historical facts and up-to-date information on how to care for lovebirds, Complete Care Made Easy: Lovebirds addresses all the major concerns about owning a lovebird. Lovebirds offers practical advice, emergency first-aid tips, fun activities, and more!


Author : Matthew M. Vriends
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Everything about housing, care, nutrition, breeding, and diseases with a special chapter: Understanding lovebirds.


Author : Trevor Silvester
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'One of the biggest mistakes we make,' Trevor Silvester says, 'is to treat other people as if they are just like us. I'm a Harley Street therapist, and over nearly twenty years I've been helping couples improve their lives together, and one thing is clear to me: most couples don't flounder through lack of love, but through a lack of understanding.'LOVEBIRDS includes a multiple choice test so that readers can discover which type they - and their partners - belong to.Then there is a description of each type - what makes them tick, their likes and dislikes, how they tend to behave, their body language, what they tend to look like, the line of work and hobbies they are likely to choose, their hopes and fears. So in this section you can read about yourself - and your partner.The final section looks at all the different possible combinations between the types, showing how misunderstandings can arise and giving advice on how to keep love between the different types of birds going and growing.

Christmas Lovebirds

Author : Rachelle Ayala
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If you love sweet romances (PG-rating), look no further than Rachelle Ayala's Have a Hart series. The Harts are a family of San Francisco firefighters. Their family motto is: Heart comes first. Melisa Hart has a soft spot for her brother Connor’s ex-best buddy, Rob Reed. Unfortunately, Rob slept with Connor’s girlfriend and is no longer welcome with any of the Harts. Melisa lends her pet lovebird for a Christmas Toy Drive, but a mix-up brings her face to face with Rob and his lovebird. Melisa is drawn into a whirlwind romance with Rob and discovers he hasn’t told her the entire story. Can two little lovebirds and Christmas cheer open Melisa’s heart to giving Rob another chance? Book 1: Melisa and Rob, Christmas Lovebirds Book 2: Jenna and Larry, Valentine Hound Dog Book 3: Connor and Nadine, Spring Fling Kitty Book 4: Cait and Brian, Blue Chow Christmas Book 5: Jenna and Larry, Valentine Wedding Hound

Crotchety D Curmudgeon and the Lovebirds

Author : Beverly Dupree
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Can you imagine a life without love? Old Crotchety lived just that kind of life. Grumpy, alone, and miserable, he hated anyone or anything that was happy, even two innocent lovebirds. The sound of the lovebirds’ loving chirping made him very angry, and he wanted it to stop. Will Crotchety succeed in turning the lovebirds’ world of happiness upside down? Or will they, instead, turn his life around?

How to Raise Budgerigars A Newbie s Guide to Raising Lovebirds Australian Parakeets for Profit and Pleasure

Author : Dueep Jyot Singh
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Table of Contents Introduction Your Budgie as a Pet Getting to Know More about Your Lovebird Breeding Season Male or female budgie? Different Colors of Budgies Choosing the Perfect Budgie Specimen Housing for Your Birdies Advantages of Making Your Own Cages Tier boxes Drinking water fount Diet for your birds Management of Your Birds Baby Chicks Marketing your birds Diseases and Treatment Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction Budgerigars, also known as the Australian parakeets, budgies, or lovebirds have begun to grow more popular as the best choice for a caged bird pet for children and also a bird for breeding and profit. This book is now going to tell you all about how you can raise budgerigars, whether it is to bring cheer into your house, or just for breeding purposes. Every year, more and more people are looking for the best pet choice for a pet perhaps to keep a little child amused and happy, and also to breed this undoubtedly very sweet and fascinating little bird. Budgerigar societies are coming up all over the World, where the care, the breeding, and tips and techniques on how you can keep your little lovebirds happy and healthy are shared openly to other budgerigar breeders all over the World. So before I tell you more about how you can indulge in either what is going to be a very amusing hobby, or perhaps give you a lifetime source of profit. The only problem is that once you keep them as pets, you may just not want to sell them!


Author : Julie Mancini
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Lovebirds are small, stout parrots with a curious and good-natured disposition. Written by an expert on lovebirds, this comprehensive book covers species characteristics and offers advice on how to look after these beautiful birds. TFH Publications, Inc. has teamed up with Animal Planet, the only television network devoted to the unique bonds between humans and animals, to present an exciting new series of comprehensive guides to superior pet care. Each book in the Animal Planet Pet Care Library offers incredible value, featuring 112 pages of all-new, current information from pet care and animal expertswith a family-friendly design, over 60 full-color photographs, and helpful tip boxes. Also included is advice on feeding, housing, grooming, training, health care, and fun activities.


Author : Erika Busecan
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"Lovebirds: All About Nutrition, Training, Care, Diseases And Treatments" , 146 pages paperback edition with black and white interior. From this book you will learn how to understand your parrot`s behavior to avoid situation of biting, how to understand your parrot`s body language, how to teach them to talk, what steps you must follow if your bird is escaping and you want to bring it back, how to hand feed a baby parrot and many interesting things. This book also presents the possible diseases that Lovebirds may encounter in their lives and the treatments we need to apply when these situations occur. By understanding how these diseases affect our birds, we can always prevent, recognize and cure them.

The Lovebird Handbook

Author : Vera Appleyard
File Size : 88.34 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Facts, advice, and fascinating insights tell you everything you need to know about purchase, care and feeding, housing, safety, breeding, the lovebird's body language.