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Love s Time

Author : Betty McLain
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When Angelica fell and hit her head, the year was 1995. Now, it is 2015, but to her it only seems like one day. Awake in a strange hospital room, she tells her story to young doctor Alex, who doesn't know what to believe. Can Alex and Angelica discover why, and how, she was brought to his time? Is there a way to send her home, or does love have other plans? Betty's note: each book in the Love's Magic series is a standalone romance novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven't read other books in the series.

Love s Dream

Author : Betty McLain
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As doctor Marcus tries to catch a few quiet moments of sleep at the end of a busy day, he hears her voice. Who is this strange woman, calling for help in his dreams? Valerie is trapped in a medical nightmare. She tries to explain what she needs, but no one can hear her. And then, someone answers. But can he get her the help she needs, or is it already too late? Betty's note: each book in the Love's Magic series is a standalone romance novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven't read other books in the series.

A Fae s Love Adult Fairy Tale Romance Book 3

Author : Joanna Mazurkiewicz
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His escape requires her seduction. Her magic requires his heart. With Martha’s memories taken away, she finds herself as a pawn for the power-hungry fae. Although she’s told the Unseelie fae on her side, Sylius, is her beloved fiancé, she can’t help the nagging feeling that something is off, wrong even. She’s a prisoner in a gilded tower, and doesn’t know it. Darragh, removed from the throne, can’t sit idly by for his stolen kingdom or fated love to return to him. His only hope is to escape with Martha, the fairy godmother he’s always loved. He cops a plan to rescue them both, even if it causes the Unseelie Court to crumble. In this desperate quest to right past wrongs, both Martha and Darragh must heal the past, join forces in this fight for survival. Nothing will stand in their way of capturing their happily-ever-after, not even a fae Queen.

12 Magic Wands

Author : G. G. Bolich
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This insightful guide is for recognizing the magic in your life, and using it to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual self. After explaining what magic is, the book offers twelve magic “wands.” Each wand provides practical tools and exercises to gain control over a specific area in your life, such as friendship and love. Included are inspiring true stories of people who have used the magic in their lives to both help themselves and point the way to others.

Out of the Broom Closet Book 3 Love Spells Gone Wrong Series

Author : Ashlyn Chase
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When The Duke Found Love Wylder Sisters Book 3

Author : Isabella Bradford
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The third in Isabella Bradford's delightful and captivating romance series of the irresistible Wylder sisters. Lady Diana, the youngest of the Wylder girls, is also the most willful. While plans for an excruciatingly respectable marriage to the very staid and dull Lord Crump are being made by her family, a chance meeting at a gala turns Diana's world upside down. A kiss from a dazzling stranger gives her a most intimate introduction to one of the ton's most resolute and scandalous bachelors, the Duke of Sheffield. Torn between family duty and her heart's desire, Diana recklessly surrenders to the headiest of passions. But soon it's clear that seduction is no longer the game: something deep and lasting has come to bind their hearts, and the stakes are nothing less than true love. Meet the other Wylder Sisters in Books One and Two in the series, When You Wish Upon A Duke, and When The Duchess Said Yes. And check out Isabella's Breconridge Brothers series for more exquisite historical romance.

The Wizards of Once Knock Three Times

Author : Cressida Cowell
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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The No.1 bestselling series from current Waterstones Children's Laureate and author of How To Train Your Dragon, Cressida Cowell. Enter a land of wizards, warriors, mythical creatures and powerful Magic in an exciting fantasy adventure. Wish and Xar are outlaws on the run, hunted by Warriors, Wizards and worst of all by WITCHES ... Can they find the ingredients for the spell to get rid of Witches before the Kingwitch gets his talons on the Magic-that-Works-on-Iron? Their next Quest is the most terrifying and treacherous of all ... and someone is going to betray them. Are you ready to KNOCK THREE TIMES? 'A rollercoaster of suspense and surprise' GUARDIAN 'Cowell is moving towards national treasure' BIG ISSUE 'Another coup from Cowell' SUNDAY TIMES

Love Beyond Magic

Author : Bethany Claire
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Is love enough to heal the pain of the past? Olivia Bailey and her sister know one thing for certain: they are in dire need of some time away from their normal, work-driven lives. While their bakery business has served them well, neither realized just how strenuous running their own business would be. Eager for a change, the girls set off for a trip around Scotland. But things quickly go awry when an unlikely incident sends Olivia tumbling off the side of the Quiraing on the Isle of Skye. Rather than meeting her near-certain death, she opens her eyes to find herself transported through time and hidden away in a castle with two of the most damaged, but handsome, men she's ever laid eyes on. She knows she needs to find a way back home to her sister, but as time passes, Olivia realizes that the only way for her to find peace might just be to accept where fate has placed her. With friends among the castle's staff and their intriguing laird to keep her occupied, the heartache of being ripped away from the life she knew before begins to heal. However, despite Olivia's efforts to move forward, her troubles are far from over, and she may be in more danger than she ever could have imagined... Paton Buchanan thought his sacrifice would mean something when he willingly stepped into the land of the fae to save his friend. Instead, the years spent in their prison cost him and everyone he loved everything. Once released, Paton has nowhere to go but the home of his youth. But overseeing his late father's land comes with its challenges and finding any semblance of happiness for himself seems unlikely until a strange lass from the future arrives and reminds him of the people he'd once loved so much. Her perpetual optimism and kindness make it easy for him to fall in love with her. Slowly, the hurt inside him begins to fade. But her life belongs in the future, and he knows he cannot ask her to sacrifice that for him. Will his love for her be enough to convince her to stay, or will he be forced to lose yet another person he loves? And if she does stay, do they have what it takes to keep one another safe from the outside threat that looms over them both? Read all the books in Morna's Legacy Series: Love Beyond Time (Book 1) Love Beyond Reason (Book 2) A Conall Christmas - A Novella (Book 2.5) Love Beyond Hope (Book 3) Love Beyond Measure (Book 4) In Due Time - A Novella (Book 4.5) Love Beyond Compare (Book 5) Love Beyond Dreams (Book 6) Love Beyond Belief (Book 7) A McMillan Christmas - A Novella (Book 7.5) Love Beyond Reach (Book 8) Morna's Magic & Mistletoe - A Novella (Book 8.5) Love Beyond Words (Book 9) Love Beyond Wanting (Book 10) The Haunting of Castle Dune - A Novella (Book 10.5) Love Beyond Destiny (Book 11) Love Beyond Boundaries (Book 12) The Curse of McMillan Castle (Book 12.5) Love Beyond Magic (Book 13)

A Love Surrendered Winds of Change Book 3

Author : Julie Lessman
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Orphaned in Iowa, Annie Kennedy moves to Boston to stay with her spinster aunt. She longs for romance to fill the void left by her parents' death. But when she falls hard for Steven O'Connor, the man who broke an engagement to her sister, Annie is worried. Will he break her heart too when he discovers who she really is? With heart-pounding romance, intense family drama, and emotional twists and turns, A Love Surrendered is everything Julie Lessman's many fans have been waiting for.

Brill s Companion to Apollonius Rhodius

Author : Theodore D. Papanghelis
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This 2nd edition of the Companion to Apollonius Rhodius, comprising now nineteen articles by leading scholars from Europe and America, aims at giving an up-to-date outline of the scholarly discussion in these areas and to provide a survey of recent and current trends in Apollonian studies which will be useful to students of Hellenistic poetry.