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Loving Grace

Author : April Smith
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Grace Summer lands herself in a melon load of trouble when she becomes torn between the boy of her dreams and the boy almost next door. As the newly crowned Watermelon Queen, she is thrust into the spotlight, meets the dreamy Warren Hartley, and continues trying to get over an accident that rocked her world. Mix in working with Beau Baron who Grace happens to fight with just about as much as breathing and the metaphorical sparks fly. Like most things in life, Grace must learn to take the good with the bad. While the good is the handsome and fun Warren Hartley, the bad is Beau Baron—or at least being around his annoying and rude self way more than she would like. For Beau, Grace is nothing more than aggravating and an irritating reminder from the night of the accident. Tensions soar as Grace and Beau fight to love themselves and maybe, just maybe, each other.

God as Loving Grace

Author : Barry L. Callen
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""This work, impressively documented, avoids fruitless speculation and gets down to the basics of the Christian faith. In a clear writing style the author powerfully articulates the unique activity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and shows how the work of each complements the other."" Dr. Kenneth Kinghorn, Dean of the School of Theology, Asbury Theological Seminary ""Focus is all-important. This book, biblical throughout, proceeds from the perspective of God's loving grace, and maintains this perspective as the whole revelation of God is unfolded in its light. The Trinity is rightly honored as this theology interacts helpfully with many other theological views and clarifies anew much that traditionally has been valued. This is fresh material that serves the church fruitfully and also speaks meaningfully to contemporary culture--exactly what good theology should do."" Rev. Dr. James Earl Massey, Dean Emeritus, Anderson University School of Theology Dr. Barry L. Callen is Professor of Theology and Dean Emeritus of Anderson University and School of Theology. Former Editor of the Wesleyan Theological Journal and current Editor of Aldersgate Press, he holds graduate degrees in theology from Anderson, Asbury, and Chicago Theological Seminaries and has authored numerous books on theology.

Beyond machines of loving grace

Author : Rafael Evangelista
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Through a historical cross section dating back to the 1950s, the journalist and social scientist with a PhD in Anthropology Rafael Evangelista presents an original approach to hackers, those individuals passionate about technology who acquire prestige among their peers facing complex problems and acting creatively in software development. The author shows how hacking became consolidated in the free software movement and how this technological mobilization, rooted in collaborative practices and in the production of the common, found in Brazil a fertile ground for its expansion. According to Evangelista, hacking action and ethics were decisive in building systems that organize digital communication networks and in how we use them today. Far from being an apology for the potentials of the great calculators that were named computers at the time, Rafael Evangelista devotes part of the book to the risks to democracy posed by possibilities of control and surveillance of citizens. With a title that alludes to the poem by Richard Brautigan ("All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace"), this book is the second volume of the Digital Democracy series, edited by professor and sociologist Sergio Amadeu da Silveira and published exclusively in digital format.

Loving Grace

Author : Kendra Eboigbodin
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The Loving Grace: 60 Day Devotional and Guided Prayer Journal for Women helps increase faith and activate God's word to feel more confident, loved, and authentic during any stage in your Christian journey.In 60 days, this empowering devotional helps women increase faith beyond their circumstances, love themselves better, increase confidence, choose gratitude, and boldly confess God's word to transform your life.More than simply a journal, each day this prayer journal includes:- Revealing scripture- Empowering devotional- Powerful prayer point- Reflection question- Insightful journal promptsExperience spiritual growth, daily inspiration, and increase self-esteem each day as you deepen your spiritual journey with this guided prayer journal for women.

Machines of Loving Grace

Author : John Markoff
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As robots are increasingly integrated into modern society—on the battlefield and the road, in business, education, and health—Pulitzer-Prize-winning New York Times science writer John Markoff searches for an answer to one of the most important questions of our age: will these machines help us, or will they replace us? In the past decade alone, Google introduced us to driverless cars, Apple debuted a personal assistant that we keep in our pockets, and an Internet of Things connected the smaller tasks of everyday life to the farthest reaches of the internet. There is little doubt that robots are now an integral part of society, and cheap sensors and powerful computers will ensure that, in the coming years, these robots will soon act on their own. This new era offers the promise of immense computing power, but it also reframes a question first raised more than half a century ago, at the birth of the intelligent machine: Will we control these systems, or will they control us? In Machines of Loving Grace, New York Times reporter John Markoff, the first reporter to cover the World Wide Web, offers a sweeping history of the complicated and evolving relationship between humans and computers. Over the recent years, the pace of technological change has accelerated dramatically, reintroducing this difficult ethical quandary with newer and far weightier consequences. As Markoff chronicles the history of automation, from the birth of the artificial intelligence and intelligence augmentation communities in the 1950s, to the modern day brain trusts at Google and Apple in Silicon Valley, and on to the expanding tech corridor between Boston and New York, he traces the different ways developers have addressed this fundamental problem and urges them to carefully consider the consequences of their work. We are on the verge of a technological revolution, Markoff argues, and robots will profoundly transform the way our lives are organized. Developers must now draw a bright line between what is human and what is machine, or risk upsetting the delicate balance between them.

Grace Guidance and Gifts

Author : Sonia Choquette, Ph.D.
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Our greatest purpose in life is to free ourselves of the limiting patterns of ego and soul that keep us chained to painful, disempowered lives so that we can fully realize the authentic and holy Spirits we are. This journey can feel overwhelming—even impossible—unless we gain access to the three sacred blessings of Spirit, made available to us from God. Without them we fail. These sacred blessings are God’s grace, inner guidance, and personal gifts. Grace lifts us beyond our own ability, inner guidance leads the way, and personal gifts are both the inner and outer resources given to us to succeed at every step. It is up to us to ask for these sacred blessings, and we must do so now more than ever before. This inspiring book will show you how. Through the use of daily lessons, specific prayers, personal intentions, and powerful mantras, you will be showered with these blessings every day of your life. Simply open up this book and call upon your sacred blessings right now. Use it every day to keep your blessings flowing and guide your way back home.

Grace Lee

Author : Julia Kavanagh
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Loving Immigrants in America

Author : Daniel Campos
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At once narrative and reflective, Loving Immigrants in America: An Experiential Philosophy of Personal Interaction is a philosophical account of Daniel Camposʼs experience as a Latin American immigrant to the United States of America. A series of interrelated personal essays together convey this experience of walking or sauntering, going on road trips, reading American literature in the southern United States, playing association football (soccer or fútbol), churchgoing, and Latin dancing in the U.S. This book’s central motif is the caring saunterer, who is understood to be a person who makes him or herself at home anywhere, even as a Latino immigrant in the U.S. The narrative essays convey one immigrant’s experience seeking an affective, social, and intellectual home in a new land. The intertwined philosophical reflections lead to the recommendation of an ethic of love—resilient love—for the day-to-day interactions and long-term relations between immigrants and hosts in this country. The author’s aim is to establish an open and earnest philosophical dialogue with critical readers interested in the problems surrounding immigration in the U.S. today. He writes as an American philosopher—in the continental sense of North, Central, and South America—whose reflections provide an accessible and provocative angle for the development of insight into the experiences of immigrants in the United States. Thus he brings philosophical reflection drawn from experience, in the broad American tradition, to bear on current issues—on the problems of people and not of philosophers, as John Dewey might put it.

Alpha Males In Christ Series Loving With Grace

Author : Jeremy Augusta
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Alpha-Males in Christ Series: Loving With Grace is dedicated to showing a new perspective to men on how to properly love the people in their lives. Men who have a harder exterior or have a strong will can at times have a hard time showing their emotions in a way they would like and this book gives biblical examples to think about in a way that will allow them to have a different outlook on how to properly show love and emotion to those they care most about.

God s Amazing Grace Loving Mercy Abiding Peace

Author : Mark E. Oh
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The purpose of my autobiography is to give my heart-felt thanks to the Lord for what He has done for me for the past 60 years beginning from 1950 when I became a Christian during the war of Pohang in the boundary of life and death to 2010 when I officially closed the Lord's ministry as pastor of International Bible Church in Los Angeles. The desire of writing this book is totally on my own, for neither did the Lord ever ask me to write this book, nor did He ever need this book to be written. When a person receives God's amazing grace, loving mercy and abiding peace, in him is welling up a spring of water of thanksgiving from his inner heart without ceasing until he shares its amazing grace and loving mercy and abiding peace with others. This is just what I have done in this book. I am giving the Lord my heart-felt thanksgiving for the 20 miracles that have happened to me for the past 60 years without which I wouldn't be here today. To God be the glory and honor forever, Amen! Mark E. Oh, PhD, DMin, is a graduate of Keimyung University (Korea), San Francisco Theological Seminary, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, Western Seminary, California Graduate School of Theology, and Fuller Theological Seminary. Married to the former Rosemary McGuire in 1965. They have two sons and four grand children; is the Founder & Pastor of International Bible Church in Los Angeles (1972-2010) for more than 38 years. Served as First President of Christ Bible College, 2002-2009. Retired from active ministry in 2009. Serves as pastor emeritus since 2010.

My Soul Explodes

Author : Nan Brown
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"My Soul Explodes" is a gift to the author from God of a book of poems, praise and meditative thoughts that will bring to those who read them inspiration, and a greater appreciation for life, loving, living and giving.

Radical Grace

Author : S T Kimbrough
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This volume brings together for the first time the writings of Charles Wesley on the theme of justice for the poor and marginalized, drawing upon his sermons, manuscript journal, poetry, and a few letters. Most of his poems/hymns that address poverty and justice were left unpublished at his death. The author studies the theology of these texts for the first time in relation to relevant themes in his sermons, manuscript journal, and letters, and evaluates it in the light of its application and implementation in the eighteenth century and its viability for the twenty-first-century church and Christian. Charles's views of how Christians may use divine grace divine in seeking justice for the poor are indeed radical, for they advocate behavior that is often quite contrary to what is generally accepted as Christian practice. This volume makes clear that the radical grace he espouses is consistent with Holy Scripture and should indeed be practiced by Christians today. The liturgies and musical settings of some of the hymn texts that address the poor and marginalized at the end of the volume provide a pragmatic means for the worshipping community to integrate the principles of radical grace into their theology and praxis.

All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Author :
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Whispering Hope His Saving Grace

Author : Elizabeth Ann Marks
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Whispering Hope - His Saving Grace: A Book of Inspirational and Spiritual Poetry offers a wonderful healing collection of inspiring and spiritual poems written by Elizabeth Ann Marks. The author was inspired to write this book to help spread the love of God to others. Though she has been writing poetry since the age of ten, after joining a charismatic renewal prayer group, her gift for writing has become spiritual. She was inspired to write for God after being baptized in the Holy Spirit. These poems are elegant and moving. Some are informational about God's intentions for us, His love for us, and some are prayers written from the heart, both praising God and asking for special blessings as well as thanking Him for the blessings He has already bestowed on us. There are special prayers that ask God for healing for others. These prayers have been answered in a very positive way. She says, Many people have already been inspired by these writings. Some have claimed healing during my reading of certain of these poems at the prayer group. Some have been brought to tears, and still others have told me they hear the words spoken by Christ and not by me.Elizabeth Ann Marks is retired and lives in New Brunswick, Canada. Publisher's website: http: //

God S Plan of Creation

Author : Robert N. Smith
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Gods Plan of Creation: Written for All Gods Children Who Want to Know and Are Not Afraid to Think offers scripturally informed answers to questions arising in peoples minds as they wonder about the nature of God and His designs for all of creation. By using a three-part structure that examines the Siege, the Legacy, and the Story, Robert N. Smith brings to bear both his long study of the Scriptures and his insights to provide guidance for all who want to know and are not afraid to think. The first part, the Siege, presents an inquiry and review of humanitys continuing efforts to gain hold of its Legacy. The focus of the second portion of Gods Plan of Creation, the Legacy entails the gifts that God has chosen to give to humanity and that people today have received from the hands of their forebears in the faith. Finally, the Story displays a visual timeline of creation, plotting out key points of theology and cosmology. It is laid out landscape, therefore it does not fit the book format. Part 3 is in progress and will follow soon. If you see the world in all its beauty, complexity, and diversity and you find yourself wondering about the God who made all things and about His desires for how humanity fits into His plans, then Gods Plan of Creation: Written for All Gods Children Who Want to Know and Are Not Afraid to Think will pour out insights worth pondering. It takes a fearless and eyes-wide-open look at God and His plans and invites you to join in a journey of vision and discovery.

Evangelical Christendom

Author :
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Confessing His Name

Author : Meagan Donovan
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Finding the Grain

Author : Wynn Malone
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Kentucky was only ever going to be a summer job. Come fall, Blue Riley would be back in North Carolina, in college. But one job led to another, one town led to another, and one woman led to another. Now, after twenty years Blue faces the hardest question of all—is it time to go home?

Mermaid and Friends

Author : Grace Wright
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Mermaid and Friends Fun Activity Book for Girls Ages 6-10; Cute Fantastic Underwater World with Beautiful Mermaid Coloring Pages and Variety of Games for Creative Young Children! This unique coloring and activity book contains a variety of fun activities such as Mazes, Sudoku, Word Search, Dot-to-Dot, Coloring Pages, Spot the Differences, and more that will occupy your kids for hours and hours. Product Features: 10 Set of Kids Activity Games (Maze, Sudoku, Word Search, Coloring Page, Spot the DIfferences) 2 Matching Games 1 Word Puzzle Game 6 Dot to Dot Coloring Pages (Single-sided print) Printed on White Papers Size 8"x10" (Fit for Backpack) Mermaid Themed Soft Matte Cover The cute mermaid themed makes a perfect gift for mermaid loving girls. A perfect fun gift for: Back to school gift Birthday gift Christmas/ Xmas gift Easter basket gift Holidays seasons gift Appreciation gift Stocking stuffer Party favor Gift exchange and much more! Grab one! Your kids will love it!

Declarations and Decrees of a Warrior

Author : Marlene Babb
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As I began to write the declarations and decrees of a warrior, God said I had to become one. Becoming a warrior is a process, a journey that you grow, develop and mature into. This book gives you the track and method to use to get started. So whether you're a beginner or advanced, you will be inspired, strengthened, and motivated, to move forward, into God's realms of success. Declarations and Decrees: What are they? How do they work? How do I apply them? Where do they come from? Declarations and Decrees have been illustrated and demonstrated throughout the word of God. They are more than just words compiled together. Its' an authoritive order, a rule of regulation having the force of the law behind it. The force of the law of God's word. In Job 22: 28 Declare and Decree a thing and it shall be established unto you. We are to be imitators, to echo, pursue and follow after our Lord. This book teaches you how to do just that. Born into a Christian home, I was saved and baptized at an early age, then filled with the Holy Spirit, as a young adult. My husband and I have been married for 35 years. We have two children. We have served as cell leaders, and at present, deacons and choir ministry. We are currently serving in Restoring the Foundation Ministry, A deliverance ministry that sets the captives free.