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Loving Words from Jesus

Author : Doreen Virtue
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Love Revealed Meditations on the Parting Words of Jesus with His Disciples in Chapters XIII XIV XV XVI XVII

Author : George Bowen
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Understanding The Words of Jesus The Thoughts of Love

Author : raymond wells
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Before any word or action there is first the thought. The thought of love .... comes before anyone can speak a word or do an act of kindness. Actions are the result of thoughts. God the Father is the Spirit of Love... Loving Thoughts come from Him, and are called the Son of God.... The only begotten..... From The Spirit of Love comes only the: Thoughts of Love.

Words of Jesus for Daily Living eBook

Author : Jan de Wet
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Disciples of Jesus are those who hear His words and put them into practice. They are like the wise man who built his house on the rock and when the storms of life raged against him, his house did not fall. There is no firmer or surer foundation for life than the Rock of Ages, and those who diligently study the words of the Master and do what He says build lives of eternal significance. WORDS OF JESUS FOR DAILY LIVING by Jan de Wet helps the diligent student of the Word to consider and meditate on the words that Jesus spoke, and to find practical ways to apply them to everyday life in the twenty-first century. Christians who desire to become more like Christ will find this devotional inspiring and motivating in their daily walk with God. As readers hear and obey the words of Christ, His presence will flow more powerfully through them, and they will be drawn into a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be a disciple of Jesus.

In the Words of Jesus

Author : Tyndale
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What did Jesus say? No individual has a greater impact on human history than Jesus Christ. In just three short years, this humble carpenter challenged, enlightened, and transformed those around Him with words of wisdom, grace, truth, hope, and love. And through His words and actions, He provided indisputable evidence that God always has been and always will be among us. In the Words of Jesus distills Jesus’ most profound teachings from the four Gospels and reflects on what His message meant not only during His brief ministry on earth but also for us today. Like the Gospels themselves, In the Words of Jesus is a timeless reminder of what it looks like to live a truly pure and godly life, and an invaluable source of biblical wisdom sure to inspire and enlighten readers of all ages.

The Words of Jesus in the Original Aramaic

Author : Stephen Andrew Missick
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The Wholesome Words of Jesus Christ Four Sermons Etc

Author : Charles John VAUGHAN (Dean of Llandaff.)
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The Methodist visitor

Author :
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The Words of the Lord Jesus

Author : Rudolf Stier
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The Words and Works of Jesus Christ

Author : J. Dwight Pentecost
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The life of Jesus Christ takes on fresh clarity and meaning in this masterful work by Dwight Pentecost. The words, the miracles, and overarching message of the Messiah come alive in flowing and detailed chronology, set against the cultural, political, and religious setting of his day. You'll gain new understanding of why Jesus came, how he operated, and what he accomplished. Above all, you'll acquire a deeper appreciation for the love that guided his path, beginning in a manger in Bethlehem, leading through three and a half years of ministry that ended abruptly at the cross on Golgotha, and blazing forth in eternal triumph at the resurrection. Drawing liberally on the works of others who have written about Christ, such as Alfred Edersheim, J. W. Shepherd, W. Graham Scroggie, and Frederick Faraar, Dr. Pentecost reveals in his own writing a familiarity with the subject that comes from years of teaching. Yet he writes, not as one who knows all there is to know about Christ, but with the restraint of one who knows that Jesus is to be worshiped and adored as the great King, and that no book can do more than begin to tell all the wonders of his being and his love.