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Lucifer s Hammer

Author : Jerry Pournelle
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Captain Rick Galloway and his men had been talked into volunteering for a dangerous mission--inly to be ruthlessly abandoned when faceless CIA higher-ups pulled the plug on the operation. They were cut off in hostile territory, with local troops and their Cuban "advisors" rapidly closing in. And then the alien spacceship landed. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Imagining the End The Apocalypse in American Popular Culture

Author : Jim Holte
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Imagining the End provides students and general readers with contextualized examples of how the apocalypse has been imagined across all mediums of American popular culture. Detailed entries analyze the development, influence, and enjoyment of end-times narratives. Provides readers with comprehensive and contextual essays on major apocalyptic themes and subjects Examines the source of most Western apocalyptic thought, The Book of Revelation and other Biblical apocalypses, in detail Includes descriptions, analysis, and context for apocalyptic films, novels, television programs, and video games Features a reader-friendly A–Z organization, with accessibly written entries

Postapocalyptic Fiction and the Social Contract

Author : Claire P. Curtis
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Fictional accounts of the end of the world rarely explore the end of humanity; instead they present the end of what we now know and the opportunity to start over. Postapocalyptic Fiction and the Social Contract: 'We'll Not Go Home Again' contends that postapocalyptic fiction reflects one of our most basic political motivations and uses these fictional accounts to explore the move from the state of nature to civil society through a Hobbesian, a Lockean, and a Rousseauian lens.


Author : Ethel Baraona Pohl
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Retreat is a lexicon, or inventory of language, to describe the action of withdrawal from civic life. By creating a spatial approach to the language of “escape”, the publication attempts to widen the definitions of familiar terms such as safety, surveillance, and self-reliance. The lexicon draws attention to current global events, such as the thread of epidemic disease, climate catastrophe, the militarization of public space and the impact of mass surveillance on daily life, specifically the emotional and social impact of the presence of unknown and potentially life threatening elements. The editorial approach for the lexicon is to investigate the notion and practices of retreat, its strategies and imaginaries, through others’ words as they inform contemporary spatial paradigms. A wide variety of source types (from blogs to Wikipedia to academic texts) and media (photographs, films,books, objects) and forms of literary genres are mobilized to create a portrait of retreat that describes not only militarized zones but dreams and anxieties of individuals across the globe, helping us better understand how humans might negotiate civil and human rights and freedoms within civic society at large.

Donny S Unauthorized Technical Guide to Harley Davidson 1936 to Present

Author : Donny Petersen
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Donny Petersen feels honored to share the wealth of his motorcycle knowledge and technical expertise. He offers the real deal in understanding the Harley-Davidson. He gives workable solutions for whatever ails the 1957 to 1985 H-D (Ironhead) Sportster. Graphics, pictures, and charts guide the reader on a sure-footed journey to a thorough understanding. Donny intersperses the technical explanations with entertaining true stories of the hard core lifestyle of these years including The Wild One, Easyriders, the Birth of Hog, Willie G., Steppenwolf, Evil Knevil, the reviled AMF, 1%ers, and who could forget Elvis Presley. Petersens insight makes technical issues understandable even for the novice. This is the eighth volume of twelve of Donnys technical series. Petersen is the dean of motorcycle technology. Donny examines the theory, design, and mechanical aspects of the Ironhead Sportster. Donny has ridden hundreds of Harleys across four continents doing all of his own roadside repairs. He has acquired his practical knowledge the hard way. Donny Petersen has the privilege of sharing his technical secrets with easy understanding. He will walk you through detailed mechanical procedures concerning the power train, electrical, fuel delivery, ignition, and the gear head favorite subject of oil and lubrication.

Phenomenal Stories Vol 2 No 2

Author : Shawn M. Tomlinson
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Phenomenal Stories Quarterly Vol 2 No 1 Spring 2019

Author : Shawn M. Tomlinson
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We press on with the second volume of Phenomenal Stories Quarterly, a collection of the first three issues of Phenomenal Stories for 2019. As a special bonus, there's a new piece titled ?From the Desk of? GEOD? not found in any issue of Phenomenal Stories. Phenomenal Stories Quarterly is a companion magazine to Phenomenal Stories in the tradition of the science fiction/fantasy/horror pulps of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. It's also a somewhat cheaper means to get all the issues together. This issue contains stories by Richard H. Nilsen, Haldor R. Hallum, J.D. Hayes-Canell, Bridget Flynn-O?Leary, Henry Martin and a classic reprint by Frank Belknap Long Jr. Phenomenal Stories Quarterly is a modern-day tribute to the science fiction/horror/fantasy/speculative pulp magazines of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

Cosmos 1999 The Third Year of Space 1999

Author : John K. Balor
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What does Gerry Anderson's television series SPACE 1999 have in common with Carl Sagan's award-winning television documentary COSMOS? Not very much, one might expect, but this book documents an Online Alpha discussion where fans of the science fiction series discuss and debate differences and similarities from a wide range of perspectives, some of them arguing that two series may be so closely connected that it might be natural to think of COSMOS as the third year of SPACE 1999. This book is written on an idealistic basis. It is sold at the lowest price the publisher was willing to accept. A free e-book version can be downloaded at

The Rackham Files

Author : Dean Ing
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DOOMSDAY. ARE YOU READY Harve Rackham: Bounty hunter, race-car driver. His best friend is a hunting cheetah. Ready for "dirty" bombs from terrorists, or full-fledged nukes from a rogue nation, Harve has turned his California home into a survival shelter. He intends to pull through. Shar McKay: Harve's little sister. Shar's latest fad is nuclear survival. She intends for her husband and kids to all pull through. Ernest McKay: Engineer. He has the knowledge and skills to save his family. With his help they'll all pull through. Kate Gallo: Runaway, forger, a tough street survivor. She's trouble¾but when real troubles come down, Kate will always pull through. They're tough, they're survivors, and this is their story: A novel of the day after Doomsday by a New York Times best-selling author. At the publisher's request, this title is sold without DRM (Digital Rights Management).

The Moon

Author : Oliver Morton
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A Sunday Times must read book of 2019 'An out-of-this-world read ... brilliant and compelling. Morton is a high-octane British science journalist, and every chapter is littered with material that strikes, amazes or haunts ... this is a book filled not just with a lifetime's knowledge of its subject but with a lifetime's suppressed excitement.' James McConnachie, Sunday Times Every generation has looked up from the Earth and wondered at the beauty of the Moon. 50 years ago, a few Americans became the first to do the reverse - with the whole world watching through their eyes. In this short but wide-ranging book, Oliver Morton explores the history and future of humankind's relationship with the Moon. A counterpoint in the sky, it has shaped our understanding of the Earth from Galileo to Apollo. Its gentle light has spoken of love and loneliness; its battered surface of death and the cosmic. For some, it is a future on which humankind has turned its back. For others, an adventure yet to begin. Advanced technologies, new ambitions and old dreams mean that men, women and robots now seem certain to return to the Moon. What will they learn there about the universe, the Earth-and themselves? And, this time, will they stay?