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Be a Survivor

Author : Vladimir Lange
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Reflecting the combined wisdom of leading medical experts, this book includes clear explanations, color graphics, lists of questions to ask your healthcare professionals, and candid testimonials by patients who have "been there before." This Book Will Help You Regain the feeling of control Assemble the best team of experts Learn how to communicate with your doctors Improve your chances of successful treatment Make informed decisions that are best for you Cope with side effects of treatment Consider appropriate complementary therapies Communicate effectively with your spouse Book jacket.

Lung Cancer

Author : Jack A. Roth
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Lung cancer is a major cause of cancer-related deaths in men and women. However, since the first edition of Lung Cancer was published 14 years ago, rapid progress in the biology, prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease has been made.

Controversies in the Treatment of Lung Cancer

Author : Jürgen Heide
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Under the auspices of the 12th International Symposium on Special Aspects in Radiotherapy 2008 in Berlin, acknowledged experts presented their perspectives on small and non-small cell lung cancer, reflecting the latest standards and engaging in controversies in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease.In the first part of this volume, aspects of the diagnostic workup are highlighted from the histopathologist's point of view, followed by presentations concerning the value of PET-CT and whole-body MRI in the staging of lung cancer. The use and current methods in bronchoscopy, endoscopic ultrasound, video-endoscopy and mediastinoscopy are discussed in detail. The second section presents surgical and radio-oncological treatment concepts for stage I/II non-small cell lung cancer including stereotactic radiotherapy. The third section outlines the curative options for stage III NSCLC: extended surgical approaches , definitive radiochemotherapy and current concepts in adjuvant therapies. Emphasis is also placed on altered fractionation schemes in radiotherapy. Section 4 is dedicated to palliative procedures and the last section gives an in-depth presentation of small cell lung cancer.This book provides an excellent overview of up-to-date standards and future strategies in lung cancer treatment. It will be of great value to surgeons, radiation oncologists, pulmonary specialists and other clinicians interested in this disease.

Lung Cancer

Author : Walter J. Scott
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What is my prognosis? What are my treatment options? Which therapies would be the most effective for my stage of lung cancer? These and other frequently asked questions are addressed in this crucial reference designed to help patients educate themselves and obtain the best possible treatments. The completely revised second edition has been updated to include a discussion of the movement towards customized chemotherapy; treatment options for early-stage lung cancer including minimally invasive surgery; and the most promising treatments, among them multimodality therapy—a combination of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. Dr. Scott also surveys tests for early detection of lung cancer, talks about the importance of cancer staging, examines alternative treatments, and offers advice on coping with emotions such as "smoker's guilt."

Treatment for Non Small Cell Lung Cancer in Distinct Patient Populations

Author : Junji Uchino
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100 Questions and Answers about Lung Cancer

Author : Joan H. Schiller
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EMPOWER YOURSELF! No one with lung cancer needs to be alone in their fight against this disease. 100 Questions & Answers About Lung Cancer, Second Edition enables patients and their families to seek our the best treatment possible for early detection of lung cancer. Providing both the doctor's and patient's point of view, this book is a complete guide to understanding treatment options, post-treatment quality of life, sources of support, and much more. Through 100 Questions & Answers About Lung Cancer, Second Edition, expert authors use their experiences with patients to provide support and hope to the tens of thousands of people coping with this disease

Lung Cancer Treatment

Author : Brandon S. West
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Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide with the majority of patients suffering from advanced unresectable or metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. Despite the advances in palliative chemotherapy, the survival rate for patients with this advanced disease treated with chemotherapy remains poor. In this new book, the authors present topical research in the study of lung cancer treatments including epidermal growth factor tyrosine kinase inhibitors, in the management of advanced stage non-small cell lung cancer; lung cancer brachytherapy; volumetric modulated arc therapy and future individualized therapy for lung cancer in post-genomic era.

You Can Beat Lung Cancer

Author : Carl O. Helvie
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Significantly increase your chances of long-term lung cancer survival by using holistic Alternative/Integrative interventions by physicians/ health practitioners.

Lung Cancer

Author : Henry S. Park
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Lung cancer continues to be the leading cause of cancer mortality worldwide among both men and women. Recent advances in prevention, screening and management in the past decade have led to significant improvements in survival and quality of life. Local treatments like minimally invasive surgery, radiotherapy, and image-guided ablation have contributed to improving the effectiveness and tolerability of potentially curative treatments in early-stage, locally advanced, and oligometastatic/oligoprogressive disease. Chemotherapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and palliative local therapy options have expanded rapidly, with new regimens showing improved outcomes even for those with widely metastatic disease. This book comprehensively reviews the evidence that has driven personalized medicine, based on a variety of multidisciplinary perspectives by international lung cancer experts.

Lung Cancer

Author : Joe B. Jr. Putnam
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Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer-related death in men, and in women, it has surpassed even breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, in 2001, there will be about 169,500 new cases of lung cancer in the United States: 90,700 among men and 78,800 among women. Lung Cancer is the second installment in the M. D. Anderson Cancer Care Series, featuring the current standard approach to lung cancer care from the experts at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center. Designed for the practicing oncologist, this clinical guidebook allows for quick, authoritative access to the latest and best multimodality therapies. Topics covered in this volume include the clinical examination of patients with suspected lung cancer, thoracic imaging techniques for non-small cell and small cell lung cancer, pathology of lung cancer, treatment and management of non-small and small-cell lung cancer, including the role of guidelines and clinical pathways, molecular events in lung cancer and implications for prevention and therapy, palliation, and much more. Each of the 15 chapters ends with an up-to-date list of suggested readings, as well as "key practice points" highlighting the most important principles and practices of each chapter for at-a-glance reference. Over 50 illustrations and 40 tables round out the text. This thorough, practical volume is the essential clinical guide for oncologists, surgeons, and all physicians involved in the care of patients with lung cancer.