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Lying for Money

Author : Dan Davies
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Financial crime seems horribly complicated but there are only so many ways you can con someone out of what's theirs. In fact, there are four. A veteran regulatory economist and market analyst, Dan Davies has years of experience picking the bones out of some of the most famous frauds of the modern age. Now he reveals the big picture that emerges from their labyrinths of deceit. Along the way you'll find out how to fake a gold mine with a wedding ring, a file and a shotgun. You'll see how close Charles Ponzi, the king of pyramid schemes, came to acquiring his own private navy. You'll learn how fraud has shaped the entire development of the modern world economy. And you'll discover whether you have what it takes to be a white-collar criminal mastermind, if that's what you want. (Which you don't. You really, really don't.)

Less Than Conquerors

Author : Doug Frank
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Although evangelicals enjoyed repect and leadership in American society in the decades before the Civil War, their fortunes declined precipitately in the wake of the industrialism, modernism, and secularism of the next half-century. But the 1920s evangelicals felt like an embattled minority within a largely unbelieving culture, and perceived that history was very much out of their control. Frank examines the spiritual significance of these events by placing them against a biblical understanding of the gospel. He sees in the confidence and self congratulation of the turn-of-the-century evangelicals a protrait of the spiritually rich of the Bible who must lose their riches before they can come to know God truly. Harmful uses of the gospel are explored through dispensational premillenialism, the 'victorious life' theology, and the revivalism of Billy Sunday. Altogether, Less Than Conquerors is a call to replace the blurred and self-serving gospel of a besieged subculture with the genuine gospel of Jesus Christ.

Strategy and Tactics of World Communism

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary
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Author : United States. Congress. Senate
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The American Decisions

Author :
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The War We Never Fought

Author : Peter Hitchens
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Again and again British politicians, commentators and celebrities intone that 'The War on Drugs has failed'. They then say that this is an argument for abandoning all attempts to reduce drug use through the criminal law. Peter Hitchens shows that in Britain there has been no serious 'war on drugs' since 1971, when a Tory government adopted a Labour plan to implement the revolutionary Wootton report. This gave cannabis, the most widely used illegal substance, a special legal status as a supposedly 'soft' drug (in fact, Hitchens argues, it is at least as dangerous as heroin and cocaine because of the threat it poses to mental health). It began a progressive reduction of penalties for possession, and effectively disarmed the police. This process still continues, behind a screen of falsely 'tough' rhetoric from politicians. Far from there being a 'war on drugs', there has been a covert surrender to drugs, concealed behind an official obeisance to international treaty obligations. To all intents and purposes, cannabis is legal in Britain, and other major drugs are not far behind. In The War We Never Fought, Hitchens uncovers the secret history of the government's true attitude, and the increasing recruitment of the police and courts to covert decriminalisation initiatives, and contrasts it with the rhetoric. Whatever and whoever is to blame for the undoubted mess of Britain's drug policy, it is not 'prohibition' or a 'war on drugs', for neither exists.

Hills and the Sea

Author : Hilaire Belloc
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Exposed Battered Women Shelters

Author : Louge'
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Louge’s book, ‘Exposed: Battered Women Shelters’, is a tell-all book of what really happens to the women and children inside these places, revealing nasty secrets: The kidnapped boy the shelter didn’t report to the police; the measles epidemic that went on for over a year without being reported; counselors taking children away from their mothers; aiding and abetting illegal aliens; children living with registered child molesters; discrimination against fathers, illegally taking their children away from them; racist counselors; women and children living amongst cockroaches and mice; fraudulently received government monies; Christian shelter abusing a pregnant woman; lesbians; children sexually abused; drugs; liquor; and much more. The Director of the Deschutes County Victims Assistance Agency severed ties with a battered women shelter, refusing to send women to ... the shelter, stated (paraphrase): “It’s ... actions were not consistent with protecting victims.” Deschutes County Deputy District Attorney Patrick Flaherty stated (paraphrase): “ ... it (battered women shelter) has an irrational anti-law enforcement attitude ... does not cooperate with investigations ... allows women suspected of being abusers into the shelter.“ Steven M. Basile, head of a Fatherhood Coalition chapter stated (paraphrase): “Men have been ... unable to see their children ... because of false claims of abuse.”

Dad s Maybe Book

Author : Tim O’Brien
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The bestselling author of The Things They Carried and If I Die in a Combat Zone shares wisdom from a life in letters, lessons learned in wartime, and the challenges, humour and rewards of raising two sons.

A Deal at the Altar

Author : Donna Alward
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This convenient arrangement could be so much more! Two popular marriage of convenience stories—in one convenient volume!—from New York Times bestselling author Donna Alward and Liz Fielding. Hired by the Cowboy Alexis Grayson can look after herself—even if she's alone and pregnant. But gorgeous cowboy Connor Madsen seems determined to take care of her. Since he needs a temporary wife, Alexis decides she can help him. A short-term marriage will solve their difficulties…until this wife-for-hire wants a marriage for real! SOS: Convenient Husband Required May Coleridge must marry to inherit her family home and keep her new business afloat. Adam Wavell has turned his life around and is a corporate success story. But when his sister leaves him with her screaming baby, a deal must be done. May will help Adam with his niece if he'll answer her SOS!