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M25 Travelling Clockwise

Author : Roy Phippen
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In the footsteps of the phenomenally successful A272: An Ode to a Road, comes the definitive and quirky guide to everyone's favorite motorway. Ruined palaces, restored piggeries, secret bunkers, and beautiful bridges are all a part of its history, together with the people who live and work in them. Roy will show you where you are driving under a cricket pitch or over a river, where Pepys had a breakdown in his new carriage, and where more than one Earl of Essex lost his head. Nearly 200 color photographs, including magnificent unpublished aerial views and oddities of all kinds, together with specially drawn maps and diagrams, make this the perfect book to have in any jam.


Author : Ray Hamilton
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Have you ever wanted to know... • Which junction to take for Gibraltar? • How to save £35,040 a year on Dartford Crossing tolls? • How many assassins were buried within the concrete of the M25? (at least one) • Why it’s important that North Ockendon declares itself independent from Greater London at the earliest opportunity? This indispensable biography of a road profiles the 117 miles of Britain’s most infamous motorway, from its controversial origins to its present-day status as backdrop to the lives and commutes of millions. Told with Ray Hamilton’s trademark powers of observation and off-the-wall humour, it is an eye-opening account of the stuff you didn’t know about the M25 – including the action, sightseeing or nature-loving fun you can have coming off at any junction – and a very different view of the stuff you did know.

Landscape and Subjectivity in the Work of Patrick Keiller W G Sebald and Iain Sinclair

Author : David Anderson
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This book situates the film-maker Patrick Keiller alongside the writers W.G. Sebald and Iain Sinclair as the three leading voices in 'English psychogeography', offering new insights to key works including London, The Rings of Saturn, and Lights Out for the Territory. Excavating social and political contexts while also providing plentiful close analysis, it examines the cultivation of a distinctive 'affective' mode or sensibility especially attuned to the cultural anxieties of the twentieth century's closing decades. Landscape and Subjectivity explores motifs including essayism, the reconciliation of creativity with market forces, and the foregrounding of an often agonised or melancholic. It asks whether the work can, collectively, be seen to constitute a 'critical theory of contemporary space' and suggests that Keiller, Sebald, and Sinclair's contributions represent a highly significant moment in English culture's engagement with landscape, environment, and itself. The book's analyses are fuelled by archival and topographical research and are responsive to various interdisciplinary contexts, including the tradition of the 'English Journey', the set of ideas associated with the 'spatial turn', critical theory, the so-called 'heritage debate', and more recent theorisation of the 'anthropocene'.

Professor Stewart s Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities

Author : Ian Stewart
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School maths is not the interesting part. The real fun is elsewhere. Like a magpie, Ian Stewart has collected the most enlightening, entertaining and vexing 'curiosities' of maths over the years... Now, the private collection is displayed in his cabinet. There are some hidden gems of logic, geometry and probability -- like how to extract a cherry from a cocktail glass (harder than you think), a pop up dodecahedron, the real reason why you can't divide anything by zero and some tips for making money by proving the obvious. Scattered among these are keys to unlocking the mysteries of Fermat's last theorem, the Poincar Conjecture, chaos theory, and the P/NP problem for which a million dollar prize is on offer. There are beguiling secrets about familiar names like Pythagoras or prime numbers, as well as anecdotes about great mathematicians. Pull out the drawers of the Professor's cabinet and who knows what could happen...

Dialogism and Lyric Self fashioning

Author : Jacob Blevins
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"Using Mikhail Bakhtin as a kind of theoretical starting point, this volume of essays investigates the manifestation of such competing "voices" within the tradition of lyric poetry. The lyric subject's understanding of himself/herself - through the very act of speaking/writing - is irrevocably connected, on multiple levels, to the heard and unheard voices of others. No matter how private the voice of the lyric speaker appears to be, nearly every utterance is formed from and then positioned between what others have said or will say. Included here are essays on the classical, medieval, early modern, and modern lyric. Some of the essays in this volume engage Bakhtin "head-on"; others, by focusing explicitly on the construction of the subject through multiple discursive dialogues implicitly bring Bakhtin to bear. These essays engage multiple elements of dialogism, including the convergence of masculine and feminine voices, public and private discourses, intertextuality and the "voices of the past," the dialogue between literature and art, and the always present dialogue between speaker(s) and reader(s)."--BOOK JACKET.


Author : Iain Borden
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“The open road”—it’s a phrase that calls to mind a sense of freedom, adventure, and new possibilities that make driving one of our most liberating activities. In Drive, Iain Borden explores the way driving allows us to encounter landscapes and cities around the world. He takes particular notice of how driving is portrayed in film from America to Europe to Asia and from Hollywood to the avant-garde, covering over a century of history and referencing hundreds of movies. From the dusty landscapes of The Grapes of Wrath to the city streets of The Italian Job; from the aesthetic delights of Rain Man and Traffic to the existential musings of Thelma and Louise and Vanishing Point;from the freeway pleasures of Radio On and London Orbital to the high-speed dangers of Crash, Bullitt, and C’était un Rendezvous; this book shows how driving with different speeds, cars, roads, and cities provides experiences and challenges beyond compare. Borden concludes that as an integral part of modern life, car driving is something to be celebrated and even encouraged, making Drive a timely riposte to anti-car attitudes, and those blind to the richness of life behind the wheel.

Sport Difference and Belonging

Author : James Rosbrook-Thompson
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This book combines historical and ethnographic components in examining the ideas about human variation subscribed to by coaches, commentators and sportspeople themselves. The book begins by interrogating the idea of the ‘impulsive’ black sportsman (and the ‘impulsive’ black male more generally), documenting how it came into being and gathered momentum throughout the course of British history. Drawing on the work of Paul Gilroy and Ian Hacking, the author then investigates whether such raciological ideas figure within the everyday behaviours of a group of young footballers. Presenting an original ethnographic study undertaken at Oldfield United, a semi-professional football club situated in London, he explores how raciological ideas (and other notions of human variation) shape the self-understandings of the club’s players and thereby influence the possibilities for action available to them. In conceptualising the sense of "feeling alien" experienced by club personnel – in relation to mainstream discourses of nationhood, to politics, to the basic functioning of the nation-state and, at bottom, to the qualifications and requirements of British citizenship – ‘Sport, Difference and Belonging’ challenges the ability of the cosmopolitan tradition to make sense of contemporary urban phenomena and seeks to develop the sociological concept of denizenship. This book will be of interest to academics and students in the fields of sociology and social policy, ‘race’ and ethnic studies, urban studies, the ethnographic method, and the sociology of sport. It may also appeal to politicians, policy makers and those working in the field of ‘race relations.’


Author : Jake Wallis Simons
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Praise for The English German Girl 'Kept me up at night . . . amazing. It has been in my thoughts since' Guardian 'Well researched and very moving' The Times As darkness falls on the M25, the flow of traffic comes to a halt. Time passes. More time passes. Then more. Drivers switch off their engines, then get out of their cars. And so the story begins . . . In this bold, state-of-the-nation novel, Jake Wallis Simons brings together characters from all walks of life and explores what happens when lives collide on the M25.

The Importance of Being Emma

Author : Juliet Archer
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An “ingenious” twist on the classic Emma with characters “Jane Austen herself would have loved” (Joanna Trollope). True, Emma Woodhouse crushed on her ridiculously sexy brother-in-law, Mark Knightley, when she was a clueless schoolgirl. But with an MBA from Harvard and a burgeoning career as marketing director for the family food business in Highbury, she’s become a self-assured young woman—totally immune to the Knightley charms. Besides, the man of Emma’s new dreams is television chef Flynn Churchill. When Mark is hired as Emma’s new company advisor and mentor, he likes the idea of getting closer to the girl he once dismissed as a “little sister.” Especially now that she grown into a woman so irresistible—not to mention obstinate, exasperating, resistant to his advice, and totally impervious when it comes to the rules of attraction and desire. Emma only thinks her heart is set on Churchill. Now it’s up to Mark to reset. “Juliet Archer has reinvented [Emma] for a 21st-century audience . . . with breathtaking charm and verve.” —Jane Austen Regency World Magazine “Perfect for reading on a hot, lazy afternoon. Like a single piece of good chocolate, it’s a sweet treat that you won’t regret later.” —Austenblog


Author : Merlin Coverley
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A fully revised, updated and expanded edition of the bestselling guide Psychogeography. In recent years this term has been used to illustrate a bewildering array of ideas from ley lines and the occult, to urban walking and political radicalism. But where does it come from and what exactly does it mean? This book examines the origins of psychogeography in the Paris of the 1950s, exploring the theoretical background and its political application in the work of Guy Debord and the Situationists. Psychogeography continues to find retrospective validation in much earlier traditions, from the visionary writing of William Blake and Thomas De Quincey to the rise of the flâneur and the avant-garde experimentation of the Surrealists. These precursors to psychogeography are discussed here alongside their modern counterparts, for today these ideas hold greater currency than ever through the popularity of writers and filmmakers such as Iain Sinclair, Will Self and Patrick Keiller. From the urban wanderer to the armchair traveller, psychogeography provides us with new ways of experiencing our environment, transforming the familiar streets of our everyday experience into something new and unexpected. Merlin Coverley conducts the reader through this process, providing an explanation of the terms involved and an analysis of the key figures and their works. Praise for Psychogeography 'This little book does exactly what an introduction should; it examines, explains, and whets the appetite...It has an extensive bibliography and an index of websites, research into which has been clearly and cogently utilised. It is a short, but valuable, book' - Telegraph 'It would be a fitting tribute to Coverley's unfussy and informative book if it encouraged people in other cities to try psychogeography' - Scotland On Sunday 'An excellent overview of a tradition that can be tricky to pin down and a great portal for loads of further reading' - Hugh Marwood