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Made for Rugby

Author : Barrie McDermott
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A controversial autobiography by one of rugby league's most famous players - Barrie McDermott

Rugby Made Simple

Author : Ann Waterhouse
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“I’m in the team – can you come and watch me play?” If you will be cheering on a rugby touch line this winter, mystified by the antics on the pitch, this is the book for you. Not only will it help to explain what is going on from the spectator’s viewpoint – it will also raise you several notches in your loved one’s esteem. After reading this book you will be able to talk knowledgeably about tries, conversions and scrums, and know the difference between a ruck and a maul. You might even enjoy the matches much more as a result. The author, a mother who has spent many seasons at her sons’ playing fields, provides a complete guide to the intricacies of rugby for all those supporters to whom predominantly male sports are a complete mystery. She also includes valuable advice on safety issues and dealing with injuries as well as the inevitable washing mountain. This book is for all bemused supporters, male and female, who loyally turn out to cheer in all weathers.

The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Rugby

Author : Rob Price
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"The Ultimate Guide to Weight Training for Rugby" is the most comprehensive and up-to-date rugby-specific training guide in the world today. It contains descriptions and photographs of nearly 100 of the most effective weight training, flexibility, and abdominal exercises used by athletes worldwide. This book features year round rugby-specific weight training programs guaranteed to improve your performance and get you results. No other rugby book to date has been so well designed, so easy to use, and so committed to weight training. This book will increase the players power and quickness resulting in more effectiveness in rucks and mauls. By using this program, you will make considerable gains in your strength, agility, and stamina which will result in more success in scrums and have you competing strong until the final whistle. Both beginners and advanced athletes and weight trainers can follow this book and utilize its programs. From recreational to professional, thousands of athletes all over the world are already benefiting from this book and its techniques, and now you can too!

Rugby For Dummies

Author : Mathew Brown
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Now updated–a practical guide to understanding rugby, North American—style Filled with illustrations and photographs of drills and shape-up exercises, Rugby For Dummies tackles North American rugby rules, levels of play, and how to coach junior players as well as adults. This revised edition includes the scoop on the fall 2007 rugby World Cup in France, expanded coverage of women’s rugby, and updated information on North America's best players and teams.

Confessions of a Rugby Mercenary

Author : John Daniell
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John Daniell is a rubgy mercenary. A brutal word for an often brutal game. In 1996, when Rugby Union turned professional, John emigrated to France where he played for a decade in top competitions. His team ricocheted between fear and ecstasy, as they battled to save the club from relegation and their careers from the scrap heap. Now he lifts the lid on the dark world of the journeyman player, where losing a home game is considered a crime, coaches and club owners will do anything to win, and agents ruthlessly manipulate players. His compelling confessions are both shocking and funny, taking you behind the scenes, onto the field and into the very heart of the scrum.

Rugby Union and Professionalisation

Author : Mike Rayner
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The game of rugby has changed significantly in the course of its history. In the early part of the 19th century it evolved from a folk game played by the working class to a recreational activity for public schoolboys. From the 1820s rugby represented an opportunity for gentlemen to demonstrate physical prowess and masculinity and in more recent times it has developed into an activity that reflects the changing attitudes towards professional sport. For the most part of the last one hundred years, rugby union became an important international sport that represented the nationalistic ideals of a number of countries. However, a number of developments, including the increasing influence of a business ethos within sport during the latter decades of the twentieth century, exposed rugby union to the realities of commercialism and all the factors associated with it, especially the demands of a more diverse spectating public. Drawing on interview material with forty-eight elite level rugby union players from England, Wales, Scotland, France, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia who participated in elite level rugby union either before, in the overlapping period or after the declaration of professionalism, this book traces the evolution of attitudes towards professionalism from a players’ perspective and develops a critical review of the impact that professionalism has had upon the sport of rugby union. Rugby Union and Professionalisation: Elite Player Perspectives is fascinating reading for all students and scholars with an interest in rugby union, sport history, sport policy, sport management and the sociology of sport.

Understanding Rugby Union

Author : Julia Hickey
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Packed with information about rugby to help you, or anyone with an interest in rugby union, demystify the sport and make learning about it fun. This book features chapters on what you need to play rugby union, the laws of the game, misconduct, skills and more; and interactive tasks to test your understanding as you work through the chapters.

Rugby the School and the Neighbourhood

Author : Matthew Holbeche Bloxam
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Report of the Rugby School Natural History Society

Author : Rugby School. Natural History Society
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The Meteor Ed by members of Rugby school

Author : Rugby sch
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The Cambridge Review

Author :
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Vols. 1-26 include a supplement: The University pulpit, vols. [1]-26, no. 1-661, which has separate pagination but is indexed in the main vol.

The Rugby Industrial and Provident Co Operative Society Limited

Author : Rugby Industrial and Provident Co-Operative Society, Ltd., Rugby, Eng
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Rugby Union for Dummies

Author : Nick Cain
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If you get a big kick out of rugby but still feel you could sharpen up your knowledge of the game, this friendly guide is for you. Inside you'll find easy-to-understand advice on the basic rules and pitch positions, plus in-depth lessons on ball skills, fitness training, and techniques to outwit your opponents - all illustrated with entertaining stories from British and International rugby's back pages, and coverage of England's historic 2003 World Cup victory.

book 1st 1775 1797 Warwick Rugby Oxford and Swansea

Author : John Forster
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School Days at Rugby

Author : Thomas Hughes
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Sermons Preached in Rugby School Chapel in 1858 1859 1860

Author : Frederick Temple
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Floodlights and Touchlines A History of Spectator Sport

Author : Rob Steen
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Shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award 2014 Spectator sport is living, breathing, non-stop theatre for all. Focusing on spectator sports and their accompanying issues, tracing their origins, evolution and impact, inside the lines and beyond the boundary, this book offers a thematic history of professional sport and the ingredients that magnetise millions around the globe. It tells the stories that matter: from the gladiators of Rome to the runners of Rift Valley via the innovator-missionaries of Rugby School; from multi-faceted British exports to the Americanisation of professionalism and the Indianisation of cricket. Rob Steen traces the development of these sports which captivate the turnstile millions and the mouse-clicking masses, addressing their key themes and commonalities, from creation myths to match fixing via race, politics, sexuality and internationalism. Insightful and revelatory, this is an entertaining exploration of spectator sports' intrinsic place in culture and how sport imitates life – and life imitates sport.

Sporting and Athletic Records

Author : Hubert Morgan Browne
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Author : Henry Christopher Bradby
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Sermons Preached in the Chapel of Rugby School

Author : Thomas Arnold
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