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Maggie s Breakfast

Author : Gabriel Walsh
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The son of dysfunctional and destitute parents secures employment as a member of the morning breakfast staff in Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel. The job affords the boy a respite from his father’s profound apathy and his mother’s obsession with religion. His father Paddy, an ex-British army soldier, considers his marriage to Molly to be a greater threat to his existence than his life and death struggles in the trenches during the Great War. Molly considers her life with the unemployed Paddy and ten children a crucifixion that will ensure her a place in Heaven among her favourite martyrs. In the Shelbourne, the boy encounters Margaret Burke Sheridan, a retired opera diva who in her prime sang at La Scala and Covent Garden. She was Puccini’s favourite Madame Butterfly and a protégé of Marconi, the inventor of the radio. In her present sad and lonely retirement Maggie is considered just a thorn in the side of the hotel staff. But one morning, when the new breakfast boy attempts to serve her breakfast (under the bed), Maggie has an attitude change. She senses she has one last aria to sing in the opera of her life. One that will change the boy’s life forever.

The Maggie Newberry Mysteries Books 1 2 3

Author : Susan Kiernan-Lewis
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Murder travels nicely in this popular mystery series featuring ex-pat Maggie Newberry who lives in France with her vintner French chef husband. Enjoy the sights and smells of Provence, the Côte d'Azur and Paris as Maggie uses her amateur (and very American) sleuthing skills to detect and confront the vilest murderers on the continent! Check out the series for yourself with the the first three books, bundled together and priced at the cost of less than two books at full price! Warning: This series is set in France so do NOT read hungry!

Murder la Carte

Author : Susan Kiernan-Lewis
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When her French chef boyfriend inherits an ancient vineyard in Provence, Maggie Newberry leaves Atlanta for the tiny village of St-Buvard and the rich tastes, smells and sights of French country life. But murder has gone long before them and follows close behind.

Under a Flaming Sky

Author : Elizabeth Haran
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Australia, 1933: Arabella Fitzherbert, a 19-year-old English lady travels with her parents to Australia as they hope the dry climate will help their only daughter recover from her chronic illness. With the Depression in full swing, the wealthy Fitzherbert family will stop at nothing to pamper their sickly daughter. Their journey takes an unexpected turn, however, when Arabella falls from the passenger train and finds herself in the desert - all alone. Injured, she watches helplessly as the train pulls away, leaving her stranded in the middle of nowhere. Nobody notices her missing until what is presumed to be too late. Arabella's fate might have been sealed if not for a group of Aborigines who herd her to Marree, a small town in the outback, cut off from the rest of the world. While her parents believe her dead, Arabella is on her own for the first time in her life. Set in the unforgiving yet alluring Australian outback, "Under a Flaming Sky" is a testament of one young woman's survival and a willingness to grow into her true self. With an eye for detail, Elizabeth Haran is the author of numerous other romantic adventures including "Island of Whispering Winds," "River of Fortune," "Flight of the Jabiru," and "Staircase to the Moon," available as eBooks. For fans of sagas set against a backdrop of beautiful landscapes, like Sarah Lark's, "Island of a Thousand Springs" or Kate Morton's, "The Forgotten Garden." About the author: Elizabeth Haran was born in Bulawayo, Rhodesia and migrated to Australia as a child. She lives with her family in Adelaide and has written fourteen novels set in Australia. Her heart-warming and carefully crafted books have been published in ten countries and are bestsellers in Germany.

Concoctions of the Mind

Author : Jerry Amos
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A collection of short stories inspired by the author's imagination.

Godey s Magazine

Author : Louis Antoine Godey
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Includes music.

Silver Lake s Transformation

Author : Joe Smiga
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In Joe Smiga’s first western, he created the town of Silver Lake. Many circumstances happened causing its characters to be involved in murder, destruction, greed, and power. Now in the sequel to A Cowboy’s Vengeance, the reader is transported from the first book into a realistic portrayal of the growth of a town located in Utah during the 1890s. Silver Lake’s transformation deals with change and growth in each of the main characters from the original book along with new characters and how their lives are intertwined. The stories of life, struggles, and love in the west; when the town begins dealing with growth caused by stagecoach runs, the railway, having a bank, a new sheriff, and bandits. If you enjoyed the western programs from television, you will love these two books.

Final Catcall

Author : Sofie Kelly
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Small town librarian Kathleen Paulson gets plenty of entertainment from her extraordinary cats, Owen and Hercules. But when a theatre troupe stumbles into more tragedy than it bargained for, it’s up to Kathleen to play detective... With her sort-of boyfriend Marcus calling it quits and her ex-boyfriend Andrew showing up out of the blue, Kathleen has more than enough drama to deal with—and that’s before a local theatre festival relocates to Mayville Heights. Now the town is buzzing with theatre folk, and many of them have their own private dramas with the director, Hugh Davis. When Davis is found shot to death by the marina, he leaves behind evidence of blackmail and fraud, as well as an ensemble of suspects. Now Kathleen, with a little help from her feline friends Owen and Hercules, will have to catch the real killer before another victim takes a final curtain call.

Maggie s Bed and Breakfast

Author : E. Beaty
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Tinsley s Magazine

Author :
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Maggie s Folks

Author : E. V. Lyke
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An international intrigue with roots in the American west, Maggie's Folks combines an espionage thriller, a historical fiction, and multi-generational love stories – all stitched together by the theme of escape. Maggie Partham is an assassin struggling to get away from her past only to find that her parentage is not as it seems. Her family saga over three generations, threads to and from the darkest days in our country's most recent past.

Maggie s portfolio by the author of Voices that are near

Author : Maggie (
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Cull Reborn

Author : Zhané White
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4 billion people. Target: 75%...The Cull trilogy continues with Cull Reborn, dark science fiction with bouts of hard-hitting action. Kelendria Taylor, a British orphan, will infiltrate China's Cull division and face the toughest fight of her life. If she doesn't play the part, her cover will be blown. Will she sacrifice thousands to save billions, or risk her life saving them all? Search Terms: female protagonist, murder, disturbing, organized crime, conspiracy, thriller, corporations

Marion Howard or Trials and triumphs by the author of Maggie s rosary and other stories

Author : May Ramsay
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A Dark Devotion

Author : Clare Francis
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Grace Dearsden is beautiful, clever and admired. The last person to disappear into the lonely Norfolk marshes in the black depths of winter. Seven days . . . and still no trace. With police investigations stalled, old family friend Alex O'Neill returns to the haunting landscape of her childhood. And immediately beings to uncover disturbing new clues. Each one draws her closer to a family's tragic secret . . . 'At once we are in Ruth Rendell territory: an eerie setting, a web of adultery, deceit, near-murderous envy and cordial detestation . . . a kind of East Anglian Rebecca' Daily Telegraph 'A Dark Devotion is a treat . . . a crime novel with action to keep you guessing until the very end' Daily Mail

Pony Express Special Delivery Mills Boon Love Inspired Historical Saddles and Spurs Book 5

Author : Rhonda Gibson
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Conveniently Wed

Midwife of the Blue Ridge

Author : Christine Blevins
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A stirring debut novel ?of love, struggle, and savagery on America?s colonial frontier? (Bernard Cornwell). They call her Dark Maggie for her thick black hair, but the name also has a more sinister connotation. As the lone survivor of an attack on her village, she was thought to be cursed?and unfit for marriage. Maggie is also gifted with quick wits and skilled in medicine, trained as a midwife. Venturing to the colonies as an indentured servant, she hopes to escape the superstitions of the old country?and find a home of her own. But what she discovers is a New World fraught with new dangers.

The Book of Scattered Memories

Author : E. D. Beaty
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Foreword The story continues in part two of Maggie’s Bed and Breakfast. Maggie finds a book in a box of her mother’s belongings that were left for her and her sisters. It turns out to be her mother’s diary full of her own memories that reveal family hidden secrets and lies. Maggie keeps the book to herself as much as possible, wanting to read it first but finds it hard not to disclose some of her findings. She discovers some things that are so unbelievable that she has to wonder if they are real or just some of her mom’s crazy scattered memories. Maggie continues to wonder just what her future holds and learns that she does not need to be related to be sisters. She is strong in believing that she will be able to overcome this memocoma condition that has become part of her life and prays that her sisters will not inherit it at all. Love plays a great factor in the girls getting through some tough times, with the help of the men and friends in their lives. Maggie finds out that sometimes things are not always what they appear to be. There are weddings and funerals entwined with more family drama or what I like to call “Life.” cover design by

Maggie s Beau

Author : Carolyn Davidson
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On the run from a nightmarish life, Maggie had the power to stir feelings of forever in rancher Beau Jackson's soul. From the first moment, he knew he loved this sweet-spirited gamin, but would she ever feel anything more for him than gratitude? She must have died and gone to heaven, Maggie O'Neill swore, for Beau Jackson treated her with all the kindness and respect only a genuine lady deserved. But how was she to know if what she felt for him was love?

Maggie and Bessie and their way to do good

Author : Joanna Hooe Mathews
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