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Make Em Laugh

Author : Debbie Reynolds
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The beloved Hollywood star and New York Times bestselling author of Unsinkable continues her intimate chat with fans in this entertaining collection of anecdotes, stories, jokes, and random musings from a woman who has seen it all—and done most of it. From her acclaimed performances to her headline-making divorce from Eddie Fisher, raising a famous daughter to hitting the road with a successful one-woman show, Debbie Reynolds was in the spotlight for decades. Over her more than six-decade-long career she met presidents, performed for the Queen of England, and partied with kings. In this fabulous personal tour, she recalls wonderful moments with the greats of the entertainment world—Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, Bette Davis, Phyllis Diller, and many, many more—sharing stories that shed new light on her life and career and the glittering world of Hollywood then and now. Debbie has plenty to tell—and in Make ’Em Laugh, she dishes it in the warm, down-to-earth voice her fans adore. Debbie shares memories of late night pals and some of the greatest comedians of all time, stories from the big screen and small, and tales of marriage, motherhood, and children. Combining her wicked sense of humor and appealing charm, she reveals the personal side of show business and fame in funny, poignant, and delightful reminiscences. Nothing is off limits: Debbie talks about her sex life, her family drama—and even shares a few secret recipes. A true Hollywood icon, beloved by millions of fans around the world, Debbie Reynolds died on December 28, 2016, at the age of 84, just one day after the death of her daughter, actress and author Carrie Fisher.

Make Em Laugh

Author : Michael Kantor
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From the most popular routines and the most ingenious physical shtick to the snappiest wisecracks and the most biting satire of the last century, Make 'Em Laugh illuminates who we are as a nation by exploring what makes us laugh, and why. Authors Laurence Maslon and Michael Kantor draw on countless sources to chronicle the past century of American comedy and the geniuses who created and performed it-melding biography, American history, and a lotta laughs into an exuberant, important book. Each of the six chapters focuses a different style or archetype of comedy, from the slapstick pratfalls of Buster Keaton and Lucille Ball through the wiseguy put-downs of Groucho Marx and Larry David, to the incendiary bombshells of Mae West and Richard Pryor . And at every turn the significance of these comedians-smashing social boundaries, challenging the definition of good taste, speaking the truth to the powerful-is vividly tangible. Make 'Em Laugh is more than a compendium of American comic genius; it is a window onto the way comedy both reflects the world and changes it-one laugh at a time. Starting from the groundbreaking PBS series, the authors have gone deeper into the works and lives of America's great comic artists, with biographical portraits, archival materials, cultural overviews, and rare photos. Brilliantly illustrated, with insights (and jokes) from comedians, writers and producers, along with film, radio, television, and theater historians, Make 'Em Laugh is an indispensible, definitive book about comedy in America.

Make Em Laugh

Author : Steve Allen
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The success of Steve Allen's How To Be Funny led first to the republication of that book, and now occasioned a companion volume, Make 'Em Laugh. This new how-to book about the art of comedy includes an even richer assortment of examples of the author's unique humor. In Make 'Em Laugh, Allen laces his formal instruction with hilarious ad-libs, written jokes, TV comedy sketches, satires, song parodies, humorous essays, amusing autobiographical reminiscences, one-act plays, witty speeches, and stand-up monologues from his comedy concerts. Noel Coward called Steve Allen the most talented man in America, and he is probably the most borrowed-from comedian of all time. The perceptive reader will recognize many of the comic ideas that Allen originated during the "Golden Age" of television comedy - ideas that are still influential in the 1990's. If there were a college course in creating and performing comedy, Make 'Em Laugh would be the ideal textbook.

Make em Laugh

Author : Vikkie Moule
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Make em Laugh

Author : Declan Hassett
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In the early twentieth century theatre was the great escape in Ireland, whether drama, pantomime, farce or musical. Here, playwright, author and critic Declan Hassett celebrates some of the great moments of theatre in Cork from the 1940s onwards. In conversation with him the stars themselves recall a golden age and bring to vivid life, from stage to page, many great moments and reflect on changing trends in theatre. With its photographs this evocative melange brings to life a period of rich creative energy.

Harley Quinn Make em Laugh 2020 3

Author : Mark Russell
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Therapist extraordinaire Harley Quinn has been knocking it out of the park while helping Gotham’s criminal element navigate their psychological burdens. But not everyone shares her dedication to the mental health, and now Harley and her patients are stuck in Arkham Asylum with a coffee-making robot and no way out!

Harley Quinn Make em Laugh 2020 2

Author : Marguerite Bennett
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Story 1 - Poison Ivy’s throwing a housewarming party, and Harley’s got to find her bff the ultimate gift. It has tobe something special...something rare...and deadly would be a plus! Can Harley and her animal pals find Pammy the perfect present before everyone gets arrested? Story 2 - Harley Quinn delivers some long-awaited justice on behalf of a woman who’s been wrongfully imprisoned, but with a Harley twist. And by twist, we mean mallet.

Make Em Laugh

Author : Jeffrey Gurian
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Once in a lifetime a venue comes along that changes show business dramatically, that fosters growth and camaraderie, experimentation and freedom. The Comic Strip is one of those places, and Make ’Em Laugh is an inside look at how it all happened, straight from the mouths of the stars who built their careers on its stage. Owner Richie Tienken and a wealth of comics open their hearts and souls to share their most intimate memories, the laughs and tears, the good times and the bad, in order to paint an all-encompassing, behind-the-scenes history of this iconic club. Interviews include famous comedians, such as: • Jerry Seinfeld • Gilbert Gottfried • Paul Reiser • Lisa Lampanelli • George Wallace • Billy Crystal • Jim Breuer • Susie Essman • Lewis Black • Ray Romano • And many more! Relive the excitement as these comics explain how they came to belong to the Comic Strip family, and how they went on to enjoy huge careers, bringing laughter to millions of people all over the world. This book is a must for any comedian or comedy lover’s library!

Writing the Comedy Film

Author : Stuart Voytilla
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This book takes readers into the world of comedy and helps them discover what makes people laugh. With easy-to-use guidelines, the book reveals the successful mechanics and characteristics of various comic story forms.

Make em Laugh Contemplate Interrogate and Liberate

Author : Nerida Wayland
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Make Em Laugh Take Their Money

Author : Dan S. Kennedy
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People buy more and buy more happily when in good humor. Understanding humor and being able to effectively use it for your sales and persuasion purposes is a powerful advantage--for any speaker, salesman or writer." Drawn from 30 years' experience as a popular professional speaker, author of 13 books, columnist and advertising copywriter, Dan Kennedy looks at humor as an instrument of persuasion and influence. Anyone--amateur--or pro--who must stand and deliver speeches, seminars, group sales presentations, serve as toastmaster, or write advertisements, sales letters or newsletters will find fodder here, to be faster on their feet, more confident and adept at being funny with a purpose. The book contains thoughtful insight but also simple shortcuts. Reading it, you'll get a better appreciation for the humor around you and humor professionals who entertain you, and you’ll exit stage left with humor strategies and tricks you can use. Even if you're not all that funny. Note: this book contains adult material and may not be suitable for minors. Or for the easily offended. From the author. . ."I first titled this book "Mugging for Fun and Profit," but then thought better of it. Reminds me of Napoleon Hill being threatened by his publisher with the title 'Use Your Noodle To Get The Boodle,' which Hill transformed to 'Think And Grow Rich.' Overnight. The power of a deadline and desperation. And one of the all-time bestselling books on the subject of success the result. Anyway, unless you are just doing to hit 'em over the head and drag them out into the desert to empty their pockets, I’d suggest, you need to know how to make 'em laugh.

One Minute to Make Em Laugh

Author : LiLi Auten
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These one-minute monologues are extremely sarcastic and humorous with great punch lines. These monologues have also been recognized by winners at IMTA, the International Modeling and Talent Association, from Los Angeles to New York. The short pieces that have been written are for kids of all ages. Anyone who reads them will get a great hearty chuckle out of them. These were written especially for kids wanting to become real actors/actresses. They can use them for any audition piece that needs to be rather short. These monologues were written to be short and sweet. These are also great for entertainment in drama classes or to say on stage for comedy. Not only that, anyone can have fun reading all fifty of them for great entertainment. This book is great for kids just wanting to perform for their parents on a fun night or entertain their friends at a party.

Make em Laugh Again

Author :
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Make em Laugh American Humorists of the 20th and 21st Centuries

Author : Zeke Jarvis
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This lighthearted and eye-opening book explores the role of comedy in cultural and political critiques of American society from the past century. • Provides a context, vocabulary, and perspective to better appreciate and understand American humor • Connects historical developments to cultural changes • Includes both academic references and popular works • Covers a wide range of artists over a variety of media • Examines and explains general trends in American comedy

Stand Up Comedian Journal Notebook Project Make Em Laugh Top Secret Joke Book

Author : Themed Themed Notebooks
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Great place for any apsiring or professional comedian to note down their latest jokes. 6 x 9 inch 120 lined pages

How to Make Em Laugh Til It Hurts

Author : Gerald Wolfe
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Make em Laugh

Author : William F. Fry
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Stress Management 101

Author : Thomas Nelson
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Stress Management 101, drawn from best-selling author Don Colbert's Deadly Emotions and What Would Jesus Eat?, is a concise, friendly handbook that will help readers live with less anxiety and more joy, enhanced health, and a peace that passes all understanding.

A Companion to Film Comedy

Author : Andrew Horton
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A wide-ranging survey of the subject that celebrates the variety and complexity of film comedy from the ‘silent’ days to the present, this authoritative guide offers an international perspective on the popular genre that explores all facets of its formative social, cultural and political context A wide-ranging collection of 24 essays exploring film comedy from the silent era to the present International in scope, the collection embraces not just American cinema, including Native American and African American, but also comic films from Europe, the Middle East, and Korea Essays explore sub-genres, performers, and cultural perspectives such as gender, politics, and history in addition to individual works Engages with different strands of comedy including slapstick, romantic, satirical and ironic Features original entries from a diverse group of multidisciplinary international contributors

The Novel

Author : Michael Schmidt
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The 700-year history of the novel in English defies straightforward telling. Encompassing a range of genres, it is geographically and culturally boundless and influenced by great novelists working in other languages. Michael Schmidt, choosing as his travel companions not critics or theorists but other novelists, does full justice to its complexity.