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My Falling Down House

Author : Jayne Joso
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Recipient of a Great Britain Sasakawa Foundation Award. ‘My Falling Down House is a masterpiece’ – Anne Janowitz. ‘This is a novel for anyone who has had a setback in life; for anyone who ever thought of escaping reality and retreating into the shadowy imagination. A beautiful exploration of identity by a hugely talented writer.’ – Eluned Gramich Set in contemporary Japan... it simultaneously speaks to contemporary globalizing society at large. A remarkable achievement.’ – Sho Konishi, Professor in Modern Japanese History, University of Oxford. Having lost his job and his home, Takeo Tanaka, a young Japanese man, takes refuge in a dilapidated wood and paper house. He sets himself projects in an attempt to hold on to his sanity and as recompense for trespassing and dwelling in a house for which he makes no payment. But with only a cat and a cello for company, his ability to distinguish between real and imagined events is soon deeply challenged, and he is ultimately held captive by his own paralysing suspicion of the outside world. His fears and failing health keep him inside the house through four testing seasons, and he is driven to the edge of insanity as he pushes his creative abilities to keep himself occupied and retain his self-respect. He keeps notebooks, and attempts to map out the renovation work required on the house, constantly doubting his abilities but pushing his way through, endlessly searching for solutions. Building what he can out of the things he discovers inside the house, he permits his mind free reign to create and to mend.

My House Is Falling Down

Author : Mary Loudon
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‘A truthful, exciting, agonising adult love triangle’ - Laline Paull, author of The Bees ‘I absolutely loved it!’ - Marian Keyes ‘#NormalPeople for grown-ups’ @veronica_henry For Lucy, marriage to Mark provided an anchor after several years of drifting casually across countries, into jobs and out of relationships. Now forty-two, her anchor is working loose. Bewildered by the demands of motherhood and dissatisfied by her work, she has also grown understandably resentful of her husband: Mark has serious difficulties of his own and whilst harsh self-reliance has kept him sane, it has alienated his wife. When Lucy falls in love with Angus, a pianist in his sixties, her shock is extreme. Adamant that she will not deceive her husband, she instead asks his advice. Mark’s reaction, however, is startlingly unorthodox, leaving Lucy to steer an impossible course between duty and desire, adventure and security. As her marriage falters and Angus presses for commitment, she is forced to choose between family and self, with lifelong consequences for everyone. Infused with her trademark precision, clarity and dark humour, Mary Loudon’s searing, highly-charged novel My House is Falling Down is a fearless exploration of what infidelity means when no one is lying, and how brutal honesty may yet prove the biggest taboo in our relationships.

We All Fall Down by Robert Cormier

Author : Mika Rodic
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And We All Fall Down

Author : Monica Friesen
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Graham and Joanna Kornelsons’ life has all gone according to their plan. Graham a lawyer, and Joanna, a stay-at-home mom to her three children, live in the quaint town of Mountain City, Manitoba, enjoying a typical busy life together. Until one Sunday morning when Joanna finds their fourteen year old daughter, Ally, at the bottom of the staircase enduring an unexpected seizure. What happens to this family is as unpredictable as the diagnosis of epilepsy. The Kornelson family find themselves emotionally collapsing as they try to make sense of this untimely illness that has shattered their idyllic home life. Ally, who dreams of becoming a concert pianist, continues to suffer from seizures and endures the difficult experience of finding the right anti-seizure drugs. Twelve year old twins, Jack and Lydia, want to know that their family will be back to normal as Graham and Joanna can’t find balance between managing Ally’s medical changes and dealing with the crippling trauma that grips their family. Graham, who recently lost his dad to cancer, struggles to be the supportive husband and father for his suffering family. Joanna is desperate to cling to the easy life they once knew, but in the process alienates them all with her controlling and overprotective decisions. But over these difficult years, the Kornelson family turn to each other to find strength and renewal as they learn to pick up one another, as they all fall down.

Mammoth Books presents We All Fall Down

Author : Kirstyn McDermott
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I carried the bones of this story around for quite a few years before I finally stumbled upon its beating heart," explains the author. "In my head was the image of a doll house, huge and not quite right, and a woman searching desperately for something concealed inside. But I could never work a story around it that didn't seem twee. Doll houses, you know? "But then Emma and Holly appeared - trapped within their own fractured, futile relationship - and everything just, well, fell together. Beautifully. Awfully. And now I have a doll house story. Of a kind.

All Fall Down

Author : Carlene Thompson
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Few locals believe Sinclair's wealthy golden boy Martin Avery actually took his own life-or that his beautiful young widow had nothing to do with his death. Well aware of the rumors behind her back, Blaine Avery is focused on managing her late husband's finances and raising her adolescent stepdaughter...until her serene woodland property yields a gruesome discovery. For the second time in six months, Sheriff Logan Quint has been called out to the Avery place, where another corpse has been found. This time, it belongs to a teenage girl who had everything to live for. But if Rosie Van Zandt didn't kill herself...who did? As the once sleepy town reels from the rash of so-called suicides, Blaine regrets the day she ever came home. Only Logan is willing to accept her innocence-or her suspicions. For Blaine is desperate to clear her name, and dead certain somebody intends to destroy it. Somebody who calls her in the dead of night, taunting her with the childhood rhyme: Ring around the rosy, a pocket full of posey, ashes, ashes, we...All Fall Down

All Fall Down

Author : Megan Hart
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When 19-year-old Sunshine, a survivor of a cult's mass suicide, arrives on her doorstep claiming that her husband, Chris, is her father, Liesel Albright must play mother to Sunny and her three small children, while Chris retreats into guilt and denial. Original. 25,000 first printing.

Northern Voices

Author : Penny Petrone
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A classic anthology that combines the rich oral tradition of Northern Canadian Inuit as well as their more recent English writing. Petrone links the cultural past of arctic peoples with its present day expression.

A Systematic Arrangement of Lord Coke s First Institute of the Laws of England

Author : Sir Edward Coke
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Fiction Suspense and Horror

Author : Elias Jaime Ram Porras
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Fear and screams meet once again offering sleepless nights and bothered minds in this collection of scary tales. They are original works with novel and up-to-date content.