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Making War on the World

Author : Mark Shirk
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The state bounds politics: it constructs and enforces boundaries that separate what it controls from what lies outside its domain. However, states face a variety of threats that cross and challenge their geographical and conceptual boundaries. Transnational violent actors that transcend these boundaries also defy the state’s claims to political authority and legitimacy. Mark Shirk examines historical and contemporary state responses to transnational violence to develop a new account of the making of global orders. He considers a series of crises that plagued the state system in different eras: golden-age piracy in the eighteenth century, anarchist “propagandists of the deed” at the turn of the twentieth, and al-Qaeda in recent years. Shirk argues that states redraw conceptual boundaries, such as between “international” and “domestic,” to make sense of and defeat transnational threats. In response to forms of political violence that challenged boundaries, states developed creative responses that included new forms of control, surveillance, and rights. As a result, these responses gradually made and transformed the state and global order. Shirk draws on extensive archival research and interviews with policy makers and experts, and he explores the implications for understandings of state formation. Combining rich detail and theoretical insight, Making War on the World reveals the role of pirates, anarchists, and terrorists in shaping global order.

Making War on the World

Author : Mark Shirk
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Mark Shirk examines historical and contemporary state responses to transnational violence to develop a new account of the making of global orders. He considers a series of crises that plagued the state system: piracy in the eighteenth century, anarchist "propagandists of the deed" at the turn of the twentieth, and al Qaeda in recent years.

Making War Forging Revolution

Author : Peter Holquist
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Reinterpreting the emergence of the Soviet state, Holquist situates the Bolshevik Revolution within the continuum of mobilization and violence that began with World War I and extended through Russia's civil war, thereby providing a genealogy for Bolshevik political practices that places them clearly among Russian and European wartime measures.

The Global Cold War

Author : Odd Arne Westad
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Prize-winning study of the global conflict waged during the Cold War and its legacy today.

The Great War and the Making of the Modern World

Author : Jeremy Black
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This new work demonstrates how the outcome of the First World War has formed the modern world we live in today. The First World War was the Great War for its leading participants. In revisiting the events of 1914-1918 a century on, Jeremy Black considers how we now look at the impact of the conflict across the globe and how it came to be World War I in our consciousness. For millions, both soldiers and civilians, the conflict proved fatal. The suffering and loss of the war provides much of its resonance and significance, but this book seeks to throw light beyond this, not least in asking how it ended in victory and defeat. Casting aside the conventional narrative, Jeremy Black returns to a vast range of original sources and investigates not only the key events of the war, but its consequences in restructuring the old order. As its significance has changed with time, and not only with the loss of first-hand testimony, Black considers the struggle not only in its historical context but through its memorialisation today.

The Outbreak of the First World War

Author : Jack S. Levy
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This volume brings together leading historians and international relations scholars to debate the causes of the First World War.

War Made New

Author : Max Boot
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Examines how technological innovation shaped the rise and fall of empires during four historical periods, from the Gunpowder Age to the Industrial Revolution, and continues to play a pivotal role in modern warfare.

Summary of World Broadcasts

Author : British Broadcasting Corporation. Monitoring Service
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Twentieth Century War and Conflict

Author : Gordon Martel
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TWENTIETH-CENTURY WAR AND CONFLICT “With rich entries that highlight the political context, strategic significance, and tactical detail of each conflict, this encyclopedia is an essential reference for students of military history and strategic studies.” Theo Farrell, King’s College London Drawn from the award-winning five-volume Encyclopedia ofWar (Choice Outstanding Academic Title 2013), the single-volume Twentieth-Century War and Conflict provides an essential guide to the conflicts and concepts that shaped warfare in the twentieth-century and up to the present day. This concise reference contains a range of entries from 1,000 to 6,000 words long, each written by a leading international scholar. This concise encyclopedia provides full coverage of global conflicts and themes in twentieth-century war. World Wars I and II are covered by 10 separate entries. Lesser conflicts are also incorporated in this volume, including the Russo-Japanese War, the Greco-Turkish War, the Falklands War, the Soviet War in Afghanistan, the Gulf Wars, and more. Issues such as chemical warfare, ethnic cleansing, psychological warfare, and women and war also receive substantial treatment, making this an invaluable resource for students and general readers alike.

Making America A History of the United States

Author : Carol Berkin
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Shaped with a clear political chronology, MAKING AMERICA reflects the variety of individual experiences and cultures that comprise American society. The book's clear and helpful presentation speaks directly to students, sparking their curiosity and inviting them to “do history” as well as read about it. For instructors whose classrooms mirror the diversity of today's college students, the strongly chronological narrative, together with visuals and an integrated program of learning and teaching aids, makes the historical content vivid and comprehensible to students at all levels of preparedness. Available in the following split options: MAKING AMERICA, Seventh Edition (Chapters 1-29), ISBN: 978-1-285-19479-0; Volume I: To 1877 (Chapters 1-15), ISBN: 978-1-285-19480-6; Volume II: Since 1865 (Chapters 15-29), ISBN: 978-1-285-19481-3. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.