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Malaria Dreams

Author : Stuart Stevens
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While attempting to transfer a friend's Land Rover from the Central African republic to Europe, two travel companions experience various adventures and hijinks in such locales as Lake Chad, Timbuktu, and the Sahara

Malaria Dreams and Other Visions of Architecture

Author : Gautam Bhatia
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ýBuilding a house for someone is like getting to know the person himself.ý In the course of his career, well-known architect Gautam Bhatia has designed innumerable dream houses for a cross-section of people. Some of these people had the most incredible suggestions and demands, and the writer uses these as a springboard to create a set of quasi-fictional stories involving bizarre people with equally bizarre plans and theories. We meet an eccentric Parsi millionaire who wants to run a ferry service between Bombay and the Maldives; a guru, snug in his hi-tech ashram, who prescribes Body Shop moisturizers for better health; an obsessive collector who wants a secret basement in his house for his library of first editions and manuscripts; and an NRI who wishes to shape his nostalgia into a hundred-thousand-dollar ýcaandoý. At once thoughtful and funny, this collection of stories will only cement Gautam Bhatiaýs reputation as one of Indiaýs most imaginative and witty writers.

Biblical Principles of Dream Interpretation

Author : Dr. D. K. Olukoya
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Throughout the scriptures, we have discovered some outstanding characters who remain symbols of excellence till date. The characters attained great feats and broke new ground after experiencing a life changing encounter with God. The author, with the pen of a ready-writer skilfully draws powerful principles from their experiences. These principles are laid bare for the modern day Christian to apply in their personal walk with God. This book will help you experience the divine presence which will move your life forward. You would receive spiritual vision. The way of divine encounter will take you to a realm where demons will see you and tremble and evil powers will be frightened stiff when they discover the transforming power of an encounter with God. The book will flag off a new passion for God in your life.

A Fantastic Cruise to the Zenith the Place of Your Dreams

Author : Kingsley Wabara
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You can realize your dreams! After all, as a man thinks in his heart, so he is--is the place of your dreams not in your own heart? However, the big question is, have you ever had a great dream in the day with your eyes wide open? If not, has one ever been revealed to you in your sleep? My dear, what have you done to, and with your dreams? Did you transform them into creative physical thinking, or did you allow someone to successfully lie to you that such dreams are signs of an impending illness? Usually in a place like Africa, when men dream great dreams, they are accused of having a bout of malaria. But the sheer truth is, only men who have dreamt great dreams have also turned out to be "great" in life--only nations who have dreamt great dreams have also turned out to be great in the committee of nations. Martin Luther-King Jnr. once had a dream; Bill Gates also, definitely did have a dream; and today, I have a new dream--that you, can become the man or woman of your own dreams--the happy millionaire, the quintessential preacher, the excellent career person, the best athlete, the music star, the banker par excellence, name it--you can be whatever you want to be. Basically, A Fantastic Cruise To The Zenith is an excellent allegorical guide to the place of your dreams--wherever it is. But beyond that, it also guides you to a point of new discovery--the Zenith: the state of assured eternal security, the realm of abundance, and the regime of highest achievements. I count you rather blessed and favored to behold this divinely inspired message received in line with my vision to strengthen people, especially, my generation, and those yet to come. It is a book of life designed to answer to the needs of many--from all cadres, and from all ages--it will answer to your very need. The writing style is absolutely unique, and essentially focused on general readership, but with a systematic attempt to assert the symptomatic beauty of excellent living; demystify the concept of human destiny; construct a fulcrum for achieving a healthier, happier, and more successful human life here on earth and, a profitable eternal life for the soul even after the "first death." A Fantastic Cruise To The Zenith also makes strong reference to my theory of the Democratic Human Tripod, which is an elegant attempt to explain the tripartite composition of man, with a view to bringing all men to the "truth that maketh free!" The book begins with an acclaimed "must-read" prologue, and has six (6) conceptual parts, namely: 1.A New Beginning 2.The Way 3.The Vehicle 4.The Cruise 5.The Crossing 6.Never To Be Forgotten The 1st part ends with a technical innovation to demystify the concept of Human Destiny and simply relates it to conscious envisioning and mission statements. The 2nd part has got another practical innovation--The Balanced Success Map (BSM), which is an attempt to practically guide the reader (or Cruiser) as he translates, most constructively, his current feasible dreams and wishes to some very highly achievable goals. The 3rd part comes with yet another innovation--The Vehicle--Destiny 2.07+ U20x Model, which is arguably the grandest vehicle in town. You just can't wait to acquire it! The 4th part introduces the reader to the practical applications of the already established principles, whereas the 5th part dwells instructively on life after here, which, to me, is the crux of the matter. And just before the closure, the 6th part appears to be asking, "Would you be remembered after dust has become dust?" The overriding implication is that A Fantastic Cruise To The Zenith may not just end at being sold, bought, and read. It may also have to be studied, and read over and over again. My advice is for it to be by your pillow at night, in your bag when on the move, on your table at work and, in your palms at the least o

Farewell to the God of Plague

Author : Miriam Gross
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Farewell to the God of Plague reassesses the celebrated Maoist health care model through the lens of MaoÕs famous campaign against snail fever. Using newly available archives, Miriam Gross documents how economic, political, and cultural realities led to grassroots resistance. Nonetheless, the campaign triumphed, but not because of its touted mass-prevention campaign. Instead, success came from its unacknowledged treatment arm, carried out jointly by banished urban doctors and rural educated youth. More broadly, the author reconsiders the relationship between science and political control during the ostensibly antiscientific Maoist era, discovering the important role of Ògrassroots scienceÓ in regime legitimation and Party control in rural areas.

Taiping Guangji A Collection of Ancient Novels in China Volume of Dreams and Magics Vol 276 290

Author : Li Fang
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"Taiping Guangji" (太平广记) is the first collection of ancient classical Chinese documentary novels. The book has 500 volumes with 10 catalogues . It is a kind of book based on the documentary stories of the Han Dynasty and the Song Dynasty. 14 people including Li Fang, Hu Mongolian ﹑ Li Mu , Xu Xuan , Wangke Zhen , Song white , Lv Wenzhong worked under Song Taizong Emperor’s command for the compilation. It began in the second year of Taiping Xingguo (977 A.D) and was completed in the following year (978 Ad.). This book is basically a collection of ancient stories compiled by category. The book is divided into 92 categories according to the theme, and is divided into more than 150 details. The story of the gods and spirits in the book accounts for the largest proportion, such as the fifty-five volumes of the gods, the fifteen volumes of the female fairy, the twenty-five volumes of the gods, the forty volumes of the ghosts, plus the Taoism, the alchemist, the aliens, the dissidents, the interpretation and Spirit vegetation of birds and so on, basically belong to the weird story of nature, represents the mainstream of Chinese classical story. The book includes the Volume of Dreams and Magics (Vol. 276 – 290) from Tai Ping Guang Ji.

The Historical Ecology of Malaria in Ethiopia

Author : James C. McCann
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Malaria is an infectious disease like no other: it is a dynamic force of nature and Africa’s most deadly and debilitating malady. James C. McCann tells the story of malaria in human, narrative terms and explains the history and ecology of the disease through the science of landscape change. All malaria is local. Instead of examining the disease at global or continental scale, McCann investigates malaria’s adaptation and persistence in a single region, Ethiopia, over time and at several contrasting sites. Malaria has evolved along with humankind and has adapted to even modern-day technological efforts to eradicate it or to control its movement. Insecticides, such as DDT, drug prophylaxis, development of experimental vaccines, and even molecular-level genetic manipulation have proven to be only temporary fixes. The failure of each stand-alone solution suggests the necessity of a comprehensive ecological understanding of malaria, its transmission, and its persistence, one that accepts its complexity and its local dynamism as fundamental features. The story of this disease in Ethiopia includes heroes, heroines, witches, spirits — and a very clever insect — as well as the efforts of scientists in entomology, agroecology, parasitology, and epidemiology. Ethiopia is an ideal case for studying the historical human culture of illness, the dynamism of nature’s disease ecology, and its complexity within malaria.

Islands of Goodness

Author : Bassey Ubong
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Mira, a young woman from a middle-class family, lives a life of contrasts that pits dreams against reality and expectations against actuality. She meets a young man that could make her straighten out yet remains herself to a fatal level. Ken, the young man, is pragmatic, sometimes to a fatal level. His mentor and unwitting victim, High Chief Babington, sustains his fondness for him, apparently in line with his numerous philosophies of lifefrom organizational management to affairs of the heart. Mira loses her life; Ken dithers about an action that he needed to take, then spends his days after losing his job to confide to his diary the developments in his life, in spite of his fading sanity. Probably Ken may have a third chance or may end with up with a second chance that Mira never had.

The Making of a Tropical Disease

Author : Randall M. Packard
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A global history of malaria that traces the natural and social forces that have shaped its spread and made it deadly, while limiting efforts to eliminate it. Malaria sickens hundreds of millions of people—and kills nearly a half a million—each year. Despite massive efforts to eradicate the disease, it remains a major public health problem in poorer tropical regions. But malaria has not always been concentrated in tropical areas. How did malaria disappear from other regions, and why does it persist in the tropics? From Russia to Bengal to Palm Beach, Randall M. Packard's far-ranging narrative shows how the history of malaria has been driven by the interplay of social, biological, economic, and environmental forces. The shifting alignment of these forces has largely determined the social and geographical distribution of the disease, including its initial global expansion, its subsequent retreat to the tropics, and its current persistence. Packard argues that efforts to control and eliminate malaria have often ignored this reality, relying on the use of biotechnologies to fight the disease. Failure to address the forces driving malaria transmission have undermined past control efforts. Describing major changes in both the epidemiology of malaria and efforts to control the disease, the revised edition of this acclaimed history, which was chosen as the 2008 End Malaria Awards Book of the Year in its original printing, • examines recent efforts to eradicate malaria following massive increases in funding and political commitment; • discusses the development of new malaria-fighting biotechnologies, including long-lasting insecticide-treated nets, rapid diagnostic tests, combination artemisinin therapies, and genetically modified mosquitoes; • explores the efficacy of newly developed vaccines; and • explains why eliminating malaria will also require addressing the social forces that drive the disease and building health infrastructures that can identify and treat the last cases of malaria. Authoritative, fascinating, and eye-opening, this short history of malaria concludes with policy recommendations for improving control strategies and saving lives.

Brock Chisholm the World Health Organization and the Cold War

Author : John Farley
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Brock Chisholm was one of the most influential Canadians of the twentieth century. A world-renowned psychiatrist, he was the first director-general of the World Health Organization and built it up against overwhelming political odds in the years immediately following the Second World War. An atheist and a fierce critic of jingoistic nationalism, he supported world peace and world government and became a champion of the United Nations and the WHO. Post-1945 international politics, global health issues, and medical history intersect in this highly readable account of a remarkable Canadian.