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Managing Intelligence

Author : Neil Quarmby
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Everywhere there are mountains of information. Intelligence Managers and practitioners transform these mountains into intelligence and convey it to decision-makers. Intelligence is crucial. It maximises opportunity and minimises risk.Intelligence practitioners must apply critical thinking and transparent analysis to increase understanding and reduce uncertainty. They must learn how to influence decision-makers.Managing Intelligence: The Art of Influence, solidly grounded in theory, provides practical guidance for managers and practitioners to develop and implement intelligence programs. It shows how to integrate these programs into an organisation in a coherent and functional way.The book also outlines management issues that are specific to the intelligence profession. Key themes include the capability, models, people and processes required to support those in the business of making tactical, operational and strategic decisions and the transformation of intelligence into value.Intelligence experts Neil Quarmby and Lisa Jane Young cogently expand the concept of using intelligence to support organisational decision-making by creating a series of programs to detect, analyse and report on threats and risks in the broader environment.Managing Intelligence: The Art of Influence is written for Intelligence Managers and practitioners operating in law enforcement, national security, the regulatory sector and throughout the private sector. The book acts as a companion piece to Intelligence in Regulation (Quarmby, 2018) which is designed to fill the void in international literature on regulation.

Managing Intelligence

Author : John Buckley
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Intelligence is used daily by law enforcement personnel across the world in operations to combat terrorism and drugs and to assist in investigating serious and organized crime. Managing Intelligence: A Guide for Law Enforcement Professionals is designed to assist practitioners and agencies build an efficient system to gather and manage intelligence effectively and lawfully in line with the principles of intelligence-led policing. Research for this book draws from discussions with hundreds of officers in different agencies, roles, and ranks from the UK, United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Highlighting common misunderstandings in law enforcement about intelligence, the book discusses the origins of these misunderstandings and puts intelligence in context with other policing models. It looks at human rights and ethical considerations as well as some of the psychological factors that inhibit effective intelligence management. With practical tips about problems likely to be encountered and their solutions, the book describes the "how to" of building an intelligence management system. It discusses analysis and the various methods of collecting information for intelligence purposes and concludes with a discussion of future issues for intelligence in law enforcement. Written by a practitioner with more than 30 years experience working in intelligence and law enforcement, the book helps professionals determine if what they are doing is working and gives them practical tips on how to improve. Based upon real-world empirical research, the book addresses gaps in current law enforcement procedures and integrates theory with practice to provide an optimum learning experience exploring the benefits of intelligence-led policing.

Managing Intelligence Resources

Author : Dan Elkins
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Strategic Intelligence Management

Author : Babak Akhgar
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Strategic Intelligence Management introduces both academic researchers and law enforcement professionals to contemporary issues of national security and information management and analysis. This contributed volume draws on state-of-the-art expertise from academics and law enforcement practitioners across the globe. The chapter authors provide background, analysis, and insight on specific topics and case studies. Strategic Intelligent Management explores the technological and social aspects of managing information for contemporary national security imperatives. Academic researchers and graduate students in computer science, information studies, social science, law, terrorism studies, and politics, as well as professionals in the police, law enforcement, security agencies, and government policy organizations will welcome this authoritative and wide-ranging discussion of emerging threats. Hot topics like cyber terrorism, Big Data, and Somali pirates, addressed in terms the layperson can understand, with solid research grounding Fills a gap in existing literature on intelligence, technology, and national security

Intelligence Parapolitics

Author :
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Managing Frontiers in Competitive Intelligence

Author : Craig S. Fleisher
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For specialists and nonspecialists alike, this perceptive selection of the newest and the up and coming tools and techniques of competitive intelligence picks up where other books leave off, offering a well balanced combination of theory and practice. It shows how advances in computers and technology have accelerated progress in CI management, and the ways in which CI has affected (and been affected by) major business functions and processes. It explores applications to organizations of various sizes and types. Analysts, strategists and organizational decision makers will find the book especially valuable, as they seek to make sense of the business environment and assess their organizations' evolving, dynamic places in it.


Author : Clive Harfield
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This title is a practical guide to using intelligence in policing, illustrating its theoretical and operational contexts. It provides clear guidance on intelligence gathering and evaluation as well as the handling and analysis of intelligence, drawing on key findings from recent inquiries into intelligence and outlining the relevant legislation.

Managing and Understanding Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Author : Hildesheim Wolfgang
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KI ist ein weltweiter Megatrend. Bedeutung, Leistung und Komplexität von KI-Lösungen nehmen rasant zu und daher wächst auch der Bedarf, einen Überblick über die relevanten KI-Lösungen zu behalten und die damit verbundenen Prioritäten und Risiken zu managen. Das vorgestellte AI Methods, Capabilities and Criticality Grid (AI-MC2-Grid) stellt eine Methode und ein Werkzeug dar, um diesen Überblick zu gewinnen und die KI-Lösungen zu verwalten. Nutzer des AI-MC2-Grid können Manager, Entwickler und Anwender von KI-Lösungen sein, aber auch Investoren, Politiker und Regelsetzer, die den Markt verstehen und bestimmte KI-Lösungen verwalten wollen.Das AI-MC2-Grid besteht aus drei Dimensionen: KI-Methoden, KI-Fähigkeiten und die Kritikalität einer KI-Lösung. Jede diskutierte KI-Lösung kann in diese drei Dimensionen eingeordnet werden, so dass ähnliche KI-Lösungen verglichen werden können. Alternativ können komplexe KI-Lösungen anhand ihrer Komponenten analysiert werden. KI-Methoden entsprechen dabei typischen KI-Algorithmen, während KI-Fähigkeiten typischen Prozessschritten zum Aufbau intelligenter Workflows beschreiben. Sind die relevanten KI-Methoden und KI-Fähigkeiten einer bestimmten KI-Lösung gefunden, können Leistung, Folgen und mögliche Risiken und Alternativen diskutiert werden. Basierend auf der Klassifizierung stellt das Schadenspotenzial von Künstlicher Intelligenz eine bestimmte Stufe der Kritikalität dar. In diesem Zuge steigen mit zunehmender Kritikalität auch die Anforderungen an Tests, Kalibrierung, Inspektion, Kontrolle und Zertifizierung. Das AI-MC2-Grid eine leistungsfähige Methode und ein Werkzeug, um alle Arten von kommenden Normen und Standards von KI-Lösungen zu definieren und zu verwalten.Aus diesem guten Grund steht das AI-MC2-Grid im Mittelpunkt der Deutschen Normungsroadmap für Künstlichen Intelligenz, die als Werkzeug zur Unterstützung der Entwicklung und des Managements zukünftiger KI-Standards und -Normen

Intelligence in Action

Author : G. Erickson
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First book to combine financial results with proprietary benchmarking data and in-depth interviews with experienced knowledge practitioners. The resulting framework provides an inside- and outside-the-firm view of the risks and opportunities found in knowledge management and competitive intelligence.

Intelligence Analysis

Author : Robert M Clark
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Due to the ever-evolving tactics of our enemies, the American intelligence community has been compelled to find more effective methods of managing intelligence analysis. In Intelligence Analysis, Robert M. Clark demonstrates that a collaborative, target-centric approach leads to sharper and more effective analysis, while better meeting the needs of the end-user. Comprehensively revised to reflect the changes in the constantly shifting landscape of intelligence, the new fourth edition accounts for recent events and is rife with new examples throughout. Brand new and significantly revised coverage includes chapters on managing the analytic unit, analytic methodologies, and the analytic spectrum, bringing a heightened level of clarity to this outstanding, must-have resource. Clark�s practical information and insider perspective create the perfect resource for students and practitioners alike.

Calendar of State Papers

Author : Great Britain. Public Record Office
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Calendar of State Papers Domestic Series during the Commonwealth 1653 1654

Author : Great Britain. Public Record Office
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Managing Strategic Intelligence

Author : Mark Xu
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"This book focuses on environment information scanning and organization-wide support for strategic intelligence. It also provides practical guidance to organizations for developing effective approaches, mechanisms, and systems to scan, refine, and support strategic information provision"--Provided by publisher.

Information Management for the Intelligent Organization

Author : Chun Wei Choo
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Information is the organisation's strategic resource, yet much of the information that an organisation recieves, is nuance and innuendo; more of a potential that a prescription for action. This book will help you gain an understanding of how an organisation may manage its information processes more effectively in order to increase its capacity to learn and adapt.

Managing Globally

Author : Carl A. Nelson
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This how-to workbook enables the reader to develop a global strategy through a step-by-step process. It includes: practical check-lists; flow charts; matrices.

The Future of American Intelligence

Author : Peter Berkowitz
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These essays from a diverse group of distinguished contributors deepen our understanding of the new national security threats posed by terrorism, by the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and by the spread of Islamic extremism. They examine the obstacles to making U.S. intelligence more capable and offer recommendations for effective reform.

Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World

Author : Anita Rose
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Whether you work group stretches from here to Dubai or can easily meet in a conference room down the hall, anger and frustration are easy to come by when others don’t do things your way, follow directions, or respond the way you think they should. But when emotions manage workplace relationships, the result is conflict, disengagement, and low morale. Emotional Intelligence for Managing Results in a Diverse World delivers a novel prescription for managing effectively in today’s workplace: Use the dynamic principles of EQ plus insights from the author’s pioneering diversity work to increase your competence in managing emotions and enhance your effectiveness in work, relationships, and life. The book also gives you the know-how to use this approach in coaching and developing others to help them be more successful on the job.

The Intelligence Community

Author : Tyrus G. Fain
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Managing Yourself

Author : Paul Morgan
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Chapter headings include: - self-awareness - goal setting - empathy - intuition - integrity - creativity - emotional management [from table of contents].

The Un common Sense of Management

Author : Sanjay Tiwari
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Formal management training teaches us about tools, techniques, and models, but relegates skills, ingenuity, and wisdom to the background. Sanjay Tiwari's framework equips managers to combine the 'intuitive' with the 'structured' and helps them acquire the needed skills rather than just getting bogged down by knowledge acquisition. He makes management an individual art, a world of insights and intuition, a 'sixth sense'.