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Managing Leadership Stress

Author : Vidula Bal
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Aimed at managers and executives who are concerned with their own and others' development, each guidebook in this series gives specific advice on how to complete a developmental task or solve a leadership problem.

Pastoral Burnout and Leadership Styles

Author : Ruben Exantus
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This book is about how pastors exercise leadership. It's a book on pastoral burnout and leadership styles is dedicated to helping pastors, candidates for pastoral ministry, and individuals who want to have a better understanding of pastoral leadership. It reflects a study conducted on Southern Baptist pastors in the Central Florida region, also known as Greater Orlando, which comprises counties that are often included in Central Florida demographics. It comprises a rich, diverse multicultural population among the surrounding counties including European Americans, African Americans, Haitians, and Hispanics.

Instructor s manual for huber leadership and nursing care management

Author : Diane G. Huber
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Police Leadership and Management

Author : Margaret Mitchell
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This volume presents the new contexts and challenges for contemporary police leaders and managers in the changing landscapes of policing. The governance of contemporary police organisations requires leaders and managers, even at the local level, to work in and understand complex social, political and organisational environments. The wide range of topics in this collection explores what is changing, what is known about the impact of these changes and what leaders and managers now need to be able to do or anticipate as a consequence. Operational policing is no longer the militaristic singular activity it once was, but embraces new models of 'partnership' and 'community' to manage crime and disorder. Equally, while command and control models are still an essential of many aspects of policing, managing police officers and staff increasingly depends on their professional development and encouraging enthusiasm and innovation. Policing takes place under conditions of intense scrutiny from the media and from the community; and crime and disorder is the subject of much political debate. Each of these broad areas are addressed and present a surprising range of perspectives. The volume is aimed at every level of management and leadership in policing, researchers of policing and students of police management and leadership.

Msl 401 Leadership And Management Textbook

Author : Rotc Cadet Command
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Senior - 1st semester ROTC textbook

Organizational Stress

Author : J. Cranwell-Ward
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This book provides a sound understanding of stress from organizational, managerial and individual perspectives. It is an ideal guide for managers, HR and OH professionals with responsibility for stress management. In order to remain competitive, avoid risk, and be employers of choice, organisations must discover the causes of stress and mitigate them, formulate robust policies and procedures, create an appropriate culture and climate, and support stressed individuals. This book acts as a handbook for all aspects of managing stress. It includes latest cutting-edge thinking developed at Henley Management College and up to date examples and case studies.

The Connected Manager

Author : John P. Nesgoda
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Being a connected manager to your team and your organization in today's fast-paced, technologically driven work environment can be a challenge. While it is challenging it can be one of the most important and rewarding roles in your career. There are many areas of focus that a modern manager must take into consideration to be successful. There are times when juggling all the tasks that are thrown your way can be stressful. Thankfully there are ways to reduce the stress, streamline your efficiencies and make you a stronger more confident manager and leader. This book has compiled the best practices for managers and leaders that can be used to guide you through those circumstances. It is also a great resource with tools and information to help you and your team throughout the employee life cycle. It covers the following areas: Leadership Qualities, Communication, Leadership Styles, Team Management, Time Management, Hiring / Interviewing, Evaluating Team Members, Managing Difficult Employees, Dealing with Employee Conflict, Firing an Employee, Recognition, Project Management, and Networking. This material is for both new managers and even the seasoned, and it includes areas you should focus on and the things you should avoid. This book will help you create an environment for your team that is engaged, productive and happy.

Leadership and Nursing Care Management E Book

Author : Diane Huber
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Develop your management and leadership skills. Leadership and Nursing Care Management, 6th Edition maintains its AONE competencies, and features the most up-to-date, evidence-based blend of practice and theory related to the issues that impact nursing management and leadership today. A fresh, conversational writing style provides you with an easy-to-understand, in-depth look at these prevalent issues. Key topics include the nursing professional's role in law and ethics, staffing and scheduling, delegation, cultural considerations, care management, human resources, outcomes management, safe work environments, preventing employee injury, and time and stress management. UNIQUE! Chapters divided according to AONE competencies for nurse leaders, managers, and executives. Research Notes in each chapter summarize relevant nursing leadership and management studies and highlight the practical applications of research findings. Case Studies at the end of each chapter present real-world leadership and management situations and illustrate how key concepts can be applied to actual practice. Critical Thinking Questions at the end of each chapter present clinical situations followed by critical thinking questions that allow you to reflect on chapter content, critically analyze the information, and apply it to the situation. Full-color design and photos makes content more vivid. Updated! Chapter on the Prevention of Workplace Violence emphasizes the AONE, Joint Commission’s, and OSHA’s leadership regarding ethical issues with disruptive behaviors of incivility, bullying, and other workplace violence. Updated! Chapter on Workplace Diversity includes the latest information on how hospitals and other healthcare facilities address and enhance awareness of diversity. Updated! Chapter on Data Management and Clinical Informatics covers how new technology helps patients be informed, connected, and activated through social networks; and how care providers access information through mobile devices, data dashboards, and virtual learning systems.

Managing Job Stress

Author : Arthur P. Brief
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Leadership in Organizations

Author :
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Educational Leadership And Management Developing Insights And Skills

Author : Coleman, Marianne
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Demonstrates the insights and skills needed by leaders in education in an increasingly diverse society. This book integrates theory with practice by presenting a real life scenario in each chapter. It promotes an ethical stance based on values of social justice and equity with a strong focus on cultural diversity.

Essentials of Nursing Leadership and Management

Author : Ruth M. Tappen
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This text helps the new graduate make the transition to professional nursing practice. Focus is on the staff nurse as a vital member of the healthcare team and manager of patient care, with material on leadership and communication skills, time management, dealing with conflicts, and work-related stress and burnout. Career issues such as nursing practice and the law, ethics, education, and professional organizations are also addressed. There are appendices of guidelines and standards. This second edition contains a new chapter on delegation, and updated material on workplace issues such as latex allergies, needlestick injuries, and back injuries. c. Book News Inc.

Introduction to Leadership

Author :
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Stress Management for Health Care Professionals

Author : Steven H. Appelbaum
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Managing Stress in Marriage

Author : Bill Bright
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Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor

Author : William O. Umiker
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Management Skills for the New Health Care Supervisor, Third Editionincludes new chapters on customer service, managed care, safety and control of violence, rewards and recognition, and succession planning, all of which are new and compelling issues for health care supervisors. Women as supervisors and legal issues for supervisors are also growing topics that have been added to the new edition. This book sets itself apart from other texts on health care supervision in that it is a practical hands-on, how-to handbook. For the first time, a comprehensive Instructor's Guide is available with the new edition. This guide provides case studies, role playing exercises and pages that can be used as handouts.

Managing Fiscal Stress

Author : Charles H. Levine
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Developing Leadership Skills

Author : Rosie L. Albritton
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Essays discuss concepts of leadership, interpersonal skills, self-confidence, professional growth, and developments in information technology

A Strategy for Handling Executive Stress

Author : Ari Kiev
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Managing Staff in Early Years Settings

Author : Ann Langston
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This book draws on a wide range of management theory and shows its relevance and relationship to early years settings. Case studies are used to provide the starting point for reflection, and throughout the chapters you are asked to consider the examples, stand back, interpret and audit your own actions in order to develop your management skills. This book will assist managers and prospective managers by providing them with the tools to facilitate staff training sessions or to conduct personal enquiry into the working of their own organization. Chapters cover: leadership and management teams and team building staff motivation managing change selecting suitable staff and effective interviewing staff assessment projecting and maintaining a positive image for your school or nursery managing conflict and stress.