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The Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy

Author : Wayne Hing
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Endorsed by the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association (MCTA) The MCTA is the accredited body of Mulligan Concept teachers. A comprehensive and easy-to-follow resource for the manual therapist seeking to improve patients’ movement using pain-free hands-on techniques. The Mulligan Concept of manual therapy was developed by Brian Mulligan in 1983 and is now used by health practitioners globally to assist individuals in improving movement restrictions, pain with movement and functional restrictions. Designed as a companion to Mulligan Concept training courses, the text is divided by body regions, with techniques highlighting key information to assist with clinical reasoning and assessment, patient and practitioner positioning, guidelines for application and further adjustments. Covers 250 Mulligan techniques including 13 new techniques Addresses Mobilisation With Movement and pain release phenomenon Presents techniques in two formats: easy-to-follow bulleted list with annotated photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions New and improved photographs better illustrate technique execution Dictionary of annotations for techniques described Home exercises and taping techniques also included An eBook included in all print purchases All techniques comprehensively revised to align with current evidence-based practice 13 New Mulligan techniques An eBook included in all print purchases

Manual of Mulligan Concept

Author : Deepak Kumar
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This book has been written for physiotherapists who practice or wish to learn manual therapy, and for those clinicians who are keen on getting an insight into the Mulligan Concept but finding it hard to spare time out of their busy practice. The thought process behind this book has been to elaborate the Mulligan Concept in a step by step manner to ensure easy understanding and comprehension of all the techniques used in the concept. Its systematic approach to teaching the principles behind the concept makes it particularly valuable to the physical therapist practicing Mulligan Concept. This book features descriptions of all the techniques in the Mulligan Concept with a detailed set of illustrations in a sequential manner. Emphasis has been laid on the patient position, therapist position, hand and belt placement including method of delivery of treatment with proper communication and reasoning throughout this book. The accurate application of the techniques is necessary to obtain optimal results; and the book emphasizes on this through demonstration of precautions to be taken. In this book, a free-flow of language is used to ensure that the user is able to actually feel the practical essence and easily understands the details. Most of the Illustrations are provided with signs and symbols for better understanding of the Concept. The Mulligan Concept is one of the preferred concepts & is often the first choice of treatment among clinicians because this concept allows the patients to perform the offending movements in a functional position, that too in a pain-free way, hence, making the outcome very rewarding. Especially in the recent past, Mulligan Concept has gained a lot of popularity because of its instantaneous and effective results.

Manual Therapy

Author : Brian R. Mulligan
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This new 6th edition text contains new & revised information including Mobilisations with Movement (MWMs) for the shoulder girdle. When applied correctly, they can significantly reduce joint pain and increase movement. They're also highly effective treatments for patients with pain or stiffness of Cx 5/6 and Cx 6/7 origin. This book is a must for physical therapists working in the musculoskeletal field. Written by one of the world's foremost experts of Manual Therapy, Brian Mulligan.

Evaluating the Effects of the Mulligan Concept Manual Therapy in an Athletic Training Practice

Author : Robinetta Ashley Hudson
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The Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement (DoCPI) was designed to provide evidence of a Doctorate of Athletic Training (DAT) student's development in becoming an advanced scholarly practitioner. A DAT student attains advancement through reflection of patient outcomes and critical self-assessment of clinical competences, which are then applied in clinical research. Through this process, known as an action research philosophy, students are able to identify patterns within their clinic and apply treatment paradigms to solve local issues conducting practice based evidence (PBE). Within this comprehensive document, there are multiple original applied clinical research projects, indicating development of advanced practice. Additionally, a review of literature on the Mulligan Concept specific to mobilization with movement of the knee for meniscal tear symptoms, is included to demonstrate a sound foundational knowledge in the specific area of focus. Finally, a multi-site research project, designed a priori, is included specifically to restore function and alleviate pain of patients with meniscal symptoms. The culmination of the works provided within this DOCPI will represent scholarly advanced practice of an athletic training clinician.

Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy From Art to Evidence

Author : Christopher H Wise
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Take an eclectic, evidence-based approach to orthopaedic manual therapy. From theory through practical application of soft tissue and joint mobilization techniques—this comprehensive resource delivers the depth and breadth of coverage you need to optimize patient outcomes through informed clinical decision-making as part of a comprehensive intervention regimen.

Functional Soft tissue Examination and Treatment by Manual Methods

Author : Warren I. Hammer
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In this new edition, chapters from the previous editions have been thoroughly revised and updated and new material has been added on Myofascial Release, Somatics, Friction massage, and much more.

Physical Therapy Management of Low Back Pain

Author : Julia Chevan
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Physical Therapy Management of Low Back Pain: A Case-Based Approach provides a detailed review of the theory and practice of the most common approaches to treating low back pain using a case-based approach for a single patient. The important features of nine different common and major orthopedic physical therapy approaches are explained and practical application of each approach is demonstrated via the patient case. This controlled overview enables instructors and students to analyze, compare and contrast the options in physical therapy treatment.

Mobilisation with Movement

Author : Bill Vicenzino
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Presents a one stop source of Brian Mulligan.s Mobilisation With Movement (MWM) management approach for musculoskeletal pain, injury and disability that integrates evidence base into clinical practice. Vicenzino, University of Queensland; Hall, Curtin University; Rivett, Newcastle University; and Hing, Auckland Institute of Technology, New Zealand.

Musculoskeletal Interventions

Author : Michael L. Voight
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The definitive, A-to-Z overview of evidence-based rehab programs using therapeutic exercise In this exceptional evidence-and-guide-based, clinically-oriented resource, you'll learn everything you need to know about the design, implementation, and supervision of therapeutic exercise programs for orthopedic injuries and disorders. The book's logical five-part organization begins with an instructive look at the foundations of the rehabilitation process, then covers the treatment of physiologic impairments during rehabilitation; rehabilitation tools; intervention strategies; and special considerations for specific patient populations. Features Helpful review of the foundations of the rehabilitation process, thorough coverage of managing the healing process through rehabilitation, and an algorithm-based approach to musculoskeletal rehabilitation Complete survey of rehabilitation tools, from isokinetics, aquatic therapy, and orthotics, to a four-step clinical model for the essentials of functional exercise Full chapters on functional progressions and functional testing and unique coverage of core stabilization training, impaired function, and impaired muscular control Unique coverage of a functional movement screen A practical system for history-taking and scanning Unique coverage of how to treat special segments of the population, including geriatric and pediatric patients, amputees, and the active female An easy-to-follow body region approach to intervention strategies Handy appendices covering the American College of Sports Medicine position statements on strength training and fitness development An abundance of study-enhancing illustrations, plus clinical pearls and protocols designed to speed clinical decision making

Principles and Practice of Chiropractic Third Edition

Author : Scott Haldeman
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The most comprehensive, extensively illustrated book focusing on chiropractic principles, diagnosis, and treatment.

Utilizing Manual Therapy Within a Regional Interdependence Model for the Treatment of Cervicothoracic Dysfunction

Author : Dawn Andrews
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The capstone product of the Doctor of Athletic Training (DAT) program is a Dissertation of Clinical Practice Improvement (DoCPI), and this extensive document highlights my evolution as an athletic trainer into a scholarly practitioner. Included in my DoCPI is the Plan of Advanced Practice (PoAP) that builds the foundation by which I work toward advanced practice and identifies my current clinical practices, strengths, areas of needed improvement, and professional goals while providing a structure to evaluate my growth as a clinician. The presentation of two multi-site research studies reflects the philosophy of the DAT to engage in action research and utilize practice-based evidence to address local clinical practice challenges and enhance clinical decision-making. The exploration of the effects of Mulligan Concept® thoracic sustained natural apophyseal glides (SNAGs) for the treatment of secondary impingement syndrome provided a means of investigating the regional interdependence model by indirectly treating shoulder pain via the scapulothoracic region. Further investigation of Mulligan Concept® positional SNAGs provided a foundation for the direct treatment of non-traumatic musculoskeletal injury of the cervicothoracic region without hesitation. The insight I gained through participation in action research allowed me to apply practical solutions to specific problems within my clinical setting, and the following DoCPI provides evidence of how I integrated and applied action research within my clinical setting, demonstrating my journey from a novice athletic trainer to advanced practitioner.

Brukner Khan s Clinical Sports Medicine

Author : Peter Brukner
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‘A striking feature of Clinical Sports Medicine has always been the authors’ relentless commitment to “clinical”. This is a unique book.’ Dr Emma K Stokes, President, World Confederation for Physical Therapy This world-leading title in sport and exercise medicine is an authoritative and practical guide to physiotherapy and musculoskeletal medicine for clinicians and students. To accommodate the rapid advances in the professions, this fifth edition has been expanded into two volumes. This first volume, Clinical Sports Medicine: Injuries, is the essential guide to all aspects of preventing, diagnosing and treating sports-related injuries. It serves physiotherapists, team clinicians, athletic trainers, sports therapists, sports rehabilitators and trainers, as well as students in the health professions and in Human Movement Studies. All chapters have been updated and rewritten by an international team of sports physiotherapists and sports physicians at the top of their fields. More than 550 new figures have been added to bring the total number of illustrations to 1300. There are 15 new chapters, including: • Shoulder pain • Acute knee injuries • Posterior thigh pain • Low back pain • Return to play • Sport-specific biomechanics This ebook is enhanced with 40 video masterclasses showing procedures such as foot examination, hip injections and basic biomechanical assessment. Note: The second volume, Clinical Sports Medicine: Exercise Medicine, is scheduled for release in 2018 and will focus on the health benefits of exercise and the medical issues in sport. It will serve general practitioners and other clinicians who prescribe exercise to promote health and to treat medical conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. ABOUT THE AUTHORS PETER BRUKNER OAM, MBBS, FACSEP, FACSM, FFSEM Peter Brukner is a Sport and Exercise Physician and currently the Australian cricket team doctor. He was previously Head of Sports Medicine and Sports Science at the Liverpool Football Club in the UK. Peter is the founding partner of the Olympic Park Sports Medicine Centre, a past president of the Australasian College of Sport and Exercise Physicians, and Professor of Sports Medicine at La Trobe University. Peter has been an Olympic team physician and was the Socceroos team doctor at the 2010 World Cup. In 2005 he was awarded the Order of Australia medal (OAM) for services to sports medicine. KARIM KHAN MD, PhD, MBA, FACSEP, FACSM, FFSEM Karim Khan is a Sport and Exercise Physician and Professor of Sports Medicine at the Department of Family Practice at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. He is Editor in Chief of the British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM) and has published more than 300 peer-reviewed research articles. In 2001, he was awarded the Australian Prime Minister’s Medal for service to sports medicine. Karim was profiled in The Lancet in its 2012 Olympic Games issue.

The Hip Handbook

Author : Timothy L. Fagerson
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Get an evidence-based approach to evaluating and treating the hip. This concise guide to the anatomy, evaluation, and treatment of the hip fills a gap in the present available literature. Presented clinical guidelines are based on current research data and clinical tips are given for every hip disorder. * - Describes the care of several major hip surgeries and disorders * - Includes a discussion of post acute rehabilitation and a detailed section on surgery * - Comprehensive and current

Orthopaedic Examination Evaluation and Intervention

Author : Mark Dutton
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A complete, evidence-based guide to orthopaedic evaluation and treatment Acclaimed in its first edition, this one-of-a-kind, well-illustrated resource delivers a vital evidence-based look at orthopaedics in a single volume. It is the ultimate source of orthopaedic examination, evaluation, and interventions, distinguished by its multidisciplinary approach to PT practice. Turn to any page, and you'll find the consistent, unified voice of a single author-a prominent practicing therapist who delivers step-by-step guidance on the examination of each joint and region. This in-depth coverage leads clinicians logically through systems review and differential diagnosis, aided by decision-making algorithms for each joint. It's all here: everything from concise summaries of functional anatomy and biomechanics, to an unmatched overview of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

Dutton s Orthopaedic Examination Evaluation and Intervention Third Edition

Author : Mark Dutton
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A complete evidence-based textbook and reference for physical therapy students and practitioners Dutton’s Orthopaedic Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention provides you with a systematic, logical approach to the evaluation and intervention of the orthopedic patient. Comprehensive and up-to-date, Dutton’s strikes the perfect balance in its coverage of examination and treatment. For any intervention to be successful, an accurate diagnosis must be followed by a carefully planned and specific rehabilitation program to both the affected area and its related structure. This approach must take into consideration the structure involved and the stage of healing. Dutton’s Orthopaedic Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention emphasizes the appropriate use of manual techniques and therapeutic exercise based on these considerations. The correct applications of electrotherapeutic and thermal modalities are outlined throughout as adjuncts to the rehabilitative process. The content reflects the consistent, unified voice of a single author – a prominent practicing therapist who delivers step-by-step guidance on the examination of each joint and region. This in-depth coverage leads you logically through systems review and differential diagnosis, aided by decision-making algorithms. Features: NEW full-color illustrations of anatomy and treatment and evaluation procedures Review Q&A for each chapter Companion DVD includes 500 illustrative video clips Chapters updated to reflect the latest research and treatment techniques

Dictionary of Physiotherapy

Author : Stuart B. Porter
File Size : 48.9 MB
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This easy-to-follow reference guide is an international dictionary and glossary specific to physiotherapy.

Orthopaedic Examination Evaluation Intervention

Author : Mark Dutton
File Size : 37.97 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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The most comprehensive text for the core orthopaedics course required in all physical therapy programs! Includes all of the necessary information to provide a high level of care to patients with any musculoskeletal dysfunction by integrating anatomy and biomechanics with treatment strategies. Features case studies, extensive illustrations, and guidelines from the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA), which are integrated throughout.

Dutton s Orthopaedic Examination Evaluation and Intervention Fourth Edition

Author : Mark Dutton
File Size : 46.5 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Updated edition of the #1 orthopaedic evidence-based textbook and reference guide A Doody's Core Title for 2019! Dutton’s Orthopaedic: Examination, Evaluation and Intervention provides readers with a systematic logical approach to the evaluation and intervention of the orthopedic patient. In this comprehensive and up-to-date fourth edition, Dutton strikes the perfect balance in its coverage of examination and treatment. The textbook emphasizes the appropriate use of manual techniques and therapeutic exercise while outlining the correct applications of electrotherapeutic and thermal modalities as adjuncts to the rehabilitative process. The content reflects the consistent unified voice of a single author – a prominent practicing therapist who delivers step-by-step guidance on the examination of each joint and region. This in-depth coverage leads you logically through systems review and differential diagnosis aided by decision-making algorithms & features new coverage on balance and concussions. New videos on testing and method techniques are available on AcessPT (if adopted) Also this edition has added 10-15 board review questions per chapter and has updated chapters to reflect the latest research and treatment techniques.

Handbook of Human Factors

Author : Ahmet F. Özok
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This handbook provides vital information on the effective design and use of systems requiring interaction between humans, machines, and the environment. Six broad areas of study are covered including intrapersonal relationships on the job, the application of ``analytical capability'', the scope and limitation of each methodology, the applications of present methodologies to specific work situations, and the manufacturing and service industries.

The Tools Techniques and Training for Altering and Repairing Pressurized Pipe Systems

Author :
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