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Mapping the Language of Racism

Author : Margaret Wetherell
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Divided into two parts, this book reviews and criticizes sociological and psychological theoretical approaches to the topic of racism and introduces the challenges to them posed by discourse analysis. It examines how white New Zealanders make sense of their own history and actions towards the Maori minority.

Language and Minority Rights

Author : Stephen May
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In this provocative and ground-breaking book, Stephen May argues for a non-essentialist understanding of language rights, while at the same time outlining why language rights, particularly for minority groups, are defensible and important, both academically and politically. May argues that the causes of many of the language-based conflicts in the world today lie with the nation-state and its preoccupation with establishing a 'common' language and culture via mass education. The solution, he suggests, is to rethink nation-states in more culturally and linguistically plural ways while avoiding, at the same time, essentialising the language-identity link.Language and Minority Rights - a benchmark volume in the field of language rights and language policy - is an outstanding interdisciplinary analysis which draws together debates on language from widely different academic fields, including the sociology of language, ethnicity and nationalism, sociolinguistics, social and political theory, education, history and law, illustrating these debates via a wealth of different national contexts and examples. It is essential reading for students, teachers and researchers in the sociology of language, sociolinguistics, applied linguistics, language policy and planning, sociology, politics, and education.

Racism Without Racists

Author : Simone Weil
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Racism is alive and well although it has changed its clothes. Color-blind racism combines elements of liberalism in the abstract with anti-minority views to justify contemporary racial inequality.

Social Psychology and Discourse

Author : Andrew McKinlay
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A unique introduction to social psychology, Social Psychology and Discourse adopts the explanatory framework typical of experimental social psychology textbooks and, using a completely novel approach, applies this framework to discourse analysis in psychology. The contributions of discourse analysis to areas such as the self, relationships, and social cognition – as well as the applied areas of law, health and organisational contexts – are introduced to students unfamiliar with qualitative research. Drawing on a range of examples from UK, European and US research, McKinlay and McVittie provide key coverage of theory and methodology as well as current debates. Featuring chapter outlines, key terms, a glossary, activity questions, classic studies and further reading, this is an invaluable companion for those studying social psychology, communication studies and discourse analysis.

Psychology in Society

Author :
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Race Ethnicity and Gender

Author : Joseph F. Healey
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Race, Ethnicity, and Gender: Selected Readings is the companion reader to: Race, Ethnicity, and Gender, Third Edition by Joseph Healey (SAGE, 2003) but also a stand-alone reader as a unique mix of first-person accounts, competing views on various issues, as well as articles from the research literature. It provides lecturers with essential readings in Race and Ethnicity studies.

California law review

Author :
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The Semiotics of Racism

Author : Martin Reisigl
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Race Communication and the Caring Professions

Author : D. Robinson
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Addressing the issue of inter-ethnic communication, this text aims to provide students and practitioners with a precise framework in which to view and define the diverse factors at work during inter-ethnic communication. It examines inter-ethnic communication from a Black perspective.

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Race Nature And Culture

Author : Peter Wade
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A rethinking of popular political movements, this book looks at new, emerging, mass visions and analyses their impact and potential in new ways.

The Politics of Popular Identity

Author : Dennis Westlind
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In this study, the author aims to provide a critique of existing ideas about populism, as well as develop an analytical view of populism, which he then applies to two case studies.

Researching Race

Author : Hasmita Ramji
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Researching race has become ever more urgent in order to advance our understanding of how race operates in our society and the implications it has for social cohesion. Aimed at a upper-level student audience this book wishes to combine a critical methodological engagement with an exploration of contemporary dilemmas related to researching race to help address the current dominance of highly theoretical work in this area and render the complex but important debates emerging in this area more accessible for students. ..The book will seek to provide theoretical and empirical tools to explore some of the questions which lie at the heart of current debates around researching race especially with regard to �Western� societies. It considers issues such as how can �race� be sociologically understood? Do different methodological approaches operate with different conceptualizations of �race�? What difficulties is a researcher likely to face when researching a different racial group to their own? These theoretical engagements would facilitate case-study explorations around issues which have been concerning popular and expert attention in recent years in contemporary societies. For example is there an emergence of new forms of identification based on race? How does race impact on an individual�s experience of education and employment? The book aims to provide students with access to a balanced range of approaches and will be available for them to use as a basis for mapping the strengths and weaknesses of each approach. .


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White Awareness

Author : Judy H. Katz
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Stage 1.

Race Masculinity and Schooling

Author : Louise Archer
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“a welcome and valuable contribution … because of Archer’s ability to reveal for her readers the complex and dynamic ways in which young Muslim Asian boys in England construct their identities. Through a careful analysis, she demonstrates how stereotypes and inequalities have a real impact on the ways in which these young people negotiate their identities, reminding us of the importance of reading identities within their different contexts… an important and refreshing book” Journal of Education Policy Muslim boys are currently 'hot topics' of social and educational debate: they have been associated with global terrorism, fundamentalism,urban rioting and, within the context of schooling, they appear to be suffering from disproportionately high rates of exclusion and low rates of achievement and post-16 progression. This timely and innovative book examines the issues in detail, fore-grounding Muslim boys' own views of their lives and schooling. The book explores the complex interplay between race/ethnicity, religion, masculinity and social class within Muslim boys' lives. Attention is also given to the role of the teacher/researcher within the boys' production of masculine identities. The book draws on illuminating new research data and reviews a wide range of literature on masculinity and race/ethnicity to enable readers to engage with complex social inequalities within the context of secondary schooling.

Political Linguistics

Author : Jan Blommaert
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As of Volume 9 (1994/95) John Benjamins Publishing Company is the official publisher of the Belgian Journal of Linguistics, the annual publication of the Linguistic Society of Belgium. Each volume is topical and includes selected papers from the international meetings organised by the LSB. After a programmatic introduction by Jan Blommaert, three sections can be discerned in this volume. The first section, with papers by van Dijk, Cushing, Wilson, Fairclough & Mauranen, Jucker and Gruber, concerns itself with the definition of political discourse, with particular linguistic aspects such as non-modal meaning, persuasive tactics or metalinguistic negation, and with recent trends of political discourse such as conversationalisation. The paper by Gruber on media coverage of right-wing extremism leads the way to the second section in which the media and political discourse on foreigners such as migrants and refugees is analysed (Kuusisto & Östman; Horvat, Verschueren & Zagar). Finally, the third section could be broadly labelled as concerned with 'self- and other-representation', with papers on intercultural discouse, gender, institutional discourse, varieties of English and political correctness (resp. Shi-xu, Rojo, Slembrouck & Sarangi, Begum & Kandiah, Janicki).

Academic Reading

Author : Janet Giltrow
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Rethinking Indigenous Education

Author : Cathryn McConaghy
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Rethinking indigenous education: culturalism, colonialism and the politics of knowing.

The Melancholy Effect of Popular Excitement

Author : Brian Ray Gabrial
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