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Marathon Training For Dummies

Author : Tere Stouffer Drenth
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Format : PDF, Docs
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Running a Marathon For Dummies

Author : Jason Karp
File Size : 57.1 MB
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Get ready to run the race of your life Marathons in the U.S. have seen record increases inparticipation during the past few years. Running a Marathon ForDummies helps aspiring marathon runners prepare to successfullycomplete their first race, and shows experienced runners how totake their game to the next level. Running a Marathon For Dummies gives you exercises,programs, and tips to improve your running stamina, speed, andoverall health. It takes you from sitting on the couch throughrunning your first 26.2 mile marathon—and beyond. Forseasoned runners, Running a Marathon For Dummies offers tips andadvice for how to continue improving performance through drills,exercises, and other techniques. Provides a timed training promise for runners of all skilllevels, from non-runners, first marathoners, and mid-race runnersto more experienced runners Includes information on how running increases heart strength,keeps illnesses away, keeps arteries clear, and improves a person'smood Gives you drills, exercises, and techniques to improve yourendurance Whether you're a couch potato or a regularly hit the asphalt,Running a Marathon For Dummies gives you everything you needto run the race of your life.

Running For Dummies

Author : Florence Griffith Joyner
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A comprehensive reference book by the late Olympian provides an array of tips for runners, including advice on technique, performance, and preparation, as well as remedies for treating common injuries and instructions for preparing a log to track progress. Original.

Bookselling for Dummies

Author : Tere Stouffer
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Format : PDF, Docs
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This book is a great resource for independent booksellers who want to work smarter, not harder Ann Christophersen, President, American Booksellers Association Packed with tips and techniques from booksellers nationwide The fun and easy way(t) to sharpen your bookselling skills To run a successful independent bookstore, you need to be a jack--of--all--trades, from frontlist buyer and inventory controller to merchandiser, marketer, events coordinator, expert salesperson, Webmaster, human resources director, and bookkeeper. Relax This friendly guide shows you how to wear a dozen bookselling hats and still have time to mingle with customers and keep up with your favorite authors. Discover how to: * Advertise and market your store * Hire and retain employees * Work with publishers and vendors * Purchase inventory and manage store finances * Run a successful store event * Establish an online presence The Dummies Way * Explanations in plain English Get in, get out information * Icons and other navigational aids * Tear--out cheat sheet * Top ten lists * A dash of humor and fun

Triathlon Training For Dummies

Author : Deirdre Pitney
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Shaping up for a triathlon is serious business. Triathlon Training For Dummies is packed with insider tips and proven methods for training for a triathlon and pumping yourself into the best possible shape by race day. It helps you find the motivation you need to stick to your program, eat better to maximize your energy, and prevent injures both before and during the race. This authoritative guide helps you evaluate your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility, and to set manageable realistic training goals. You’ll learn how to establish a workout schedule, choose a target finish time get the right, affordable equipment you’ll need for each leg of the race, and maximize your fitness and form for swimming, biking, and running. You’ll also get plenty of help in putting it all together as you focus your training, add dual workouts, become a quick-change artist, and save time during transitions. Discover how to: Choose an event to train for based on your fitness level Get into your best possible shape Select the right equipment and sportswear Train for an Olympic, Sprint, or Ironman triathlon Fuel your body and prevent injuries Prepare for training sessions Maintain energy and recover quickly Set training schedules for every triathlon event Treat common training and racing injuries Live like an athlete Triathlon Training For Dummies comes complete with resources for finding triathlons near you, lists of items to bring along on race day, and tips on registration formalities and racing etiquette.

Weight Training For Dummies

Author : LaReine Chabut
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Format : PDF, Mobi
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Tone up, burn calories, stay strong Weight Training For Dummies makes it easy to get startedwith weight training by offering trusted and straightforwardguidance on the latest circuit and resistance training, and all-newinformation on the highly popular bodyweight and High IntensityInterval Training (HIIT). Whether you're working with dumbbells,free weight sets, or machines, you'll find out how to combineweight training with other exercise to properly strength train andget in the best shape of your life. Along with aerobic exercise and flexibility, body weighttraining is an integral part of a complete physical activityprogram. But with all the different equipment and techniquesavailable, getting started can feel overwhelming. Want to getpumped about weight training? Consider these facts: strengthtraining, whether via free weights or a machine, builds muscle. Andthe more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism and the lessprone you are to injuries—in and out of the gym. Plus,strength training promotes bone strength, which can significantlyreduce your odds of developing osteoporosis. If that's not enough,strength training—unlike cardio workouts likerunning—reaps benefits almost immediately. So what are youwaiting for? Weight Training For Dummies has everything youneed to get started. Provides examples and directions for powerful 20-minute weighttraining routines for the time challenged Features advice to help you choose a weight training systemthat you enjoy and that fits into your lifestyle Includes new coverage devoted to warm-ups and the hottest andmost beneficial stretches Introduces using weight training to address specific health ororthopedic conditions Whether you're already in the gym several times a week or arejust starting out with a fitness routine, Weight Training ForDummies shows you how to use free weights or weight machines toget results—fast.

Fit Pregnancy For Dummies

Author : Catherine Cram
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Are you intrigued by the idea of working out during pregnancy, but think it can’t be safe? Are you unsure how the words fit and pregnancy actually make sense in the same sentence? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This easy-to-follow guide shows you how you can be fit and pregnant, whether you’re new to exercise or have been working out for years, and whether you’re in your second week of pregnancy or your 32nd. Fit Pregnancy For Dummies is for you if you’re pregnant, if you’re thinking about becoming pregnant, and You want to be as fit and healthy as you can be — whatever your current fitness level — without in any way jeopardizing your health or the health of your baby. This guide gives you the straight facts on: Staying safe when you exercise Developing a plan with your health provider Choosing the right equipment Modifying your routine for each trimester Eating well for nine months and beyond From yoga and swimming to weight training, aerobics, and much more, you’ll see how to get started with a fun, step-by-step fitness routine that will make your entire pregnancy easier to manage. Postpartum expert and prenatal fitness class instructor Catherine Cram and fitness expert Tere Stouffer Drenth give you the scoop on the activities that work best for pregnant women and how to set up a routine that works best for you. You’ll understand how a fit pregnancy helps you with delivery and postpartum shape-up. Plus, you get expert advice on activities to avoid, eating well, and staying motivated during and after your pregnancy, as well as: Dressing comfortably for your workout Warming up and stretching to increase flexibility and avoid injury Modifying your exercise routine Staying fit after giving birth Finding the time for exercise and motherhood Complete with special tips on exercising indoors, staying motivated, getting your family hooked on fitness, and helping your child grow up healthy and fit, Fit Pregnancy For Dummies is the key to exercising safely and staying fit throughout your pregnancy and beyond!

ASVAB AFQT For Dummies

Author : Angie Papple Johnston
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Score higher on the ASVAB AFQT Having a stable and well-paying career in the military can change your life for the better—and this book makes it easier than ever to pass the ASVAB AFQT so you can serve your country and set your future up for success. Inside, you’ll find all the guidance and instruction you need to practice your way through the Math Knowledge, Paragraph Comprehension, Word Knowledge, and Arithmetic Reasoning sections of the exam so nothing comes as a surprise on test day. Plus, you get a one-year subscription to the online companion, where you can take additional full-length practice tests and focus your study where you need it the most. Updated guidelines and tools to analyze test scores and understand how to master these critical sections of the exam Advice and tips for becoming more confident with vocabulary, word knowledge, and reading comprehension skills A review of math basics, including algebra and geometry instruction Four full-length practice exams with complete explanations and answers to track your progress Your future in the military awaits! Get there faster and more confidently with ASVAB AFQT For Dummies!

Scrum For Dummies

Author : Mark C. Layton
File Size : 28.54 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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Practice an agile form of management to stop wasting time and money! Layton walks you through the core principles so you can keep your projects on time and on budget. Discover what makes scrum different, how it lowers costs and speeds project completion, and how to put it to work.

Simple Marathon Training

Author : Jay Johnson
File Size : 26.54 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Book Description Do you dream of running a great marathon, but your busy life and obligations make the training commitments difficult? Do you suffer from injuries that put you on the sidelines when you desire to race? The 20-week Simple Marathon Training system can prepare you for marathon success. With a modern outlook on training schedules, innovative exercises for injury prevention and maximizing time spent training, the Simple Marathon Training system prepares you to toe the line with the confidence to run your best marathon. The Simple Marathon Training system has improved marathon times and the overall experience for many busy adult runners with hectic lives. This system works. It will for you, too. Included in Simple Marathon Training is a day-by-day schedule which includes running assignments as well as the crucial element missing from most training plans: core strength, hip strength and hip mobility exercises. You don't have to look at a sequence of photos in the book to learn these routines, rather, you will be able to watch all these strength and mobility videos online, for free. The incorporation of training videos into a sound marathon training program makes Simple Marathon a one of a kind system; a book that will help any committed athlete run a great marathon. The Geek Out section at the back of the book is another unique aspect of Simple Marathon Training. The Geek Outs are written by world-renowned physiologists and professional marathoners as well as Coach Jay's clients who have been using the system for several years to run PRs. You'll learn why it's best to do your hardest strength and mobility work on the same day as your workouts and long runs. You'll learn the correct method for fueling during a marathon. Information on imagery leading up to the race and mental skills to use during race day are just some of the topics in the Geek Out section. The bottom line is, if you're a busy adult with a hectic life, Simple Marathon Training is the right training book for you. "Jay's training system works beautifully for runners who aim for excellence in every area of their lives-athletically, personally and professionally. He understands that we're busy but still want to run our best; he's helped me do just that." Cindy Kuzma, Freelance health and fitness writer and contributing editor to Runner's World Magazine

Ultra Marathon Training

Author : Wolfgang Olbrich
File Size : 79.44 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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The main section of the book gives fun runners and ambitious runners alike a knowledgeable introduction, enabling them to draw up a structured training plan for the ultra distances. Runners are provided with plans for 50km 100km, 24hr and multi-day races and shown how to achieve these performances. They are shown that the training required is also possible for interested Marathon runners, and is not so very different from good Marathon training. They are given information on correct nutrition, orthopedic problems, typical injuries and even mental training, thus providing an optimal preparation for successful ultra running. The book ends with tips on equipment, a bibliography and useful internet links. As well as these training aspects, the book also gives an understanding of the fascination of this sport, bringing the scene to life with brief biographies of 10 top runners as well as selected running anecdotes.

Galloway s Book on Running

Author : Jeff Galloway
File Size : 80.67 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Provides guidance for runners at all levels of experience, covering such topics as physiology, running logs, daily and weekly mileage programs, training charts, speed, pacing, racing, form, motivation, mental training, injuries, shoes, and food.

2016 2017 ASVAB For Dummies with Online Practice

Author : Rod Powers
File Size : 75.97 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"7 online practice tests: one-year access to six full-length ASVAB practice exams and one AFQT exam."--Cover.


Author : Hal Higdon
File Size : 71.14 MB
Format : PDF
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A training guide for beginners, first-time marathoners, and women runners counsels readers on how to build speed and distance while maximizing one's performance and building on defensive running skills, in an updated edition by a senior writer for Runner's World magazine. Original.


Author : Jeff Galloway
File Size : 83.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub
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This book will take anyone, at any level of fitness, into the running lifestyle. Jeff Galloway, a US Olympian in 1972, has helped over 150,000 people make this journey while reducing or eliminating aches, pains, and injuries.


Author : Jeff Galloway
File Size : 41.9 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Details Jeff Galloway's walk/run training methods including the new "magic mile" time trial, fat-burning techniques, and adjustments in the weekly schedule to prevent injuries and improve performance.

Half Marathon

Author : Jeff Galloway
File Size : 20.46 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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If you are thinking about training for a Half-Marathon, Jeff Galloway can help you prepare well, enjoy the training and grow from the achievement of crossing the finish line. This book is filled with tips on how to stay motivated and eliminate aches and pains and injuries.

Mind Body Fitness For Dummies

Author : Therese Iknoian
File Size : 37.7 MB
Format : PDF
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Mind-Body Fitness For Dummies is the complete guide to the world of holistic fitness -- from Yoga and Tai Chi to Pilates and Qigong. Get started the smart way with expert advice on the essentials, such as breathing, posture, and choosing a program that best fits you and your fitness goals. Filled with instructional photos and illustrations, this book also features expert advice on warming up and cooling down, as well as taking your workout program beyond the basics with coverage of bodywork techniques including NIA and the Alexander technique. Mind-Body Fitness For Dummies will also help answer common questions about equipment and space needs, as well as other issues to consider before committing to a new fitness plan.

Your New Dog For Dummies Portable Edition

Author : Susan McCullough
File Size : 61.15 MB
Format : PDF
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Have fun and enjoy living with your new dog! This hands-on guide gives you everything you need to know right now to begin building a healthy and happy relationship with your new dog. From readying your home for Fido's arrival to housetraining, behavior training, and keeping him fit, Your New Dog For Dummies offers essential information on the day-to-day care of your canine companion. Home sweet home — step off on the right paw with help in choosing the best crate, bedding, bowls, toys, and accessories for your new dog Safety first — learn about common household and outdoor dangers and how to avoid them, and know what to do to make sure your dog can be identified and returned if he gets lost Training camp — develop a housetraining strategy and proper potty protocol for your pooch, and teach manners and basic behaviors Bone up on dog health and nutrition — fulfill Fido's nutritional needs, keep your dog fit with fun exercises, and know basic dog first aid and when to go to the vet Open the book and find: Ways to keep your dog safe from harm Tips for communicating with your dog Help on choosing the right food for Fido Advice for keeping up your dog's appearance Ways to deal with fleas, ticks, and parasites Information for treating common health problems Tips for traveling with your dog Learn to: Feed, train, and care for your dog Select the best gear for your dog Keep your dog fit and healthy Get your relationship with your dog off to a good start

Cross country Running

Author : Jeff Galloway
File Size : 86.91 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Presents all the information necessary to train for cross-country races, including how to build endurance, train and race on hills, varied terrain running, speed training, race strategies, maximizing performance and injury prevention and treatment, as well as teamwork training and racing methods. Original. $10,000 ad/promo.