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Marie and the Judgement of Paris

Author : Heather Meacock
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How did Marie Gouze, a French country girl, become Olympe de Gouges one of the first feminist campaigners in pre-revolutionary Paris? She became well-known in Parisian society as a playwright and social reformer. Based on what little is known of the early life of Marie Gouze, this is the story of how she rose to notoriety and became a victim of revolutionary fervour.

What Great Paintings Say

Author : Rose-Marie Hagen
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Rose-Marie and Rainer Hagen provide answers to these and other questions about world-famous works of art. Guiding our eye to revealing details, they also shed fascinating light on fishions and lifestyles, loves and intrigues, politics and people, and transform our encounter with art into an exciting adventure. Book jacket.

The Judgement of Paris

Author : Martin Harrison
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CHILDREN ARE NOT TOYS. Robert knows this now but he didn't when his aunt played with him. He's an intelligent and successful man now . . . but something is missing, and he needs to know what and why. As a boy, he felt like an outsider. It was cold outside, lonely and hard to find someone who understood a boy who said: "When I grow up I want to be a woman." But he found someone. She was his best friend when she died, so it was cold outside again. Robert now has more money than he knows what to do with, and enough time to look for the answer to his prayers. Only, she needed a Dragon Slayer, so it was time to become a new man, whether he liked it or not. Time to go, Robert. You can always wear your shining armour over your tutu.

Marie Antoinette

Author : Stefan Zweig
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Stefan Zweig based his biography of Marie Antoinette, who became the Queen of France when still a teenager, on her correspondence with both her mother and her great love the Count Axel von Fersen. Zweig analyses the chemistry of a woman's soul, from her intimate pleasures to her public suffering as a Queen under the weight of misfortune and history. Zweig describes Marie Antoinette in the king's bedroom, in the enchanted and extravagant world of the Trianon and with her children. He also gives an account of the Revolution, the Queen's resolve during the failed escape to Varennes, her imprisonment in the Conciergerie and her tragic end under the guillotine. This has been the definitive biography of Marie Antoinette since its publication, inspiring later biographers, including Antonia Fraser, and the recent film adaptation.

The Golden Age of Marie De Medici

Author : Susan Saward
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Judgement and the Epistemic Foundation of Logic

Author : Maria van der Schaar
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This compelling reevaluation of the relationship between logic and knowledge affirms the key role that the notion of judgement must play in such a review. The commentary repatriates the concept of judgement in the discussion, banished in recent times by the logical positivism of Wittgenstein, Hilbert and Schlick, and the Platonism of Bolzano. The volume commences with the insights of Swedish philosopher Per Martin-Löf, the father of constructive type theory, for whom logic is a demonstrative science in which judgement is a settled feature of the landscape. His paper opens the first of four sections that examine, in turn, historical philosophical assessments of judgement and reason; their place in early modern philosophy; the notion of judgement and logical theory in Wolff, Kant and Neo-Kantians like Windelband; their development in the Husserlian phenomenological paradigm; and the work of Bolzano, Russell and Frege. The papers, whose authors include Per Martin-Löf, Göran Sundholm, Michael Della Rocca and Robin Rollinger, represent a finely judged editorial selection highlighting work on philosophers exercised by the question of whether or not an epistemic notion of judgement has a role to play in logic. The volume will be of profound interest to students and academicians for its application of historical developments in philosophy to the solution of vexatious contemporary issues in the foundation of logic. ​

Musical Theater Synopses

Author : Jeanette Marie Drone
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This guide identifies the location of synopses of over 11,000 titles by more than 4,000 composers. In addition to operas, operettas, and musical comedies, the supplement indexes ballets, oratories, minstrel shows, and several non-Western forms, including Kabuki, Beijing opera, and Chinese plays.

The Bridgeman Art Library pts 1 2 Artists A Z and their works

Author : Bridgeman Art Library
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Ceremonial Entries in Early Modern Europe

Author : J.R. Mulryne
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The fourteen essays that comprise this volume concentrate on festival iconography, the visual and written languages, including ephemeral and permanent structures, costume, dramatic performance, inscriptions and published festival books that ‘voiced’ the social, political and cultural messages incorporated in processional entries in the countries of early modern Europe. The volume also includes a transcript of the newly-discovered Register of Lionardo di Zanobi Bartholini, a Florentine merchant, which sets out in detail the expenses for each worker for the possesso (or Entry) of Pope Leo X to Rome in April 1513.

Dictionary Catalog of the Dance Collection

Author : New York Public Library. Dance Collection
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Author :
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Delphi Complete Works of Peter Paul Rubens Illustrated

Author : Sir Peter Paul Rubens
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Few artists achieve in their lives the wealth and fame of Sir Peter Paul Rubens, whose beautiful Baroque works were celebrated for their emphasised movement, colour and sensuality. Delphi’s Masters of Art Series presents the world’s first digital e-Art books, allowing digital readers to explore the works of great artists in comprehensive detail. This volume presents Rubens’ complete works in beautiful detail, with concise introductions, hundreds of high quality images and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1) * The complete paintings of Sir Peter Paul Rubens — over 300 paintings, fully indexed and arranged in chronological and alphabetical order * Includes reproductions of rare works * Features a special ‘Highlights’ section, with concise introductions to the masterpieces, giving valuable contextual information * Enlarged ‘Detail’ images, allowing you to explore Rubens’ works in detail, as featured in traditional art books * Hundreds of images in stunning colour – highly recommended for viewing on tablets and smart phones or as a valuable reference tool on more conventional eReaders * Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the complete paintings * Easily locate the paintings you want to view * Includes Rubens’ drawings - spend hours exploring the artist’s works * Features three bonus biographies - discover Rubens’ artistic and personal life * Scholarly ordering of plates into chronological order Please visit to browse through our range of exciting e-Art books CONTENTS: The Highlights ADAM AND EVE THE JUDGEMENT OF PARIS THE MADONNA DI VALLICELLA, ST. GREGORY THE GREAT AND SAINTS SAMSON AND DELIAH RUBENS AND ISABELLA BRUNT UNDER A HONEYSUCKLE BOWER THE DESCENT FROM THE CROSS LANDSCAPE WITH CARTERS THE RAPE OF THE DAUGHTERS OF LEUCIPPUS A TIGER HUNT PORTRAIT OF SUSANNA FOURMENT HENRY IV RECEIVING THE PORTRAIT OF MARIE DE’ MEDICI THE ASSUMPTION OF THE VIRGIN LUDOVICUS NONNIUS PEACE AND WAR THE GARDEN OF LOVE VENUS AND ADONIS CONSEQUENCES OF WAR SELF-PORTRAIT The Paintings THE COMPLETE PAINTINGS ALPHABETICAL LIST OF PAINTINGS The Drawings LIST OF DRAWINGS The Biographies RUBENS by S. L. Bensusan RUBENS by Jennie Ellis Keysor RUBENS by Sarah K. Bolton Please visit to browse through our range of exciting titles


Author : Marie Corelli
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"A novel that explores the mind of a young man, Gaston Beauvais, the son of a wealthy Parisian banker, as his life spirals to the depths of despair and degradation. Gaston's downfall begins when he discovers that his young and charming betrothed, Pauline de Charmelles, has betrayed him with his best friend Silvion Guidel. Gaston drowns his sorrows in the bars of Paris, and becomes addicted to absinthe, losing all moral judgement to the drug-crazed hallucinogenic effects of the ''green fairy'" --Synopsis from

Sing for Your Supper

Author : Ethan Mordden
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In the 1930s, Broadway's lights still burned brightly. Ethan Mordden completes his history of the Broadway musical by taking a look at this forgotten era. Shows like Anything Goes brought the glitter of Cole Porter and Merman's brass to the public. Innovations in dance were pioneered by Balanchine and others. Scenic advancements made Astaire's The Band Wagon move across the stage in novel ways. Gershwin's revolutionary Porgy and Bess entered the canon of American Classics. And The Cradle Will Rock and Johnny Johnson took the American political temperature. With his trademark wit and style, Ethan Mordden shines the spotlight on Broadway's forgotten decade.

Dictionary of Artists

Author : Emmanuel Bénézit
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Crimes of Passion

Author : Joëlle Guillais
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Helen Maria Williams and the Age of Revolution

Author : Deborah Kennedy
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Eventually settling in Paris with her mother and two sisters, Williams hosted a Parisian salon that was frequented by many of Europe's most important politicians, artists, writers, and thinkers, including J. P. Brissot, Madame Roland, Mary Wollstonecraft, Thaddeus Kosciuszko, and Alexander von Humboldt.".

The world s master paintings

Author : Christopher Wright
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Includes information on artists, locations of museums and galleries which house their works, and an index of over 115,000 paintings

Marie Antoinette

Author : Antonia Fraser
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'Drama, betrayal, religion and sex, it's all here ... Fascinating' GUARDIAN 'Beautifully paced, impeccably written ... Don't miss it' INDEPENDENT 'Fraser is at her best here, lucid, authoritative and compassionate' SUNDAY TIMES 'Superbly researched ... the definitive work on the ill-fated queen' CATHOLIC HERALD Marie Antoinette's dramatic life-story continues to arouse mixed emotions. To many people, she is still 'la reine méchante', whose extravagance and frivolity helped to bring down the French monarchy; her indifference to popular suffering epitomised by the (apocryphal) words: 'let them eat cake'. Others are equally passionate in her defence: to them, she is a victim of misogyny. Antonia Fraser examines her influence over the king, Louis XVI, the accusations and sexual slurs made against her, her patronage of the arts which enhanced French cultural life, her imprisonment, the death threats made against her, rumours of lesbian affairs, her trial (during which her young son was forced to testify to sexual abuse by his mother) and her eventual execution by guillotine in 1793.

Fiction 1876 1983 Authors

Author : R.R. Bowker Company. Department of Bibliography
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