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Marketing and Outreach for the Academic Library

Author : Bradford Lee Eden
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Volume 7 of the series Creating the 21st-Century Academic Library is focused on new approaches and initiatives in marketing the academic library, as well as the importance of outreach through partnerships and collaborations both internal and external to the library.

Marketing Today s Academic Library

Author : Brian Scott Mathews
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In this study, Brian Mathews uses his vast experience to speak directly to the academic library practitioner about matching services with user needs. This book proposes new visions and ideas, challenging the traditional way of thinking and providing a framework to target users more precisely.

Library Marketing Basics

Author : Mark Aaron Polger
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Library Marketing Basics is an accessible, step-by-step, easy to understand, and “hands on” resource for any librarian who is interested in learning basic marketing tips to raise the profile of their library. It is designed for beginners who are new to library marketing.

Social Media

Author : Nina Verishagen
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Social Media: The Academic Library Perspective provides a step-by-step guide on social media as written by somebody who has already done the work. Made up of case studies written by authors at various institutions who provide different perspectives on their institution’s use of social media, the book highlights successes and failures, while also focusing on tips for social media management in the academic library that anybody in the community can interpret and adapt. Social media platforms are dealt with systematically, making this an essential guide for librarians who want to use social media to the benefit of their library. Includes a step-by-step guide on the use of social media for academic libraries Presents practical experience leveraged in the form of case studies Provides quick, concise, and systematic recommendations for the use of social media Written by academic librarians for academic librarians

Creative Library Marketing and Publicity

Author : Robert J. Lackie
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Creative Library Marketing and Publicity: Best Practices shares the success of libraries of various sizes and types—small to large public, academic, and school libraries, systems, and organizations. Each best-practice scenario describes a library’s successful experience with marketing, branding, and promoting a library service or program, providing information about planning, actual promotion techniques, and evaluating the success of the plan or promotion methods. Most importantly, each include tips and best practices for readers. Many of these ideas and techniques are applicable across the board, so they will help you implement similar methods to promote your library services and programs and spark different and unique uses for these techniques. Strategies covered include: Using constituents’ voices in outreach efforts Building a social media presence Crafting step-by-step marketing plans Planning and implementing branding campaigns Creating buzz with promotional videos Using e-mail marketing in outreach Marketing a new library space Marketing on a shoestring budget Drawing on the best practices, experience, and expertise of library personnel from public, academic, and school libraries, this volume brings together a variety of marketing plans and creative methods for promoting libraries and their programs and services to a twenty-first-century audience. All library employees should be able to take away something from these creative, successful efforts and apply tips, techniques, and best practice suggestions to their own library marketing efforts.

Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries

Author : Linda S Katz
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Discover innovative outreach services you can implement for your library! Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries examines the creation and delivery of outreach programs designed to promote awareness of the library by meeting the information needs of underserved or uninformed patrons. This book contains the experiences of academic and special librarians who describe a wide array of successful outreach programs that are in place throughout the country. This valuable tool introduces professional librarians and library science students and faculty to current and highly innovative models of outreach services implemented in a variety of academic and special library settings. This extensive resource shows how to use outreach programs to market new information resources and services to library constituents. Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries contains charts, graphs, and pictorials to help walk you through the process of creating an outreach program at your library. This book also presents bibliographies, suggestions on how to improve on existing designs, and the librarians’ “wish lists” of ideas they’d like to try in the future. Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries presents case studies covering many topics related to outreach services, including: outreach to special groups of remote users multicultural outreach collaborative outreach partnerships with university and college departments and community organizations outreach Web sites targeting special groups marketing library services and resources information literacy as a form of outreach multi-media kiosks and exhibits book talks outreach to new faculty and transfer students and more! Librarians will benefit from the wide range of creative ideas and successful case studies implemented by library colleagues representing institutions from around the country. Outreach Services in Academic and Special Libraries serves as a catalyst for librarians to implement similar outreach programs at their own academic or special library.

Marketing Library and Information Services

Author : Dinesh K. Gupta
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The marketing of library services is an essential agenda item for almost all kinds of libraries all over the world. In this volume 47 experts from 20 countries address the issue through 40 articles. The bundling of dozens of contributions from a truly international group of librarians, presented in this book, provides a broad spectrum on the topic. This book will thus prove immensely useful, helping both working librarians and future librarians to understand vital issues relating to the marketing of library and information services at the local, national and international level. The book is divided into the following six sections: Marketing concept: a changing perspective; Marketing in libraries around the world; Role of library associations; Education, training and research; Excellence in marketing; Databases and other marketing literature.

Social Media for Communication and Instruction in Academic Libraries

Author : Joe, Jennifer
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The subject of the use of social media has renewed interest because of the impact that it had on the last U.S. presidential election and the impact that social media networks will have on subsequent elections. As guides in the information world, it is thus important that librarians be well versed in social media. This has called attention to the relevance and urgency of incorporating social media use into the academic library, both as a marketing tool and as an instruction tool. Social Media for Communication and Instruction in Academic Libraries is an essential reference source that offers guidance in using social media in academic libraries and in instruction with a special emphasis on assessment and evidence-based practice. Featuring research on topics such as digital libraries, marketing, and web analytics, this book is ideally designed for librarians, administrators, educators, managers, information technology specialists, professionals, researchers, and students.

Academic Libraries in the US and China

Author : Hanrong Wang
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Academic libraries have a long history both in the USA and China, with institutions developing along different trajectories, and responding to the rapidly changing library environment globally. Academic Libraries in the US and China compares current practices within Library and Information Science (LIS) in the USA and China, giving an historical overview of instruction, government documents, and outreach in academic libraries, as well as discussion and comparative analysis. An introduction leads to chapters on instruction, government publications, and outreach. Each topic is covered both for American and Chinese academic libraries. A conclusion then gives comparative analysis of US and Chinese academic libraries. Provides a clear examination of the historical foundations of three key areas within the academic library Includes examples of easy-to-implement current practices Anticipates future trends

Practical Strategies for Academic Library Managers Leading with Vision Through All Levels

Author : Frances C. Wilkinson
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Looking for tips on how to work towards your overall vision while remaining productive on the frontlines? The book gives you fresh ideas for balancing your managerial duties with day-to-day responsibilities in the academic library. • Presents the first approach to managing, leading, and practicing simultaneously • Incorporates chapters written by 10 different experts from organizations across the country • Addresses the need for professionals with expanding management roles to engage higher administration • Includes a foreword written by a former ALA president

The Savvy Academic Librarian s Guide to Technological Innovation

Author : Cinthya Ippoliti
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This book provides detailed plans for purposefully integrating technology into the academic environment by utilizing examples from a variety of institutions. Included case studies and further readings provide everything needed to create, grow, and sustain a holistic plan for integrating technology within the academic library setting.

Innovative Solutions for Building Community in Academic Libraries

Author : Bonnand, Sheila
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The library has always been an essential part of the collegiate experience, providing students with access to knowledge and literature. However, as virtual services and online learning become more prominent within collegiate environments, the ways students conduct research and access resources has been altered. Innovative Solutions for Building Community in Academic Libraries examines new methods librarians use to engage both on-campus and online users in library services, taking into account the significant impacts of online learning on students’ interaction with library resources. Focusing on various outreach practices, techniques of literacy instruction, and the utilization of library spaces, this research-supported book is a pivotal reference source for distance educators, program planners, academics, and library professionals interested in new ways to attract users to library services.

Marketing University Outreach Programs

Author : Ralph S Foster
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Discover the successful marketing strategies of programs which have extended the resources of a university to its community. Marketing University Outreach Programs covers all aspects of continuing education program construction and the marketing process for positioning the university into the public. This book begins to eradicate academicians’ fears of marketing by showing them a contemporary marketing plan using terminology and examples familiar to them. Seventeen contributors--professors, administrators, and outreach professionals--comprehensively describe the strategies being successfully used to extend the resources of a university to its community through programs of extension, public service, and continuing education. Although many existing models of the education process contain parallels to elements in a generic marketing process, education is not viewed as a consumer product. Even educators may not view themselves as marketers involved in a marketing process. This attitude can place barriers between understanding the marketing process and how it relates to education. Marketing University Outreach Programs helps educators overcome these potential barriers; it explains marketing as a comprehensive process using terminology and examples which university extension and education professionals will find familiar and understandable. Application-oriented, it cites numerous examples of how the marketing process can be put to use immediately. Each chapter explores in-depth a separate segment of the marketing process involved in public university outreach programs: issue-based versus discipline-based programs program delivery and delivery technology funding outreach programs comprehensive promotional strategy customer service long-range planning marketing research information resources future trends model programs This book is of value to the faculty of universities, specifically those in the disciplines with a mandate for professional renewal or recertification (engineering, medicine, education); faculty and professional staff in divisions of continuing education; program leadership in cooperative extension organizations (as well as those in other identifiable university extension units); and faculty affiliated with applied research centers. Members of professional associations focused on higher education outreach can also successfully apply these strategies.

The New Academic Librarian

Author : Rebeca Peacock
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The new essays on today’s academic librarians examine above all their functions and responsibilities—since these have greatly changed just in recent years, especially in matters of technology. These librarians/essayists step away from yesterday’s stereotypes and explain at length their new roles. From digital resources and special collections, to web development and new outreach initiatives, the topics covered by the essays in this book will reassure new librarians and stimulate prospective librarians as they realize the enhanced and varied positions that are available in the 21st century academic library.

Academic Library Outreach Beyond the Campus Walls

Author : Nancy D. Courtney
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Traditionally, academic library outreach has meant reaching out to the campus community, providing services to faculty and students. Many universities and colleges, however, now have a new or renewed emphasis on outreach beyond the campus, seeking to ensure their institutions' relevance to the community at large. How can and do academic libraries participate in this type of outreach? What types of collaborations or partnerships are academic libraries forming with schools, public libraries, or community groups? How do academic librarians partner with faculty or campus departments on their community projects? What role does service-learning play? Nancy Courtney has assembled a sampling of approaches, from the innovative to the tried-and-true, each written in the voice of its strongest champion.

Successful Campus Outreach for Academic Libraries

Author : Peggy Keeran
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Successful Campus Outreach for Academic Libraries: Building Community Through Collaboration brings together a variety of ways academic libraries engage with communities. This edited volume is a resource for discovering new programming ideas and principles of effective marketing, and it will aid strategic thinking about outreach activities.

Advocacy Outreach and the Nation s Academic Libraries

Author : William C. Welburn
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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Proactive Marketing for the New and Experienced Library Director

Author : Melissa U.D. Goldsmith
File Size : 89.31 MB
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Academic libraries have continually looked for technological solutions to low circulation statistics, under-usage by students and faculty, and what is perceived as a crisis in relevance, seeing themselves in competition with Google and Wikipedia. Academic libraries, however, are as relevant as they have been historically, as their primary functions within their university missions have not changed, but merely evolved. Going beyond the Gate Count argues that the problem is not relevance, but marketing and articulation. This book offers theoretical reasoning and practical advice to directors on how to better market the function of the library within and beyond the home institution. The aim of this text is to help directors, and ultimately, their librarians and staff get students and faculty back into the library, as a result of better articulation of the library’s importance. The first chapter explores the promotion of academic libraries and their function as educational systems. The next two chapters focus on the importance of the role social media and virtual presence in the academic library, and engaging and encouraging students to use the library through a variety of methods, such as visually oriented special collections. Remaining chapters discuss collaboration and collegiality, formalized reporting and marketing. Offers clear, concise writing, with thoughtful discussions of the problems facing academic libraries Demonstrates comprehensive and thoughtful research that informs theoretical approaches to realistic outcomes that address these problems Provides helpful tables, illustrations, and photographs that evidence the collaborative nature of contemporary academic libraries Provides practical examples from actual experiences that can be adapted by readers

Library Programming Made Easy

Author : Michelle Demeter
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This book provides in-depth practical advice and examples of public and academic library programming activities. Included in this volume are methods for identifying target audiences, activities and ways to find and generate even more ideas, tools for assessment and budgeting, and tips on planning programs from inception to execution.

Academic Library Management

Author : Tammy Nickelson Dearie
File Size : 87.7 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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What does successful academic library management look like in the real world? A team of editors, all administrators at large research libraries, here present a selection of case studies which dive deeply into the subject to answer that question.