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Sailing Routes in the World of Computation

Author : Florin Manea
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This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 14th Conference on Computability in Europe, CiE 2018, held in Kiel, Germany, in July/ August 2017. The 26 revised full papers were carefully reviewed and selected from 55 submissions. In addition, this volume includes 15 invited papers. The conference CiE 2018 has six special sessions, namely: Approximation and optimization, Bioinformatics and bio-inspired computing, computing with imperfect information, continuous computation, history and philosophy of computing (celebrating the 80th birthday of Martin Davis), and SAT-solving.

Martin Monath

Author : Nathaniel Flakin
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A dramatisation of Martin Monath's short life (1913-1944) would need little artistic embellishment; his identity shrouded in mystery, and executed by the Gestapo - twice - the historical record reads like a detective novel.Pieced together for the first time by Nathaniel Flakin, this biography tells the story of the Jewish socialist and editor of Arbeiter und Soldat ('Worker and Soldier'), and his efforts to turn German rank-and-file soldiers against their Nazi officers in occupied France. Born in Berlin in 1913, Martin Monath was a child of war and revolution. In the 1930s he became a leader of the socialist Zionist youth organisation Hashomer Hatzair in Germany. Fleeing from Berlin to Brussels in 1939, he joined the underground Trotskyist party led by Abraham Leon, and soon became a leading member of the Fourth International in Europe. His relocation to Paris in 1943 saw the birth of Arbeiter und Soldat and his work organising illegal cells of German soldiers for a revolutionary struggle against the Nazis.Drawing on extensive archival research, Flakin uses letters, testimonies and unpublished documents to bring Monath's story to life - weaving a tale rich with conviction and betrayal, ideology and espionage.

Antiviral Discovery for Highly Pathogenic Emerging Viruses

Author : César Muñoz-Fontela
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New antiviral drugs are urgently needed. Recent outbreaks caused by viruses with great epidemiological impact such as Zika, or extraordinary virulence such as Ebola, Nipah, Lassa, Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever highlight the current lack of clinically proven vaccines and treatments for these potentially catastrophic agents. Antiviral Discovery for Highly Pathogenic Emerging Viruses comprehensively outlines the state of the art in antiviral drug discovery including identification of targets, screening strategies and the current pipeline of antiviral candidates including regulatory issues. The book also addresses the challenges faced in proceeding from pre-clinical studies to animal models and clinical trials with these highly pathogenic agents. Ideal for drug discovery scientists and medicinal chemists with an interest in antiviral drug discovery and development, this book provides a complete overview of the latest progress in the field, recent advances and the challenges that remain in developing these highly pathogenic agents. Illustrated throughout with case studies this book is a valuable resource in this complex and multidisciplinary field.

Zu den Antipoden vertrieben

Author : Albrecht Dümling
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Indiana Bell News

Author :
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Author : H. Bazin
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This English language edition is far more than a simple translation of the work "L'Histoire des vaccinations" published in 2008. The French edition has actually been totally revised and improved. In particular, it features a chapter dedicated entirely to yellow fever. A greater number of illustrations are included. This book will undoubtedly be of great interest to a section of the general public and to specialists. The history of vaccinations is a significant phase in the history of humanity. With the development of hygiene, vaccinations have certainly been the most notable progress of medicine. Nevertheless, this subject which has revolutionised human and animal medicine has long been explored poorly or not at all. This oversight has now been addressed through this fascinating work. All translated Pasteur texts are from the original manuscripts found in his laboratory notebooks. Finally, the moral problems inherent in the use of vaccines are addressed and at times, appear strangely similar to current situations. . .

The every day book or The guide to the year

Author : William Hone
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The Every day Book and Table Book

Author : William Hone
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Revolutionary Berlin

Author : Nathaniel Flakin
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An immersive radical walking guide to one of Europe's most popular cities

Replicating Vaccines

Author : Philip R. Dormitzer
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Technological advances, together with a better understanding of the molecular biology of infectious microorganisms, are creating exciting possibilities for a new generation of replicating vaccines. Historically, live vaccines have been either directly derived from a natural source or attenuated by empirical approaches using serial passages and host cell adaptation. Currently, we are witnessing a quantum leap in our technological capabilities to specifically modify the genetic make-up of viruses and bacteria, making it possible to generate improved live vaccines and to develop completely new types of replicating vaccines, such as vectored vaccines, single-round infectious vaccines and replicon vaccines. This book highlights some of the most exciting recent developments towards a new generation of replicating vaccines.