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Roast Moose and Rosaries

Author : Mary Courtoreille
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Mary s Story

Author : Lynne Garnham-King
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DescriptionThe book is Mary's story. It is a true story. It is about a psychotic experience with a supernatural twist! I had the good fortune to meet Mary during my role as a counselor. Mary claimed that she had been hearing voices for several months. It was only when the voices had stopped and Mary had regained some of her equilibrium that she came to counselling to try to make some sense of the episode. Mary had been a counsellor herself and believed that counseling could help her with her problem.Mary's was not a straightforward case as you will discover when you read her story. Mary claimed that before the voices had appeared she had been having supernatural experiences. In fact, Mary claimed to have proof of what had happened to her as she had recorded some of her encounters with the spirit world on her tape recorder. Indeed I can bear witness to the voices recorded on the tape recorder, as can other health care workers.The following is Mary's story told in her own words as she searches for answers as to what happened to her. Come with me into Mary's strangely fascinating world and decide for yourself if you believe whether Mary did have an encounter with the spirit world. Or if you believe it was something else, perhaps an episode of madness brought on by the death of her father. Read on and decide for yourself! About the AuthorLynne was born in 1955. She was brought up in a loving family and has one sister. From her mid-twenties she suffered from anxiety and panic attacks. By her mid-thirties Lynne had become agoraphobic and was house bound. Battling agoraphobia and dealing with a protracted drug withdrawal programme from benzodiazepines took up the next ten years of her life during which time Lynne suffered a breakdown and was very ill. She was diagnosed with M.E in 1998. Married twice, Lynne feels that health problems were responsible for her two divorces. Further health problems ensued including being diagnosed as coeliac and having a serious vertigo problem. She trained to be a counsellor to put her vast experiences to some use in a positive way by helping others.

Mary s Story

Author : Sylvia Zitek
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Mary, the mother of Jesus, played an intimate role in the life of the Son of God. From the womb to the conquered grave, her experiences must have been at times uplifting and disheartening, enriching and alienating, comforting and challenging, joyful and grievous, reassuring and frightening--the list of contending emotions and experiences can go on indefinitely. In Mary's Story author Sylvia Zitek portrays the life and experiences of Mary. How did Mary's family and community view and treat her when they found out she was with child as an engaged woman? What were her joys and fears as she spent nine months awaiting the baby's arrival? What were her thoughts and feelings when she had to give birth in a stable? How did she sleep at night knowing there was always someone seeking the life of Jesus? Later in her life, when Jesus truly began His ministry, how did Mary feel having to let go? Surely it was not something she readily accepted and understood overnight. What was Mary's journey as she struggled to understand the reality of Jesus' ministry and destiny against the backdrop of the commonly held views about the Messiah of her day and the teachings of the religious leaders? Did she wrestle with watching Jesus live and minister in ways she probably did not expect? Put yourself in Mary's position, and you will find yourself contemplating your own relationship with God and your own understanding of Jesus' life and death. When Jesus entered the picture, Mary's life was never the same again, even if it turned out drastically different than she probably ever expected.

Treasures in Song and Story from Aunt Mary s Portfolio

Author :
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The ornaments discovered a story By the author of Aunt Mary s Tales i e Mary Robson afterwards Hughes etc

Author : afterwards HUGHES ROBSON (Mary)
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Ways and tricks of animals wuth stories about aunt Mary s pets

Author : Mary Hooper (writer on cookery.)
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Mary s Grammar Interspersed with Stories and Intended for the Use of Children

Author : Mrs. Marcet (Jane Haldimand)
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Mary s Grammar interspersed with stories etc

Author : Jane MARCET
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Mary s meadow Snap dragons Dandelion clocks and other stories

Author : Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing
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Aunt Mary s New Stories for Young People

Author : Sarah Josepha Buell Hale
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