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The Mathematics of Horse Racing

Author : David B. Fogel
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Author : C. X. Wong
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"Precision ... Statistical and Mathematical Methods in Horse Racing" thoroughly discusses the mathematical and statistical methods in handicapping and betting techniques. Differentiations, combinatorics, normal distribution, kernel smoothing and other mathematical and statistical tools are introduced. The jargons and equations are kept to a minimum so that it is easy to understand for most readers. More than 20 professional programs are freely available to download, which can allow readers to easily apply the methodology introduced in the book. This book can be divided into three main parts: horse handicapping (Chapters 2-6), wagering (Chapters 7-9) and theories in practices (Chapters 10-11). Chapter 1 will explain why long term gains are possible in horse racing. About horse handicapping, we will start with analysing racing forms in Chapter 2. Other handicapping factors such as weight carried, jockeys, trainers and pedigrees will be discussed in Chapter 3. Some advanced statistical methods, such as chi-square test and kernel smoothing, will be introduced in Chapter 4 to further analyse those handicapping factors discussed in previous chapters. The following two chapters are about probability estimations. In Chapter 5, normal distribution and multinominal logistic regression are introduced in estimating winning probability of each race horse. In Chapter 6, we will talk about some methods in misconceptions in estimating placed probability. Two main concepts in wagering, Kelly criterion and hedging, will be discussed in Chapters 7 and 8. To hit exotic pools, those theories in combinatorics in Chapter 9 will definitely help the readers. The author will share his experiences in betting syndicate in Chapter 10, and tell you how to be a successful professional horseplayer in the last Chapter. Some readers may find the mathematics in this book difficult, but the free program will take your pain away and do all the calculations. You can simply apply all the professional formulae by no more than a click, and pick your horses like an expert analyst. As an awardee in Asian-Pacific Mathematics Olympiad, the author abandoned his career as an actuary and became a key member in a gambling syndicate. This book was reprinted in the 4th edition in Hong Kong, ranked #2 in the best-selling chart in the international Chinese weekly Yazhou Zhoukan, and now available worldwide.

The Mathematics of Horse Racing

Author : Vincent James
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The Mathematics of Horse Racing is about an analysis program that delves into the realm of horse racing to prove that this innovative quantitative approach, based on the statistical principles of correlation, has a far greater success rate in an industry that eludes most. Important to note is that at the back end of all information that adds value there lies a system of analysis.In today's internet age there is an explosion of data. The reality is that not much can be done with data that has not been processed. The difficulty lies in making sense of all this data by transforming it into information, which implies determining what is relevant and eliminating the irrelevant. Importantly, what exactly does specific data represent and how could we use it to understand and even determine specific outcomes? Or what does present or past data have on future events? The correlation program, i.e. the CET Analysis Program, proves its horse racing capability to forecast the best horses that had finished in the top of several horse race meetings - which has not been limited to South Africa but beyond. The Mathematics of Horse Racing presents substantive evidence in the form of primarily winning tickets that conclusively proves the accuracy of the CET program to analysis data beyond the present subject of horse racing. Emphasis is twofold - firstly, statistical science and its relationship to the CET methodology and secondly, its application that resulted in the documenting of actual horse race winning tickets."Data do not give up their secrets easily. They must be tortured to confess."Jeff

Mathematics of Games and Gambling

Author : Edward W. Packel
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The new edition of a favourite which introduces and develops some of the important and beautiful elementary mathematics needed for rational analysis of various gambling and game activities. Most of the standard casino games (roulette, craps, blackjack, keno), some social games (backgammon, poker, bridge) and various other activities (state lotteries, horse racing) are treated in ways that bring out their mathematical aspects. The mathematics developed ranges from the predictable concepts of probability, expectation, and binomial coefficients to some less well-known ideas of elementary game theory. The second edition includes new material on: • Sports betting and the mathematics behind it • Game theory applied to bluffing in poker and related to the 'Texas Holdem phenomenon' • The Nash equilibrium concept and its emergence in popular culture • Internet links to games and Java applets for practice and classroom use. Game-related exercises are included and solutions to some appear at the end of the book.

Handicapping Secrets of the Horse Racing Fanatic

Author : Gordon Easton
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"The first weekend at the track after reading your book (Handicapping Secrets of the Horse Racing Fanatic) I won $2,600.00! Thanks for all the great info."R. Kelley - Los Angeles, CA. "...Initially, I was looking for the plays on the pick six but actually evaluated them last. I would almost swear that I was privileged to look at an experienced horse player's soul. I believe this material needs more than reading, it should be studied and practiced. The author is certainly knowledgeable about the secrets of winning. For any serious horse player who is self taught or those who aspire to collect money from the race tracks, armed with just these techniques a loser could become a winner. I would heartily endorse this author.Thank you again," Jerry Smiley - NV"Great book with tremendous insight to thoroughbred handicapping and wagering." -janishrj "Gordon Easton's Pick-Six Formulas and other betting strategies are quite literally worth a fortune to any serious fan of horse racing. Add in the rest of the handicapping expertise he has picked up along the way, and you have a resource that no one who plays the ponies can afford to be without. Recommended without reservation!" - Jay M. - Arlington, VA "I failed to mention how informative the book you sent me is. Even with over 40-yrs. of experience, I learned things about racing that I more than likely did not know, or just plain forgot about. It's a good book!" Don Oerlemans - Westville, NJ "Very well written and and super informative book. A++++++" -K.F. "Great handicapping book for any horseracing fan." -bettyjean4771 "Solid info and systems!" -ciolek75 "Very informative!! Easy to master. Thanks!!" - A.T. "Good and interesting info for any handicapper. Thanks." -C.T. "Good tips and angles I haven't thought of before. Pick 6 strategies are great." -J.K. "very interesting book, the stats alone are incredible. A+++" -J.J. "Good insight to handicapping horses." -G.D. What makes Handicapping Secrets of The Horse Racing Fanatic your absolute best bet to put more money in your pocket when wagering at the track?It's not just master handicapper Gordon Easton's four decades worth of powerful and proven betting systems... spot plays... and long-shot picking secrets, all brought together in one book for the first time anywhere. What's sets this book apart from all the rest is that retired mathematics professor Gordon Easton is a mathematical genius specializing in Numbers Probability Theory, who gives his readers a complete set of "plug and play" betting formulas that will let you cover more horses and results for every dollar you bet, shaving the odds in your favor. For example: Most people never win a Pick Six because they don't have the hundreds of dollars needed to put a lot of horses on a single ticket. They will bet many $2 tickets instead. They could end up with several tickets with 3 or 4 winners... but none with 5 or 6 for the big win.But, by using Gordon's formulas, you are guaranteed to line up at least five winners on one ticket if you get a winner in each race. You'll also have a decent chance at getting a Pick Six... without spending a fortune.For example: Pick Six Formula #1 covers 4 horses in 1 race... 3 horses in 3 races... and 2 singles (your most likely winners). To put all of these horses on one ticket would cost you $216. Using Gordon's formula... you can do this for only $24, with the guarantee of 5 or 6 winners on one ticket if you have a winner in each race. There is no other place on the planet you can find this kind of incredibly valuable knowledge.

Key Maths

Author : David Baker
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Contains chapter tests to form module tests after a group of chapters. Extended chapter tests to provide extra consolidation of work that stretch the most able pupil's. Numerous questions for all assessment needs. A new 'numeracy practice' section for additional work in this key area for Key Stage 3 supporting the new Framework for Teaching Mathematics. The interactive CD-ROM version allows the user to cut and paste questions and search by for example a topic/key word at a click. National Curriculum Levels are also included in the mark scheme.

The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics

Author : Ralph Vince
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The Handbook of Portfolio Mathematics "For the serious investor, trader, or money manager, this book takes a rewarding look into modern portfolio theory. Vince introduces a leverage-space portfolio model, tweaks it for the drawdown probability, and delivers a superior model. He even provides equations to maximize returns for a chosen level of risk. So if you're serious about making money in today's markets, buy this book. Read it. Profit from it." —Thomas N. Bulkowski, author, Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns "This is an important book. Though traders routinely speak of their 'edge' in the marketplace and ways of handling 'risk,' few can define and measure these accurately. In this book, Ralph Vince takes readers step by step through an understanding of the mathematical foundations of trading, significantly extending his earlier work and breaking important new ground. His lucid writing style and liberal use of practical examples make this book must reading." —Brett N. Steenbarger, PhD, author, The Psychology of Trading and Enhancing Trader Performance "Ralph Vince is one of the world's foremost authorities on quantitative portfolio analysis. In this masterly contribution, Ralph builds on his early pioneering findings to address the real-world concerns of money managers in the trenches-how to systematically maximize gains in relation to risk." —Nelson Freeburg, Editor, Formula Research "Gambling and investing may make strange bedfellows in the eyes of many, but not Ralph Vince, who once again demonstrates that an open mind is the investor's most valuable asset. What does bet sizing have to do with investing? The answer to that question and many more lie inside this iconoclastic work. Want to make the most of your investing skills Open this book." —John Bollinger, CFA, CMT,

Basic Gambling Mathematics

Author : Mark Bollman
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Understand the Math Underlying Some of Your Favorite Gambling Games Basic Gambling Mathematics: The Numbers Behind the Neon explains the mathematics involved in analyzing games of chance, including casino games, horse racing, and lotteries. The book helps readers understand the mathematical reasons why some gambling games are better for the player than others. It is also suitable as a textbook for an introductory course on probability. Along with discussing the mathematics of well-known casino games, the author examines game variations that have been proposed or used in actual casinos. Numerous examples illustrate the mathematical ideas in a range of casino games while end-of-chapter exercises go beyond routine calculations to give readers hands-on experience with casino-related computations. The book begins with a brief historical introduction and mathematical preliminaries before developing the essential results and applications of elementary probability, including the important idea of mathematical expectation. The author then addresses probability questions arising from a variety of games, including roulette, craps, baccarat, blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, Royal Roulette, and sic bo. The final chapter explores the mathematics behind "get rich quick" schemes, such as the martingale and the Iron Cross, and shows how simple mathematics uncovers the flaws in these systems.

Racetrack Betting

Author : Peter Asch
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"Not only is this a very serious book on a topic of broad interest, but, even better, it is quite readable." Management Accounting

Horse Race Betting for Beginners and Beyond

Author : Kris Vemula
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Discover how to play the odds-and win-in author Kris Vemula's insightful new handbook, Horse Race Betting for Beginners and Beyond. Horse race betting can be a fun and exciting event for spectators-but it can be even more rewarding if you have money riding on the game! Vemula, a seasoned computer analyst, puts his expertise to use in the wild world of horse race betting in order to show you how to make money by placing the right bets. Brimming with straightforward bullet points, helpful graphics, and easy-to-read tables and explanations, this is a must-have guide for all fans of horse race betting. Whether you just turned eighteen years old and are looking for a smart way to get in on the action or you're a horse race veteran looking to make the races a bit more interesting, Vemula explains everything you need to know to get the most return on your betting investment. You'll learn about: Betting basics Typical scenarios Questions and answers Charts, tables, and graphics Examples and exercises Personal experiences Strategies Head to the races with confidence-and head home with a few more dollars in your pocket-with Vemula's sound advice.

Beyond Greatness

Author : Charles Justice
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The juvenile, or two-year-old, racing careers of Colin, Man o' War, Ruffian and Landaluce provide the foundation and focus for discussing the question of thoroughbred greatness and its measure. These four thoroughbreds were arguably the best juvenile runners of the twentieth century. Close on their hooves, pun intended, however, were the colts Sysonby and Secretariat and the fillies First Flight, La Prevoyante and Personal Ensign. The latter five runners are honorably mentioned and also compared in the book. As in The Greatest Horse of All: A Controversy Examined, basic statistics are used informally to provide readers a basis for their own studies in thoroughbred data comparison and evaluation. The author realizes that many people avoid mathematical ideas like the plague. Therefore, he has minimized statistical usage to its most common elements, and he explains these thoroughly for the uninitiated as the book progresses. Only two of the ten chapters use statistics to any degree. The text also includes seven figures and two tables to aid in understanding the statistical concepts. If one feels remotely comfortable with eight-grade mathematics concepts, one will have no problem with this material. Relative to the statistical comparisons, two novel concepts are discussed. These pertain to addressing the so-called era effect. Many racing fans continue to argue that horses from different eras cannot justly be compared. A strong case against this argument is presented from at least two standpoints. First, a device is described and suggested to scientifically test and compare the true relative speeds of two racing surfaces. Second, an inverse use of the well-known 't test' for comparing the differences between two or more data sets is presented. The text demonstrates how using this inverse test can equitably adjust earlier era data so that it may be fairly compared with later era data.

Journal of the Mongolian Mathematical Society

Author :
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Racing to the Top Using Mathematics and Science

Author : Dr. Ltc. Ret., Chet Goodwin
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Racing to the Top Using Math and Science is the true story about how the author used wisdom, Math and Science in and outside the classroom to become valedictorian of his high school class.

The Education of a Mathematician

Author : Philip J. Davis
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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In this charming memoir, a renowned mathematician and winner of the American Book Award traces his career in mathematics from early lessons in horse racing and the realities of life to his adventures on the lecture circuit. A thought-provoking mix of autobiography, history, and insights into the role of mathematics in everyday life, this highly ent

Gazette Australian Mathematical Society

Author : Australian Mathematical Society
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The Effect of Context in College Students Solutions of Mathematics Word Problems

Author : Keary James Howard
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As a result, the hypotheses required the development of mathematics problems where non-mathematical context and mathematical content were systematically varied, and where the underlying mathematical structure was held constant between isomorphic pairs of problems. An encompassing constructed-response exam was created based upon these specific parameters and was administered to 59 Cornell University undergraduates with academic majors from throughout the university.

Beyer on Speed

Author : Andrew Beyer
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The creator of a revolutionary new racetrack-betting technique that calculates a horse's speed in previous races offers an understandable, anecdotal explanation of how to use these figures to win at the track, in a new edition of the classic handicapping guide. Reprint.

Mathematics with Applications

Author : Laurence D. Hoffmann
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The Mathematical Scientist

Author :
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Author : Walter Allan Steigleman
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