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Understanding Mathematics Through Problem Solving

Author : Posamentier Alfred S
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This book will present a collection of mathematical problems — lighthearted in nature — intended to entertain the general readership. Problems will be selected largely for the unusual and unexpected solutions to which they lend themselves. Some interesting contents included: All in all, the book is meant to entertain the general readership and to convince them about the power and beauty of mathematics.

Beginning Teaching with Digital Technology

Author : Joanne Blannin
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The perfect guide for pre-service teacher education students, in both primary and secondary education, to help you use technology in your classroom to effectively support your students’ learning.

Maths in Space

Author :
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The Little Book of Maths Problem Solving

Author : Judith Dancer
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This Little Book offers easy-to-follow activities and opportunities for maths problem-solving, both indoors and out. The fun, multisensory ideas will trigger children's curiosity and enthusiasm as well as aiding their mathematical development.

Maths Problem Solving for Higher Achieving Students

Author : Ian Bull
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Using Stories to Teach Maths Ages 9 to 11

Author : Steve Way
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Make the teaching of Maths a more exciting and creative cross-curricular experience! This new series provides original and fun stories, sketches and poems to use as the basis for teaching objectives from the Mathematics Programme of Study. The stories are supported by differentiated lesson plans and original resources such as card games and suggestions for kinaesthetic activities. Ages 9-11 stories include: Sneaky Circles, Hank Bullman rides into Certain City, Space Chase, Mediaevel Mode, Metric Measures Poem, Ratio Poem. The stories have been road-tested in schools and the children thoroughly enjoyed them!

Psychology Of Problem Solving The The Background To Successful Mathematics Thinking

Author : Virgadamo Danielle Sauro
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The art or skill of problem solving in mathematics is mostly relegated to the strategies one can use to solve problems in the field. Although this book addresses that issue, it delves deeply into the psychological aspects that affect successful problem-solving. Such topics as decision-making, judgment, and reasoning as well as using memory effectively and a discussion of the thought processes that could help address certain problem-solving situations.Most books that address problem-solving and mathematics focus on the various skills. This book goes beyond that and investigates the psychological aspects to solving problems in mathematics.

Studying Virtual Math Teams pre publication version

Author : Gerry Stahl
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This volume is a pre-publication version of Studying Virtual Math Teams, published by Springer Press in 2009. These materials were last revised January 1, 2009, from the final manuscript. This version has not been edited, laid out or paginated by Springer Press. Please do not cite page numbers from this version or quote from it. This version is only for informal use and may not be duplicated. Please refer to the Springer Press version for official usage, citation and pagination. This book presents a coherent research agenda that has been pursued by the author and his research group. The book opens with descriptions of the project and its methodology, as well as situating this research in the past and present context of the CSCL research field. The core research team then presents five concrete analyses of group interactions in different phases of the Virtual Math Teams research project. These chapters are followed by several studies by international collaborators, discussing the group discourse, the software affordances and alternative representations of the interaction, all using data from the VMT project. The concluding chapters address implications for the theory of group cognition and for the methodology of the learning sciences.

Math ProblemSolving Workbook Book 2

Author : Cull
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Students are introduced to a strategy and then guided through a "scaffolding" approach to eventual mastery. The activities are divided into seven strategybased sections: guess and check; draw a diagram; logical reasoning; make a list; find a pattern; work backwards; and solve an easier version.

Daily Warm Ups Problem Solving Math Grade 3

Author : Mary Rosenberg
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Students need more than basic math skills to solve problems; they must also use logical and abstract thinking to discover how to solve problems. The activities in this book do more than provide students with lots of practice solving problems. They give students the tools to apply appropriate strategies to solve problems in a variety of math skill areas.