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Matlab for Control Engineers

Author : Katsuhiko Ogata
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Notable author Katsuhiko Ogata presents the only new book available to discuss, in sufficient detail, the details of MATLAB® materials needed to solve many analysis and design problems associated with control systems. Complements a large number of examples with in-depth explanations, encouraging complete understanding of the MATLAB approach to solving problems. Distills the large volume of MATLAB information available to focus on those materials needed to study analysis and design problems of deterministic, continuous-time control systems. Covers conventional control systems such as transient response, root locus, frequency response analyses and designs; analysis and design problems associated with state space formulation of control systems; and useful MATLAB approaches to solve optimization problems. A useful self-study guide for practicing control engineers.

Matlab for Control System Engineers

Author : Rao V. Dukkipati
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MATLAB for control system engineers is designed as an introductory undergraduate or graduate course for science and engineering students of all disciplines. Control systems engineering is a multidisciplinary subject and presents a control engineering methodology based on mathematical fundamentals and stresses physical system modeling. The classical methods of control systems engineering are covered here using MATLAB software: matrix analysis, Laplace transforms and transfer functions, root locus analysis and design, frequency response methods of analysis including Bode, Nyquist, and Nichols, second order systems approximations, phase and gain margin and bandwidth, and state space variable method. Presentations are limited to linear, time-invariant continuous systems.

Optimal Control Engineering with MATLAB

Author : Rami A. Maher
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For control engineers, optimal control is a tool to design a primal controller which secures system stability and fulfills a certain set of specifications via the optimization of a specific performance index. In this way, troublesome trial-and-error controller tuning procedures are avoided. The next step is to assess the possibility of practical implementation, and this usually leads to a need to implement some controller trade-offs. To this end, this book aims to construct bridges between conventional parameter optimization and the methods of optimal control theory. Optimal Control Engineering with Matlab teaches students efficiently how to apply the well-known standard optimal control theory as well as recently developed methods for the practical implementation of optimal controllers for dynamic systems. In this book, the author uses his experience gained over twenty-five years of teaching and supervising graduate and postgraduate students in many engineering specializations to communicate the essentials of a very important branch of control system theory to a new generation of engineering students.

Matlab and Simulink Student Version 2012

Author : Mathworks The
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This package includes a physical copy of Modern Control Engineering (International Version) by Katsuhiko Ogata, as well as access to MATLAB. For senior or graduate-level students taking a first course in Control Theory (in departments of Mechanical, Electrical, Aerospace, and Chemical Engineering). A comprehensive, senior-level textbook for control engineering. Ogata's Modern Control Engineering, 5/e, offers the comprehensive coverage of continuous-time control systems that all senior students must have, including frequency response approach, root-locus approach, and state-space approach to analysis and design of control systems. The text provides a gradual development of control theory, shows how to solve all computational problems with MATLAB, and avoids highly mathematical arguments. A wealth of examples and worked problems are featured throughout the text. The new edition includes improved coverage of Root-Locus Analysis (Chapter 6) and Frequency-Response Analysis (Chapter 8). The author has also updated and revised many of the worked examples and end-of-chapter problems. This text is ideal for control systems engineers.

Control Engineering MATLAB Exercises

Author : László Keviczky
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This MATLAB exercise book accompanies the textbook Control Engineering, providing a platform for students to practice problem solving in the analysis and design of continuous and discrete control problems reflected in the main textbook. The book starts off with a brief introduction to MATLAB, control toolbox and Simulink. Subsequent chapters include a short theoretical summary of the topic followed by exercises on solving complex problems using MATLAB commands. These exercises are ideal for students in computer laboratory classes.

MATLAB for Engineers

Author : Karel Perutka
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The book presents several approaches in the key areas of practice for which the MATLAB software package was used. Topics covered include applications for: -Motors -Power systems -Robots -Vehicles The rapid development of technology impacts all areas. Authors of the book chapters, who are experts in their field, present interesting solutions of their work. The book will familiarize the readers with the solutions and enable the readers to enlarge them by their own research. It will be of great interest to control and electrical engineers and students in the fields of research the book covers.

Introduction to Control Engineering

Author : Ajit K. Mandal
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The Text Is Written From The Engineer'S Point Of View To Explain The Basic Oncepts Involved In Feedback Control Theory. The Material In The Text Has Been Organized For Gradual And Sequential Development Of Control Theory Starting With A Statement Of The Task Of A Control Engineer At The Very Outset. The Book Is Tended For An Introductory Undergraduate Course In Control Systems For Engineering Students.This Text Presents A Comprehensive Analysis And Design Of Continuous-Time Control Systems And Includes More Than Introductory Material For Discrete Systems With Adequate Guidelines To Extend The Results Derived In Connection Continuous-Time Systems. The Prerequisite For The Reader Is Some Elementary Owledge Of Differential Equations, Vector-Matrix Analysis And Mechanics. Transfer Function And State Variable Models Of Typical Components And Subsystems Have Been Derived In The Appendix At The End Of The Book.Most Of The Materials Including Solved And Unsolved Problems Presented In The Book Have Been Class-Tested In Senior Undergraduates And First Year Graduate El Courses In The Field Of Control Systems At The Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering Department, Jadavpur University. Matlab Is The Most Widely Used Cad Software Package In Universities Throughout The World. Some Representative Matlab Scripts Used For Solving Problems Are Cluded At The End Of Each Chapter. The Detailed Design Steps Of Fuzzy Logic Based Controller Using Simulink And Matlab Has Been Provided In The Book To Give The Student A Head Start In This Emerging Discipline.A Chapter Has Been Included To Deal With Nonlinear Components And Their Analysis G Matlab And Simulink Through User Defined S-Functions. Finally, A Chapter Has Been Included To Deal With The Implementation Of Digital Controllers On Finite Bit Computer, To Bring Out The Problems Associated With Digital Trollers. In View Of Extensive Use Of Matlab For Rapid Verification Of Controller Designs, Some Notes For Using Matlab Script M-Files And Function M-Files Are Included At The End Of The Book.

Modern Control Engineering

Author : Katsuhiko Ogata
File Size : 31.49 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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"Comprehensive treatment of the analysis and design of continuous-time control systems" Partial contents : The Laplace transform ; Mathematical modelling of dynamic system ; Transient-response analysis ; Root-locus analysis ; Frequency response analysis ; PID controls and introduction to robust control ; Control systems in state space ; Liapunov stability analysis and quadratic optimal control.

Control Engineering

Author : Jacqueline Wilkie
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Format : PDF, ePub
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This text is aimed at second or third year courses in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, and provides for the needs of these courses without being over burdened with detail. The authors work in one of the foremost centres in Europe for Control Engineering, and bring both teaching and practical consultancy experience to the text, which links theoretical approaches to actual case histories. Including an introduction to the software tools of MATLAB and SIMULINK, this book also includes simulations and examples throughout, and provides a straightforward introduction to Control Engineering for students, and those wishing to refresh their knowledge.

Control System Analysis Design in MATLAB and SIMULINK

Author : Mohammad Nuruzzaman
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"Control System Analysis & Design in MATLAB and SIMULINK" is blueprinted to solve undergraduate control system engineering problems in MATLAB platform. Unified view of control system fundamentals is taken into account in the text. One key aspect of the text is the presentation of computing and graphing materials in a simple intuitive way. Many advances in virtual implementation on control systems have been seen in the past decade. The text elucidates the web of concepts underpinning these advances. Self-working out illustrations and end-of-chapter exercises enthuse the reader a checkup on thorough understanding. The comprehensive introduction will benefit both undergraduates and graduates studying control system and engineering. Also researchers in the field can have the text as reference.

Robust Control Design with MATLAB

Author : Da-Wei Gu
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Robust Control Design with MATLAB® (second edition) helps the student to learn how to use well-developed advanced robust control design methods in practical cases. To this end, several realistic control design examples from teaching-laboratory experiments, such as a two-wheeled, self-balancing robot, to complex systems like a flexible-link manipulator are given detailed presentation. All of these exercises are conducted using MATLAB® Robust Control Toolbox 3, Control System Toolbox and Simulink®. By sharing their experiences in industrial cases with minimum recourse to complicated theories and formulae, the authors convey essential ideas and useful insights into robust industrial control systems design using major H-infinity optimization and related methods allowing readers quickly to move on with their own challenges. The hands-on tutorial style of this text rests on an abundance of examples and features for the second edition: • rewritten and simplified presentation of theoretical and methodological material including original coverage of linear matrix inequalities; • new Part II forming a tutorial on Robust Control Toolbox 3; • fresh design problems including the control of a two-rotor dynamic system; and • end-of-chapter exercises. Electronic supplements to the written text that can be downloaded from include: • M-files developed with MATLAB® help in understanding the essence of robust control system design portrayed in text-based examples; • MDL-files for simulation of open- and closed-loop systems in Simulink®; and • a solutions manual available free of charge to those adopting Robust Control Design with MATLAB® as a textbook for courses. Robust Control Design with MATLAB® is for graduate students and practising engineers who want to learn how to deal with robust control design problems without spending a lot of time in researching complex theoretical developments.

Solving Control Engineering Problems with MATLAB

Author : Katsuhiko Ogata
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Modeling Analysis and Design of Control Systems in MATLAB and Simulink

Author : Dingyü Xue
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MATLAB and Simulink are now being used extensively in not only academia as a teaching aid, a learning aid and a research tool but also industry for modeling, analysis, design and rapid prototyping. As a response, Modeling, Analysis and Design of Control Systems in MATLAB and Simulink emphasizes on practical use of and problem solving in MATLAB and Simulink following the so-called MAD (modeling, analysis and design) notion. Readers can not only learn the control concepts and problem solving methods but also coding skills by following the numerous inline MATLAB scripts, functions, reproducible examples as well as chapter-end Problems. The book service website contains Solution Manual, 1,000 plus teaching/learning PPTs, and all related codes used in the book for reproducing the examples.Modeling, Analysis and Design of Control Systems in MATLAB and Simulink has 12 chapters organized in 5 parts: Foundation, Modeling, Analysis, Design and Rapid Prototyping. Each chapter ends with Problems section. This book can be used as a reference text in the introductory control course for undergraduates in all engineering schools. The coverage of topics is broad, yet balanced, and it should provide a solid foundation for the subsequent control engineering practice in both industry and research institutes. This book will be a good desktop reference for control engineers and many codes and tools in this book may be directly applicable in real world problem solving.

Linear Control System Analysis and Design with MATLAB Sixth Edition

Author : Constantine H. Houpis
File Size : 75.62 MB
Format : PDF
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Thoroughly classroom-tested and proven to be a valuable self-study companion, Linear Control System Analysis and Design: Sixth Edition provides an intensive overview of modern control theory and conventional control system design using in-depth explanations, diagrams, calculations, and tables. Keeping mathematics to a minimum, the book is designed with the undergraduate in mind, first building a foundation, then bridging the gap between control theory and its real-world application. Computer-aided design accuracy checks (CADAC) are used throughout the text to enhance computer literacy. Each CADAC uses fundamental concepts to ensure the viability of a computer solution. Completely updated and packed with student-friendly features, the sixth edition presents a range of updated examples using MATLAB®, as well as an appendix listing MATLAB functions for optimizing control system analysis and design. Over 75 percent of the problems presented in the previous edition have been revised or replaced.

Optimal Networked Control Systems with MATLAB

Author : Jagannathan Sarangapani
File Size : 27.78 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Optimal Networked Control Systems with MATLAB® discusses optimal controller design in discrete time for networked control systems (NCS). The authors apply several powerful modern control techniques in discrete time to the design of intelligent controllers for such NCS. Detailed derivations, rigorous stability proofs, computer simulation examples, and downloadable MATLAB® codes are included for each case. The book begins by providing background on NCS, networked imperfections, dynamical systems, stability theory, and stochastic optimal adaptive controllers in discrete time for linear and nonlinear systems. It lays the foundation for reinforcement learning-based optimal adaptive controller use for finite and infinite horizons. The text then: Introduces quantization effects for linear and nonlinear NCS, describing the design of stochastic adaptive controllers for a class of linear and nonlinear systems Presents two-player zero-sum game-theoretic formulation for linear systems in input–output form enclosed by a communication network Addresses the stochastic optimal control of nonlinear NCS by using neuro dynamic programming Explores stochastic optimal design for nonlinear two-player zero-sum games under communication constraints Treats an event-sampled distributed NCS to minimize transmission of state and control signals within the feedback loop via the communication network Covers distributed joint optimal network scheduling and control design for wireless NCS, as well as the effect of network protocols on the wireless NCS controller design An ideal reference for graduate students, university researchers, and practicing engineers, Optimal Networked Control Systems with MATLAB® instills a solid understanding of neural network controllers and how to build them.

State Space Control Systems

Author : Farzin Asadi
File Size : 33.25 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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These days, nearly all the engineering problem are solved with the aid of suitable computer packages. This book shows how MATLAB/Simulink could be used to solve state-space control problems. In this book, it is assumed that you are familiar with the theory and concepts of state-space control, i.e., you took or you are taking a course on state-space control system and you read this book in order to learn how to solve state-space control problems with the aid of MATLAB/Simulink. The book is composed of three chapters. Chapter 1 shows how a state-space mathematical model could be entered into the MATLAB/Simulink environment. Chapter 2 shows how a nonlinear system could be linearized around the desired operating point with the aid of tools provided by MATLAB/Simulink. Finally, Chapter 3 shows how a state-space controller could be designed with the aid MATLAB and be tested with Simulink. The book will be useful for students and practical engineers who want to design a state-space control system.

Control Engineering

Author :
File Size : 75.27 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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Instrumentation and automatic control systems.

Computer Aided Control Systems Design

Author : Cheng Siong Chin
File Size : 68.76 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Computer-Aided Control Systems Design: Practical Applications Using MATLAB® and Simulink® supplies a solid foundation in applied control to help you bridge the gap between control theory and its real-world applications. Working from basic principles, the book delves into control systems design through the practical examples of the ALSTOM gasifier system in power stations and underwater robotic vehicles in the marine industry. It also shows how powerful software such as MATLAB® and Simulink® can aid in control systems design. Make Control Engineering Come Alive with Computer-Aided Software Emphasizing key aspects of the design process, the book covers the dynamic modeling, control structure design, controller design, implementation, and testing of control systems. It begins with the essential ideas of applied control engineering and a hands-on introduction to MATLAB and Simulink. It then discusses the analysis, model order reduction, and controller design for a power plant and the modeling, simulation, and control of a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) for pipeline tracking. The author explains how to obtain the ROV model and verify it by using computational fluid dynamic software before designing and implementing the control system. In addition, the book details the nonlinear subsystem modeling and linearization of the ROV at vertical plane equilibrium points. Throughout, the author delineates areas for further study. Appendices provide additional information on various simulation models and their results. Learn How to Perform Simulations on Real Industry Systems A step-by-step guide to computer-aided applied control design, this book supplies the knowledge to help you deal with control problems in industry. It is a valuable reference for anyone who wants a better understanding of the theory and practice of basic control systems design, analysis, and implementation.

Practical Control Engineering Guide for Engineers Managers and Practitioners

Author : David Koenig
File Size : 49.36 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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An Essential Guide to Control Engineering Fundamentals Understand the day-to-day procedures of today's control engineer with the pragmatic insights and techniques contained in this unique resource. Written in clear, concise language, Practical Control Engineering shows, step-by-step, how engineers simulate real-world phenomena using dynamic models and algorithms. Learn how to handle single and multiple-staged systems, implement error-free feedback control, eliminate anomalies, and work in the frequency and discrete-time domains. Extensive appendices cover basic calculus, differential equations, vector math, Laplace and Z-transforms, and Matlab basics. Practical Control Engineering explains how to: Gain insight into control engineering and process analysis Write and debug algorithms that simulate physical processes Understand feedback, feedforward, open loops, and cascade controls Build behavioral models using basic applied mathematics Analyze lumped, underdamped, and distributed processes Comprehend matrix, vector, and state estimation concepts Convert from continuous to discrete-time and frequency domains Filter out white noise, colored noise, and stochaic disturbances

Engineering and Scientific Computations Using MATLAB

Author : Sergey E. Lyshevski
File Size : 82.86 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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Master MATLAB(r) step-by-step The MATLAB-- "MATrix LABoratory"--computational environment offers a rich set of capabilities to efficiently solve a variety of complex analysis, simulation, and optimization problems. Flexible, powerful, and relatively easy to use, the MATLAB environment has become a standard cost-effective tool within the engineering, science, and technology communities. Excellent as a self-teaching guide for professionals as well as a textbook for students, Engineering and Scientific Computations Using MATLAB helps you fully understand the MATLAB environment, build your skills, and apply its features to a wide range of applications. Going beyond traditional MATLAB user manuals and college texts, Engineering and Scientific Computations Using MATLAB guides you through the most important aspects and basics of MATLAB programming and problem-solving from fundamentals to practice. Augmenting its discussion with a wealth of practical worked-out examples and qualitative illustrations, this book demonstrates MATLAB's capabilities and offers step-by-step instructions on how to apply the theory to a practical real-world problem. In particular, the book features: * Coverage of a variety of complex physical and engineering systems described by nonlinear differential equations * Detailed application of MATLAB to electromechanical systems MATLAB files, scripts, and statements, as well as SIMULINK models which can be easily modified for application-specific problems encountered in practice Readable, user-friendly, and comprehensive in scope this is a welcome introduction to MATLAB for those new to the program and an ideal companion for engineers seeking in-depth mastery of the high-performance MATLAB environment.