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Maya Prays for Rain

Author : Susan Tarcov
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Kar-Ben Read-Aloud eBooks with Audio combine professional narration and text highlighting to bring eBooks to life! It's a sunny fall day in Maya's neighborhood, and all her neighbors are busy with outdoor activities, from releasing some young butterflies to organizing a birthday scavenger hunt. But Maya learns that today is Shemini Atzeret, when the Jewish community prays for rain. Rain will ruin her neighbors' day! Maya rushes to warn them. Luckily, as her rabbi explains to her, it turns out that she doesn't need to worry.

Mysteries of the Mexican Pyramids

Author : Peter Tompkins
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Reproductions of primitive and nineteenth-century drawings and modern photographs illustrate an inquiry into the histories, construction, and purposes of ancient Mexican and Central American pyramids

Developing Nations Monograph Series

Author : Wake Forest University. Overseas Research Center
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Rain Worship Among the Ancient Chinese and the Nahua Maya Indians

Author : Dennis Wingsou Lou
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Yucatec Maya Stories

Author :
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Social Anthropology

Author : Manning Nash
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Handbook of Middle American Indians Social anthropology M Nash vol editor

Author : Robert Wauchope
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Star Gods of the Maya

Author : Susan Milbrath
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Reconstructs ancient Maya astronomy and cosmology through the astronomical information encoded in Pre-Columbian Maya art

Latin American Indian Literatures Journal

Author :
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Model of Indigenous Maya Medicine in Guatemala

Author : Karin Eder
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La Ruta Maya Yucat n Guatemala Belize

Author :
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The Maya World

Author : Elizabeth P. Benson
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Archaeological and scientific findings underlie a detailed reconstruction of Mayan civilization and culture

The Modern Maya

Author : Macduff Everton
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One hundred and ninety-five fascinating bandw photographs by Everton, and an equally interesting text, present a richly preserved and colorfully varied culture. Includes essays by Ulrich Keller and Dorie Reents-Budet. The volume accompanies a traveling exhibit of the same name (at Lehigh U. Art Galleries through 1 January 1992, then at the Art Galleries of California State U., Northridge, 24 February-28 March 1992). Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Maya Paganism and Christianity

Author : Donald Eugene Thompson
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In Search of the Rain Forest

Author : Candace Slater
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DIVCollection of essays offers a multi-layered understanding of the social complexities of rainforest practice and representation,./div

The Adventures of Mr Puttison Among the Maya

Author : Victor Montejo
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Temples of the Sun and Moon

Author : Michael Swan
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The Paris Codex

Author : Bruce Love
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Other sections cover weather almanacs; the influence of God C, also known as k'u; the four yearbearers with their thirteen numbers; the Maya spirit entities, including sky gods and earth or death gods; and the Maya constellations.

Maya Sacred Geography and the Creator Deities

Author : Karen Bassie-Sweet
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The K'iche' Maya creation story preserved in the sixteenth-century manuscript Popol Vuh describes the origin of the world and its people in a setting long assumed to be the Guatemalan central highlands. Now a scholar with a deep knowledge of Maya history shows that all of these mythological events occurred at specific locations and that this landscape was the template for the Maya worldview. Examining the primary Maya deities, Karen Bassie-Sweet links geographic features to gods and beliefs. She reconstructs key elements of the Popol Vuh to argue that the three volcanoes around Lake Atitlan were the three thunderbolt gods and that the lake was the center of the world. She also shows that the Maya view of the creation of humans is centered on corn and examines core beliefs about the corn cycle to propose that the creation myth was established much earlier in Maya history than previously supposed. Generously illustrated, Maya Sacred Geography and the Creator Deities is a detailed ethnohistorical analysis of Maya religion, cosmology, and ritual practice that convincingly links mythology to the land. A comprehensive treatment of Maya religion, it provides an essential resource for scholars and will fascinate any reader captivated by these ancient beliefs.

Contemporary Yucatec Maya Apocalyptic Prophecy

Author : Paul R. Sullivan
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