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Mechanical Design of Electric Motors

Author : Wei Tong
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Rapid increases in energy consumption and emphasis on environmental protection have posed challenges for the motor industry, as has the design and manufacture of highly efficient, reliable, cost-effective, energy-saving, quiet, precisely controlled, and long-lasting electric motors.Suitable for motor designers, engineers, and manufacturers, as well

Mechanical Design for the Stage

Author : Alan Hendrickson
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Scenic effects involving rotating turntables, tracking stage wagons, and the vertical movement of curtains and painted drops have become common in both Broadway and Regional theatre productions. The machines that drive these effects range from small pneumatic cylinders pushing loads of a few pounds an inch or two, to 40 horsepower winches running multi-ton scenery at speeds 6 feet per second or more. Usually this machinery is designed by theatre technicians specifically for a particular show's effect. Compared to general industry, this design process is short, often only a few days long, it is done by one person, design teams are rare, and it is done in the absence of reference material specifically addressing the issues involved. The main goal of this book is to remedy this last situation. Mechanical Design for the Stage will be a reference for you that will: * provide the basic engineering formulas needed to predict the forces, torques, speeds, and power required by a given move * give a technician a design process to follow which will direct their work from general concepts to specific detail as a design evolves, and * show many examples of traditional stage machinery designs. The book's emphasis will be on following standard engineering design and construction practices, and developing machines that are functional, efficient to build, easily maintained, and safe to use.

Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook

Author : Peter R. N. Childs
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Mechanical Design Engineering Handbook, Second Edition, is a straight-talking and forward-thinking reference covering the design, specification, selection, use and integration of the machine elements that are fundamental to a wide range of engineering applications. This updated edition includes new material on tolerancing, alternative approaches to design, and robotics, as well as references to the latest ISO and US engineering regulations. Sections cover bearings, shafts, gears, seals, belts and chains, clutches and brakes, springs, fasteners, pneumatics and hydraulics, amongst other core mechanical elements. This practical handbook is an ideal shelf reference for those working in mechanical design across a variety of industries. In addition, it is also a valuable learning resource for advanced students undertaking engineering design modules and projects as part of broader mechanical, aerospace, automotive and manufacturing programs. Presents a clear, concise text that explains key component technology, with step-by-step procedures, fully worked design scenarios, component images and cross-sectional line drawings Provides essential data, equations and interactive ancillaries, including calculation spreadsheets, to inform decision-making, design evaluation and incorporation of components into overall designs Includes procedures and methods that are covered to national and international standards where appropriate New to this edition: flow-charts to help select technology; Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA), product, service and system design models, Functional Analysis Diagrams (FADs), Design for Excellence (DFX), Design for MADE, and the process of remanufacture

Stiffness and Damping in Mechanical Design

Author : Eugene Rivin
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Offers designers and users of mechanical systems an overview of structural stiffness and damping and their critical roles in mechanical design. The text assesses the relationship between stiffness and damping parameters in mechanical systems and structural materials. An accompanying disk contains detailed analyses of stiffness- and damping-critical

Mechanical Design of Machine Elements and Machines

Author : Jack A. Collins
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Taking a failure prevention perspective, this book provides engineers with a balance between analysis and design. The new edition presents a more thorough treatment of stress analysis and fatigue. It integrates the use of computer tools to provide a more current view of the field. Photos or images are included next to descriptions of the types and uses of common materials. The book has been updated with the most comprehensive coverage of possible failure modes and how to design with each in mind. Engineers will also benefit from the consistent approach to problem solving that will help them apply the material on the job.

Introduction to Mechanical Design

Author : Ted B. Jefferson
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Electrical Engineer

Author :
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The Electrical Engineer

Author :
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U S Government Research Development Reports

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Official Catalogue

Author : Moses Purnell Handy
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Machine Elements in Mechanical Design

Author : Robert L. Mott
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CD-ROM contains: the mechanical design software MDESIGN, which "enables users to quickly complete the design of many of the machine elements discussed in the book."

An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Author : Michael Clifford
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An Introduction to Mechanical Engineering: Part 2 is an essential text for all second-year undergraduate students as well as those studying foundation degrees and HNDs. The text provides thorough coverage of the following core engineering topics: Fluid dynamics Thermodynamics Solid mechanics Control theory and techniques Mechanical power, loads and transmissions Structural vibration As well as mechanical engineers, the text will be highly relevant to automotive, aeronautical/aerospace and general engineering students. The material in this book has full student and lecturer support on an accompanying website at, which includes: worked solutions for exam-style questions multiple-choice self-assessment revision material The text is written by an experienced team of lecturers at the internationally renowned University of Nottingham.

Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Author : Iqbal Husain
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With advances driven by pressure from governments, environmental activists, and its associated industries, the subject of electric and hybrid vehicles is becoming increasingly important. Trends clearly suggest that we must educate the engineers of today and tomorrow in the technical details of these vehicles. While there are many books that provide narrative descriptions of electric and hybrid vehicle components, none cover the technical aspects from a mathematically derived, design point of view, and none serve well as a textbook. Electric and Hybrid Vehicles: Design Fundamentals presents a comprehensive, systems-level perspective of these vehicles that strikes an outstanding balance between technical details, design equations, numerical examples, and case studies. Starting with some historic background, the author describes the system components, the laws of physics governing vehicle motion, the mathematical relationships within and between the components, energy sources, and designing components to meet the complete vehicle specifications. As this text illustrates, the electric vehicle is an excellent example of electro-mechanical and electro-chemical systems, one that is technically challenging as well as highly motivating to engineering students. The material presented is designed to be covered comfortably in a one-semester course. Its multidisciplinary nature and systems approach makes Electric and Hybrid Vehicles ideal for teaching electrical, mechanical, and chemical engineers all in one course.

Handbook of Electric Motors

Author : Hamid A. Toliyat
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Presenting current issues in electric motor design, installation, application, and performance, this second edition serves as the most authoritative and reliable guide to electric motor utilization and assessment in the commercial and industrial sectors. Covering topics ranging from motor energy and efficiency to computer-aided design and equipment selection, this reference assists professionals in all aspects of electric motor maintenance, repair, and optimization. It has been expanded by more than 40 percent to explore the most influential technologies in the field including electronic controls, superconducting generators, recent analytical tools, new computing capabilities, and special purpose motors.

AC Electric Motors Control

Author : Fouad Giri
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The complexity of AC motor control lies in the multivariable and nonlinear nature of AC machine dynamics. Recent advancements in control theory now make it possible to deal with long-standing problems in AC motors control. This text expertly draws on these developments to apply a wide range of model-based control designmethods to a variety of AC motors. Contributions from over thirty top researchers explain how modern control design methods can be used to achieve tight speed regulation, optimal energetic efficiency, and operation reliability and safety, by considering online state variable estimation in the absence of mechanical sensors, power factor correction, machine flux optimization, fault detection and isolation, and fault tolerant control. Describing the complete control approach, both controller and observer designs are demonstrated using advanced nonlinear methods, stability and performance are analysed using powerful techniques, including implementation considerations using digital computing means. Other key features: • Covers the main types of AC motors including triphase, multiphase, and doubly fed induction motors, wound rotor, permanent magnet, and interior PM synchronous motors • Illustrates the usefulness of the advanced control methods via industrial applications including electric vehicles, high speed trains, steel mills, and more • Includes special focus on sensorless nonlinear observers, adaptive and robust nonlinear controllers, output-feedback controllers, fault detection and isolation algorithms, and fault tolerant controllers This comprehensive volume provides researchers and designers and R&D engineers with a single-source reference on AC motor system drives in the automotive and transportation industry. It will also appeal to advanced students in automatic control, electrical, power systems, mechanical engineering and robotics, as well as mechatronic, process, and applied control system engineers.

Modeling and Adaptive Nonlinear Control of Electric Motors

Author : Farshad Khorrami
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In this book, modeling and control design of electric motors, namely step motors, brushless DC motors and induction motors, are considered. The book focuses on recent advances on feedback control designs for various types of electric motors, with a slight emphasis on stepper motors. For this purpose, the authors explore modeling of these devices to the extent needed to provide a high-performance controller, but at the same time one amenable to model-based nonlinear designs. The control designs focus primarily on recent robust adaptive nonlinear controllers to attain high performance. It is shown that the adaptive robust nonlinear controller on its own achieves reasonably good performance without requiring the exact knowledge of motor parameters. While carefully tuned classical controllers often achieve required performance in many applications, it is hoped that the advocated robust and adaptive designs will lead to standard universal controllers with minimal need for fine tuning of control parameters.

World s Columbian Exposition 1893

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Ludwig s Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants

Author : A. Kayode Coker, PhD
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The fourth edition of Ludwig’s Applied Process Design for Chemical and Petrochemical Plants, Volume Three is a core reference for chemical, plant, and process engineers and provides an unrivalled reference on methods, process fundamentals, and supporting design data. New to this edition are expanded chapters on heat transfer plus additional chapters focused on the design of shell and tube heat exchangers, double pipe heat exchangers and air coolers. Heat tracer requirements for pipelines and heat loss from insulated pipelines are covered in this new edition, along with batch heating and cooling of process fluids, process integration, and industrial reactors. The book also looks at the troubleshooting of process equipment and corrosion and metallurgy. Assists engineers in rapidly analyzing problems and finding effective design methods and mechanical specifications Definitive guide to the selection and design of various equipment types, including heat exchanger sizing and compressor sizing, with established design codes Batch heating and cooling of process fluids supported by Excel programs

Electrical World

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Mechanical Design

Author : Peter R. N. Childs
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With this volume, Peter Childs introduces mechanical design from the very basic principles and components, before moving on to develop skills to a practical level.