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Medals of the British Navy and how they were won

Author : WH Long
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Britain will always be grateful to her Navy for making her an empire, “on which the sun would never set”. It was the British Navy, which time and again, had been solely responsible for routing the forces of the various kingdoms in the world. And it was these acts of heroism by the valiant members of the nautical forces of the British Empire, which deserve more than perhaps just a mere mention. These acts have gone on to win various prestigious medals and other decorative honours. In this book, the author WH Long collates these stories of heroism from the various books and journals, which have long gone out of print. While the stories behind these medals may have been erased from records, they will forever be entrenched in the minds of a grateful British folk. These medals do not merely record an event, but they have a story to tell – a story of valour, courage, determination and patriotism. A must have book for a military enthusiast.

Medals of the British Navy and how They Were Won

Author : William H. Long
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War Medals of the British Army and how They Were Won

Author : Thomas Carter
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Historical Record of Medals and Honorary Distinctions Conferred on the British Navy Army Auxiliary Forces

Author : George Tancred
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Collecting Military Medals

Author : Colin Narbeth
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short description: An expertly written introductory guide to collecting military medals. Narbeth offers the reader all the requisite background information, the aims to which a new collector should aspire, and the pitfalls to guard against.

Navy and Army Illustrated

Author :
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Medals of the British Army

Author : Thomas Carter
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Navy Army Illustrated

Author :
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British Military Medals

Author : Peter Duckers
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This second edition of Peter Ducker's best-selling British Military Medals traces the history of medals and gallantry awards from Elizabethan times to the modern day, and it features an expert account of their design and production. Campaign and gallantry medals are a key to understanding - and exploring - British and imperial military history, and to uncovering the careers and exploits of individual soldiers. ??In a series of succinct and well-organized chapters he explains how medals originated, to whom they were awarded and how the practice of giving medals has developed over the centuries. His work is a guide for collectors and for local and family historians who want to learn how to use medals to discover the history of military units and the experiences of individuals who served in them.

The Canadian Honours System

Author : Christopher McCreery
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Winner of the 2005 Ontario Printing and Imaging Association Excellence in Print Awards Best of Category, and of the 2005 International Gallery of Superb Printing Gold Award for Superb Craftsmanship Since the creation of the Canadian honours system in 1967, more than 250,000 Canadians have been rewarded, yet little has been written about it. This full-colour illustrated book recounts the history of Canada’s various national orders, decorations, and medals, from New France’s Croix de St. Louis, through the British Order of the Bath, to modern Canadian awards such as the General Campaign Star. Each award in the modern Canadian honours system is examined in detail, including historical background, design, and criteria for bestowal. With special chapters on heraldry, protocol, and the proper mounting and wear of medals, it is an essential reference for anyone interested in Canadian honours.

Awarding of Medals in the Naval Service Hearing Before a Subcommittee on S Res 285

Author : United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Naval Affairs
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British Naval Medals

Author : Louis Alexander Mountbatten Marquis of Milford Haven
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The Royal Navy List

Author :
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Walford s Guide to Reference Material

Author : Albert John Walford
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Author : Institute of Marine Engineers
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Vols. for 1932- include a separately paged section of abstracts (1948-Mar. 1954 called Engineering abstracts. Section 3. Shipbuilding and marine engineering, v. 11-17, no. 3; Apr. 1954- called Marine engineering and shipbuilding abstracts, v. 17, no. 4-

The Numismatic Circular

Author : Spink & Son
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The Royal Navy and Falklands War

Author : David Brown
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Soldiers and journalists alike wasted no time in telling the story of the campaign to recapture the Falkland Islands after the Argentinian invasion in April, 1982. Almost without exception, however, they are concerned largely on the role of the Army, for it was the part they played which particularly fired the public imagination, and it may be said that the role of the Royal and Merchant Navies, the abiding images of which are for many the pictures of the exploding frigate Antelope, and the burning Atlantic Conveyor, has hitherto been overshadowed by the yomping of the Marines and the exploits of certain gentleman of the press. Yet none of them would have been there at all had the Royal Navy not provided the necessary transport, not to mention air cover and bombardment support. In the book David Brown, head of what was formally the Naval Historical Branch at the Ministry of Defence, tells in full for the first time the extraordinary story of how the fleet was assembeled; of how merchant-ships from luxury liners such as the Canberra to cargo-carriers of every description were 'Taken Up Form Trade' and, in a staggeringly short time, converted to their new role. He describes the stupendous problems presented by the assembling, and stowing, of the thousands of tons of stores and equipment needed by the Expeditionary Forces and the way in which these problems were dealt with.

Gallantry Medals Decorations of the World

Author : John D. Clarke
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This book is acknowledged as the only work dealing exclusively with the identification and description of international gallantry awards, past and present. The multitude of illustrations allows the reader to readily identify those awards most likely to be encountered. The work embraces forty-three countries and describes 270 decorations together with their various classes. A ten page ribbon chart shows 216 different world gallantry ribbons all in full colour.

Subject Index of the Modern Works Added to the Library of the British Museum in the Years 1881 1900

Author : British Museum. Department of Printed Books
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Watson s Really Big Wwii Almanac

Author : Patrick Watson
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Named as the North American Book Exchanges winner of the 2008 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award in the Reference catagory, this book is laid out like a calendar containing information pertaining to World War II. In going to a specific date, you will find it divided by area (i.e. Western Europe, North America etc.). Those areas are further divided by year. What makes it unique is that those years range from the 1800s to the present day. The information includes everything from actual battles, to the final fate of a favorite ship, to the activities of movie stars during the war. It covers the first six months of the year. Volume Two takes care of the last six months.