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Media Terrorism and Theory

Author : Anandam P. Kavoori
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Over the past few years, media outlets have spotlighted coverage of terror attacks. Drawing on both popular and academic articles, [this book] analyzes the larger issues surrounding media's studies, architecture, and information science, each contributor brings a distinctive perspective. Answering a growing need to understand media discourse on terrorism, this volume complements readings in upper-level mass communication courses and is a valuable resource for scholars of international media and terrorism. -Back cover.

The Journal of International Communication

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Military Media Review

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Communicating Terror

Author : Joseph S. Tuman
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Concise yet comprehensive, this up-to-date text examines how acts of "terrorism" create rhetorical acts: What messages, persuasive meanings, symbols, do acts of terrorism generate and communicate to the world at large? These rhetorical components include definitions and labels, symbolism in terrorism, public oratory about terrorism, and the relationship between terror and media. This unique communication perspective (vs. political scienceiminal justice approach) shows how the rhetoric of terrorism is truly a war of words, symbols, and meanings.

Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism

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Terrorism and Torture

Author : Werner G. K. Stritzke
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A thought-provoking volume examining the complex factors contributing to terrorism and torture, and the links between those two heinous behaviours.

Terrorism and the Press

Author : Brooke Barnett
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Many books have been written about the press and terrorism - particularly since September 11th - but this is the first press-focused exploration of their relationship. Drawing upon the history of terrorism, mass communication research, media theory, and journalism practice, this book examines how the press reports terrorism, and how that reporting varies depending on the medium and location. Examining the differences in reporting - globally and historically within different media and government systems - Terrorism and the Press provides insights for how, in the future, we can better navigate the relationship between the press, government, and audience when terrorists attack.

Understanding Terrorism in the Age of Global Media

Author : Cristina Archetti
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Review: 'Bringing together a unique understanding of networks, narratives and branding, Archetti offers a distinctive and sophisticated framework to explain how terrorist and counter-terrorist groups operate through today's media ecology. Her compelling analysis and recommendations will make for essential reading as Al-Qaeda evolve and new conflicts emerge in the coming decade.' - Ben O'Loughlin, Royal Holloway University of London, UK


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Terrorism and Communication

Author : Jonathan Matusitz
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Based on the premise that terrorism is essentially a message, Terrorism and Communication: A Critical Introduction examines terrorism from a communication perspective—making it the first text to offer a complete picture of the role of communication in terrorist activity. Through the extensive examination of state-of-the-art research on terrorism as well as recent case studies and speech excerpts, communication and terrorism scholar Jonathan Matusitz explores the ways that terrorists communicate messages through actions and discourse. Using a multifaceted approach, he draws valuable insights from relevant disciplines, including mass communication, political communication, and visual communication, as he illustrates the key role that media outlets play in communicating terrorists' objectives and examines the role of global communication channels in both spreading and combating terrorism. This is an essential introduction to understanding what terrorism is, how it functions primarily through communication, how we talk about it, and how we prevent it.

Terrorism Theory and Practice

Author : Lewis M Alexander
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The use of sporadic and relentless nongovernmental political and ideological violence—principally, but not exclusively, as part of a parochial or transnational revolutionary strategy—is characteristic of our "Age of Terrorism." This volume presents theoretical and practical aspects of this phenomenon, with a view toward understanding current challe

The British National Bibliography

Author : Arthur James Wells
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Terrorism the Media

Author : Yonah Alexander
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Terrorism Media and Public Policy

Author : James David Ballard
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The Success of Political Terrorist Events

Author : Idris Sharif
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Most researchers have tended to treat terrorist behavior within pathological and criminal frameworks, and have considered it illegitimate, politically meaningless, and unsuccessful behavior. This research takes a different view of political terrorist behavior by arguing that it is logical and rational, and that these terrorist activities are actually a form of politically motivated behavior. The study examines the extent to which terrorist tactics and victim characteristics affect the success of political terrorist events. The research in this work uses data from International Terrorism: Attributes of Terrorist Events, 1967-1977, including a three-point scale named "Success of political terrorism" and seven predictor variables. The findings confirm that the existence of political terrorist events are more likely than not to end in success. These findings support several hypotheses, including the conclusion that geographical location has a significant effect on political terrorism and that explosives rather than small arms have an effect on success. The information in this book will appeal to diplomatic missions, international development agencies, and multinational corporations. In addition, university and departmental libraries, as well as students of politics, collective behavior, social movements, conflict resolution, and peace studies, will all benefit from reading this book.

Violence and Terror in the Mass Media

Author : George Gerbner
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Political Terrorism

Author : Alex Peter Schmid
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Terrorism and the Media

Author : Patricia Ruby Palmerton
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Mass Communication Theory An Introduction

Author : Denis McQuail
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The fully revised edition of this successful textbook has been comprehensively rewritten to take account of recent theory and research and to improve the accessibility of the text. The book provides a nontechnical introduction to the range of approaches to understanding mass communication. It offers an integrated treatment of the major components of mass communication - the sender, the message and the audience - and encompasses the various forms of mass communication in contemporary societies including television, radio, newspapers, film, music and new communication technologies. Throughout, Denis McQuail shows how theories of mass communication relate to the understanding of society as a whole.

Communication Theories for Everyday Life

Author : John R. Baldwin
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Communication Theories for Everyday Life introduces readers to the complexities of theories in communication studies, mass communication, and public relations, emphasizing their connection to everyday life. Instead of utilizing a "theory-a-day" approach, this text cuts across content areas and clusters related theories, making them easier for readers to process and apply to real-life situations. Communication Theories for Everyday Life also addresses theories in emerging areas and growing fields, such as media research, organizational communication, and computer-mediated communication, while still featuring the traditional theories that always have defined the field. Features: Contextualizes theory with an introductory chapter in each of the main content areas that introduces the theories and research in the field, showing students how the theories developed. Features new theories and subject areas not present in most traditional communication theory textbooks, including new interactive technologies, feminist scholarship, British cultural studies, semiotics, postmodernism, and critical race theory. Emphasizes the application of some theories across many subject areas through headings in the form of questions that encourage students to process material and explore for themselves how theories and content apply to their lives. Uses case-study chapters that demonstrate to students how each subject area would use theory to solve or understand issues in everyday life. Reviews theories for the three main genres of communication - communication studies, mass communication, and public relations - with balanced coverage, examining the unique contributions each area has made to the field of communication as a whole. Page 1 of 1