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Medical Internet of Things

Author : Anirban Mitra
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In recent years, the Medical Internet of Things (MIoT) has emerged as one of the most helpful technological gifts to mankind. With the incredible development in data science, big data technologies, IoT and embedded systems, it is now possible to collect a huge amount of sensitive and personal data, compile it and store it through cloud or edge computing techniques. However, important concerns remain about security and privacy, the preservation of sensitive and personal data, and the efficient transfer, storage and processing of MIoT-based data. Medical Internet of Things: Techniques, Practices and Applications is an attempt to explore new ideas and novel techniques in the area of MIoT. The book is composed of fifteen chapters discussing basic concepts, issues, challenges, case studies and applications in MIoT. This book offers novel advances and applications of MIoT in a precise and clear manner to the research community to achieve in-depth knowledge in the field. This book will help those interested in the field as well as researchers to gain insight into different concepts and their importance in multifaceted applications of real life. This has been done to make the book more flexible and to stimulate further interest in the topic. Features: A systematic overview of concepts in Medical Internet of Things (MIoT) is included. Recent research and some pointers on future advancements in MIoT are discussed. Examples and case studies are included. It is written in an easy-to-understand style with the help of numerous figures and datasets. This book serves as a reference book for scientific investigators who are interested in working on MIoT, as well as researchers developing methodology in this field. It may also be used as a textbook for postgraduate-level courses in computer science or information technology.

Intelligent Internet of Things for Healthcare and Industry

Author : Uttam Ghosh
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This book promotes and facilitates exchanges of research knowledge and findings across different disciplines on the design and investigation of machine learning-based data analytics of IoT infrastructures. This book is focused on the emerging trends, strategies, and applications of IoT in both healthcare and industry data analytics perspectives. The data analytics discussed are relevant for healthcare and industry to meet many technical challenges and issues that need to be addressed to realize this potential. The IoT discussed helps to design and develop the intelligent medical and industry solutions assisted by data analytics and machine learning. At the end of every chapter readers are encouraged to check their understanding by means of brainstorming summary, discussion, exercises and solutions. Focused on the emerging trends, strategies, and applications of IoT in both healthcare and industry data analytics perspectives; Promotes an exchange of research across disciplines on the design and investigation of machine learning-based data analytics of IoT infrastructures; Features case studies emphasizing social and research perspectives on cyber-physical systems, data analytics, intelligence and security.

Internet of Things Use Cases for the Healthcare Industry

Author : Pethuru Raj
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This book explores potentially disruptive and transformative healthcare-specific use cases made possible by the latest developments in Internet of Things (IoT) technology and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). Healthcare data can be subjected to a range of different investigations in order to extract highly useful and usable intelligence for the automation of traditionally manual tasks. In addition, next-generation healthcare applications can be enhanced by integrating the latest knowledge discovery and dissemination tools. These sophisticated, smart healthcare applications are possible thanks to a growing ecosystem of healthcare sensors and actuators, new ad hoc and application-specific sensor and actuator networks, and advances in data capture, processing, storage, and mining. Such applications also take advantage of state-of-the-art machine and deep learning algorithms, major strides in artificial and ambient intelligence, and rapid improvements in the stability and maturity of mobile, social, and edge computing models.

The Internet of Things

Author : John Davies
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Provides comprehensive coverage of the current state of IoT, focusing on data processing infrastructure and techniques Written by experts in the field, this book addresses the IoT technology stack, from connectivity through data platforms to end-user case studies, and considers the tradeoffs between business needs and data security and privacy throughout. There is a particular emphasis on data processing technologies that enable the extraction of actionable insights from data to inform improved decision making. These include artificial intelligence techniques such as stream processing, deep learning and knowledge graphs, as well as data interoperability and the key aspects of privacy, security and trust. Additional aspects covered include: creating and supporting IoT ecosystems; edge computing; data mining of sensor datasets; and crowd-sourcing, amongst others. The book also presents several sections featuring use cases across a range of application areas such as smart energy, transportation, smart factories, and more. The book concludes with a chapter on key considerations when deploying IoT technologies in the enterprise, followed by a brief review of future research directions and challenges. The Internet of Things: From Data to Insight Provides a comprehensive overview of the Internet of Things technology stack with focus on data driven aspects from data modelling and processing to presentation for decision making Explains how IoT technology is applied in practice and the benefits being delivered. Acquaints readers that are new to the area with concepts, components, technologies, and verticals related to and enabled by IoT Gives IoT specialists a deeper insight into data and decision-making aspects as well as novel technologies and application areas Analyzes and presents important emerging technologies for the IoT arena Shows how different objects and devices can be connected to decision making processes at various levels of abstraction The Internet of Things: From Data to Insight will appeal to a wide audience, including IT and network specialists seeking a broad and complete understanding of IoT, CIOs and CIO teams, researchers in IoT and related fields, final year undergraduates, graduate students, post-graduates, and IT and science media professionals.

Internet of Medical Things

Author : D. Jude Hemanth
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This book looks at the growing segment of Internet of Things technology (IoT) known as Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), an automated system that aids in bridging the gap between isolated and rural communities and the critical healthcare services that are available in more populated and urban areas. Many technological aspects of IoMT are still being researched and developed, with the objective of minimizing the cost and improving the performance of the overall healthcare system. This book focuses on innovative IoMT methods and solutions being developed for use in the application of healthcare services, including post-surgery care, virtual home assistance, smart real-time patient monitoring, implantable sensors and cameras, and diagnosis and treatment planning. It also examines critical issues around the technology, such as security vulnerabilities, IoMT machine learning approaches, and medical data compression for lossless data transmission and archiving. Internet of Medical Things is a valuable reference for researchers, students, and postgraduates working in biomedical, electronics, and communications engineering, as well as practicing healthcare professionals.

Efficient Data Handling for Massive Internet of Medical Things

Author : Chinmay Chakraborty
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This book focuses on recent advances and different research areas in multi-modal data fusion under healthcare informatics and seeks out theoretical, methodological, well-established and validated empirical work dealing with these different topics. This book brings together the latest industrial and academic progress, research, and development efforts within the rapidly maturing health informatics ecosystem. Contributions highlight emerging data fusion topics that support prospective healthcare applications. The book also presents various technologies and concerns regarding energy aware and secure sensors and how they can reduce energy consumption in health care applications. It also discusses the life cycle of sensor devices and protocols with the help of energy-aware design, production, and utilization, as well as the Internet of Things technologies such as tags, sensors, sensing networks, and Internet technologies. In a nutshell, this book gives a comprehensive overview of the state-of-the-art theories and techniques for massive data handling and access in medical data and smart health in IoT, and provides useful guidelines for the design of massive Internet of Medical Things.

Medical Big Data and Internet of Medical Things

Author : Aboul Ella Hassanien
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Big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) play a vital role in prediction systems used in biological and medical applications, particularly for resolving issues related to disease biology at different scales. Modelling and integrating medical big data with the IoT helps in building effective prediction systems for automatic recommendations of diagnosis and treatment. The ability to mine, process, analyse, characterize, classify and cluster a variety and wide volume of medical data is a challenging task. There is a great demand for the design and development of methods dealing with capturing and automatically analysing medical data from imaging systems and IoT sensors. Addressing analytical and legal issues, and research on integration of big data analytics with respect to clinical practice and clinical utility, architectures and clustering techniques for IoT data processing, effective frameworks for removal of misclassified instances, practicality of big data analytics, methodological and technical issues, potential of Hadoop in managing healthcare data is the need of the hour. This book integrates different aspects used in the field of healthcare such as big data, IoT, soft computing, machine learning, augmented reality, organs on chip, personalized drugs, implantable electronics, integration of bio-interfaces, and wearable sensors, devices, practical body area network (BAN) and architectures of web systems. Key Features: Addresses various applications of Medical Big Data and Internet of Medical Things in real time environment Highlights recent innovations, designs, developments and topics of interest in machine learning techniques for classification of medical data Provides background and solutions to existing challenges in Medical Big Data and Internet of Medical Things Provides optimization techniques and programming models to parallelize the computationally intensive tasks in data mining of medical data Discusses interactions, advantages, limitations, challenges and future perspectives of IoT based remote healthcare monitoring systems. Includes data privacy and security analysis of cryptography methods for the Web of Medical Things (WoMT) Presents case studies on the next generation medical chair, electronic nose and pill cam are also presented.

Machine Learning for Critical Internet of Medical Things

Author : Fadi Al-Turjman
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This book discusses the applications, challenges, and future trends of machine learning in medical domain, including both basic and advanced topics. The book presents how machine learning is helpful in smooth conduction of administrative processes in hospitals, in treating infectious diseases, and in personalized medical treatments. The authors show how machine learning can also help make fast and more accurate disease diagnoses, easily identify patients, help in new types of therapies or treatments, model small-molecule drugs in pharmaceutical sector, and help with innovations via integrated technologies such as artificial intelligence as well as deep learning. The authors show how machine learning also improves the physicians and doctors medical capabilities to better diagnosis their patients. This book illustrates advanced, innovative techniques, frameworks, concepts, and methodologies of machine learning that will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system. Provides researchers in machine and deep learning with a conceptual understanding of various methodologies of implementing the technologies in medical areas; Discusses the role machine learning and IoT play into locating different virus and diseases across the globe, such as COVID-19, Ebola, and cervical cancer; Includes fundamentals and advances in machine learning in the medical field, supported by significant case studies and practical applications.

The Internet of Things

Author : Ricardo Armentano
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This book provides a dual perspective on the Internet of Things and ubiquitous computing, along with their applications in healthcare and smart cities. It also covers other interdisciplinary aspects of the Internet of Things like big data, embedded Systems and wireless Sensor Networks. Detailed coverage of the underlying architecture, framework, and state-of the art methodologies form the core of the book.

The Role of the Internet of Things IoT in Biomedical Engineering

Author : Sushree Bibhuprada B. Priyadarshini
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This volume introduces the key evolving applications of IoT in the medical field for patient care delivery through the usage of smart devices. It shows how IoT opens the door to a wealth of relevant healthcare information through real-time data analysis as well as testing, providing reliable and pragmatic data that yields enhanced solutions and discovery of previously undiscovered issues. This new volume discusses IoT devices that are deployed for enabling patient health tracking, various emergency issues, smart administration of patients, etc. It looks at the problems of cardiac analysis in e-healthcare, explores the employment of smart devices aimed for different patient issues, and examines the usage of Arduino kits where the data can be transferred to the cloud for internet-based uses. The volume also considers the roles of IoT in electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which play significant roles in biomedical applications. This book also incorporates the use of IoT applications for smart wheelchairs, telemedicine, GPS positioning of heart patients, smart administration with drug tracking, and more.